Welcome to the Union Board application for the 2012-2013 organization!

Mission statement:
We, the members of Union Board, value respect, teamwork, dedication and diversity. We believe that these values form a foundation to grow and develop into an accountable, beneficial and enjoyable organization. With these goals, we strive to create a more cohesive IIT community and to develop a stronger sense of school spirit. We will achieve these ends through unique programming that provides personal and memorable experiences for all that participate. We'll make our peers aware of the programs, which will be inclusive, impact-ful, and entertaining. 

Reasons to apply for Union Board exec:

-Make a difference at IIT!
-Leadership skills!
-Meet dozens of new people!
-Reserved tickets to UB events!
-Spend lots of money that isn't yours!
-Gain confidence and experience!
-Program crazy, awesome events!
-Be involved with the largest programming organization at IIT!