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DLS Yearbook Job Descriptions

 Publisher  (DLS Executive Director)

       DLS will be the publisher & owner of the yearbook

       The administration has final say in the design & all deadlines of the book; therefore is responsible for assigning an Executive Editorial Team

       The publisher will help the editorial team:

ü  Initiate its work

ü  Develop a clear set of expectations

ü  Develop problem solving guidelines

ü  Identify lines of responsibility & decision making

ü  written & visual style requirements for the yearbook

       The role of the PTO should be to provide volunteers to this team based on the positions listed below. 

ü  Parent volunteers not involved in the PTO are also welcome to participate.


Co-Executive Editor – (Operations)

       Will work directly with the publisher

       Is the exclusive Lifetouch contact

       Responsible for ensuring the yearbook is a proper representation of the school, staff & students

       Will develop the staff & set all deadlines for the publication; if those deadlines are not met the executive editor may choose to reassign the task

       The executive editor can make changes to the publication in order to protect the integrity of both the school & the yearbook staff

       Responsible for motivating & encouraging teamwork among the staff

       The executive editor will be held accountable for the entire publication therefore should be appointed by the publisher

 Qualifications  -

       This person should be educated in or have experience as a project manager and/or volunteer coordinator.

       He/she should have knowledge and experience in the publication process; a plus would be some journalism/communications background and previous experience with the LifeTouch staff and an in depth understanding of the Lifetouch program.  


 Co-Executive Editor – (Design & Content)

       Will work directly with the Co-Executive Editor  (Operations) & Publisher to create a well-designed, consistent publication that gives a fair representation of the DLS community. 

       Responsible for the design, layout & content to ensure the book flows as one piece of work.

       This job will include but is not limited to:

ü   Editing,

ü   Page design

ü   Headlines

ü   Copy

ü   Photography

 Qualifications  -

      This individuals should be educated or have professional experience in all aspects of publication or comparable credentials.

      Preferably an understanding of the Lifetouch system or that which will be used for the publication.


 Copy Editor (Spanish/Mandarin)

       These editors will ensure that all copy meets standards of language precision & style

       They will be the final proof check of all copy for grammatical & spelling errors

       They critically review content & back up the editing of the content editors

       They approach the book as the readers would

       This person should be tech savvy & familiar with students in the class room

       They will help to make sure the yearbook is diverse & broad


      These individuals would be responsible for writing short stories about important events throughout the year

      These stories will be typically assigned by the two top editors but initiative about story ideas is highly encouraged

      This person(s) will need to work with the photographer(s) to make sure stories & photos complement each other



      These individuals will be responsible for the photography of:

      All special event

      Some field trips

      Classroom activity

      Recess & lunch

      The executive editor may ask for sample images from the photographer before assigning this position

      This person is also responsible for identifying people in the photos & writing captions

      A successful publication should have at least one photographer per program & a back-up photographer

      The photographer may collect images from staff or parents, but will need to be qualified to make a judgment call in the use of these photographs



      This person will be in charge of promoting the fundraising aspect of the publication

      They will work closely with the PTO Fundraising Committee

      They will implement the promotions created by the editorial team

      Examples: Messages of inspiration, small advertisements, sponsors.

Book Sales

      This person will be in charge of promoting the yearbook.

      They will announce:

ü  Deadlines for book sales

ü  Be responsible for sending information home in Friday folders

ü  Newsletter & PTO announcements

      He or she will input sales into the system & confirm final yearbook sales


      This person will be in charge of organizing the event at which the yearbook is distributed.

      The entire school will participate & celebrate the end of the school year and the completion of the yearbook.