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Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission
"To achieve academic excellence and international competence
through language immersion."

To accomplish that mission, DLS will educate an economically and racially diverse student population through a structured and supportive environment. Families entering DLS will choose either Mandarin or Spanish as a target language. DLS will follow a total language
immersion process: offering traditional learning activities in core subjects in the target language, making the target language both the medium of instruction and the object of

Research shows that young children immersed in a second language acquire reading,writing and speaking proficiency as if it were their native tongue. With their brains still
developing, younger children are more able to think in the second language, rather than just through translation. Moreover, brain development is enhanced because students in an immersion program utilize greater mental capacities when learning subject content in a new language, when that new language is not the commonly spoken language of the local environment.

A primary goal of DLS is to create an intentional school culture organized around the
principles of a Professional Learning Community: mission, vision, values and goals.

Our Vision
  1. To become a model of students acquiring superior second language skills as the basis for high overall academic achievement.
  2. To develop the knowledge and skills in students necessary to be productive and valued citizens in a culturally diverse, global economy.
  3. To prepare all students to be academically successful in their choice of secondary and post secondary education options.
  4. To create an innovative school that can be replicated in Colorado and nationally.
Principles & Values

The Denver Language School culture is based on three guiding principles and five core values.
  1. High Standards - To create an academic culture which expects high achievement and best efforts from all students, while ensuring they have the necessary support to succeed.
  2. Integrated Values and Beliefs - To build a common understanding that each student will embrace a community-based perspective, sharing in its benefits, responsibilities and sacrifices.
  3. Personalized Instruction and Attention - To create a learning community where students are nutured and supported individually and collectively to achieve their potential.
Core Values
  1. Respect - Appreciate the value of each member of the school community and property and demonstrate it through words, actions and attitudes.
  2. Community - Recognize that individuals prosper with a purpose larger than themselves—everyone is responsible to the school community.
  3. Integrity - Be truthful and fair.
  4. Cultural Appreciation - Honor the world’s wide array of people, languages, cultures, religions, races, values and beliefs.
  5. Best Efforts - Everyone always tries their hardest.