School Diversity

Denver Language School educates an economically and racially diverse student population through a structured and supportive environment. We strive for a culturally and globally diverse perspective. Children who learn a language of another group also learn about the culture of that group, developing an understanding of difference in the world and in their local communities. DLS is located in east Denver and is committed to creating an economically integrated school. The demographics make it an optimal location to develop an economically and racially integrated school.

Culturally and globally diverse perspectives

To develop both language skills and a cultural awareness, Denver Language School concentrates on the many cultures represented by the places where each language (Spanish and Mandarin) is spoken. Mandarin and the Chinese writing system have a rich history that spans nearly a continent. By studying the Chinese Diaspora, students will learn in depth about the experiences of Chinese peoples in every other continent, except Antarctica and including North America. Students studying Spanish also delve into a layered trove of a language spun from three major religious groups (Jewish, Muslim, and Christian) and peoples including cultural and linguistic inputs from every continent short of Antarctica. Not only will Denver Language School students enjoy the many benefits of multilingual skills, but they will also attain the academic skills necessary to participate in a culturally and globally diverse society.