Wall Mount Make Up Mirrors - 120 Makeup Palette.

Wall Mount Make Up Mirrors

wall mount make up mirrors
    wall mount
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wall mount make up mirrors - Jerdon JP7506CF
Jerdon JP7506CF Wall Mirror
Jerdon JP7506CF Wall Mirror
5X Wall Mount Mirror - Chrome

A sturdy yet highly mobile unit, this wall-mounted mirror from Jerdon lets you see yourself in close detail and from all angles. Perfect for makeup application and in-depth skincare sessions, the mirror swivels 360 degrees on its swing-out arm and revolves 360 degrees around its central axis. It features both regular reflection and 5X magnification and flips easily from one option to the other. Stray lashes and stubborn pores don’t stand a chance. Polished to a reflective gleam, the chrome finish on all the mirror's parts gives it a clean, professional look. It measures 8 inches in diameter and comes equipped with the necessary mounting hardware. Once secured, the mirror extends up to 13-1/2 inches away from the wall. --Emily Bedard

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Resolutions - I'll explain everything
Resolutions - I'll explain everything
{a recent period of severe illness combined with me moving sluggishly into a new stage of my life got me thinking. And when I think, I think a lot. About a lot. This resolution series is the outcome of me looking at myself reflectively and trying to weed out what pains me, and build upon what aids me} Resolution 1 is to understand and excavate my travels, share what I can, explain what I can't. ______________________________ Can a place stay with you? Can a town or a city, a building or a road uproot itself from all it is entangled in and become a part of you? Can even the slightest splinter or a cracked fragment of some fixed place lose its geography and become something of you? Logic would suggest otherwise, give a negative answer to thoughts so whimsical. But then logic doesn’t always hold sway in our lives: or at least not my own, I won’t speak for you. Instead I would say that in my life there are places which have become me, that have strung themselves through me and around my person in a way that goes beyond recollection or recall. These places, the markings on their walls, the expanse of their horizons, the people and the stories that they carry are all diminished within me: but they do not diminish me. I feel them even now, even years since I last left them. I feel them as surely as I do my chest rising with a morning breath or my eyes flitting in a nervous blink. It is a sensation of something stronger than memory, of something a touch more profound than simple pleasure or pain. These places, something of what they are and why they changed me is now within me even now. Careless words I know, slight little sentences looking for drama in the rolling clicks of recollections and emotion. I know that the flimsy replays of our minds can plays tricks on a willing man: their visions are effortlessly capable of pulling into focus vibrant recollections of something that was in fact altogether normal. I am aware thsat memory strips away hunger, fatigue, nerves and boredom and leaves you with only the deeper ebbs of emotion. But that is not what I am talking of right now, not what I experience when these places revisit me and I them. I can only say again that they are within me. I can only say in finality that it is not an earnest slideshow of my memory that I experience. It is instead the truth that I carry with me weightless fragments of the tired cities of my travels, I breath the opaque vapours of tales told to me in rooms long emptied, I walk to the beat of the un-ceasing pulse of hidden pastures clustered high in lonely mountain ranges, I lie at night with the weight of rotten roads and aching buildings weighing me into sleep. I have all this and more buried deep inside of me. I feel some places more than others, I feel more for some than others, but I feel them all at sometime. They are latent and patient and then suddenly, startled into life and urgency. Triggered by the smaller tracts and slivers of emotion that are there in the everyday, if you feel them enough. A lonely familiar walk is interuppted by the rolling minor piano chords from a half heard song. Those notes are heard, are felt and then they shift and fall through my senses, twisting themselves itself into the cracked pavements of a deserted street and onece more I am in Sarajevo and Sarajevo is in me. For those moments, for as long as I feel those piano chords I also feel the weave and warp of the door frames that lined that street, that begged for their old lives. I can feel the cool air of the abandoned rooms, I can feel the loss of those tired places. Those rooms and those walls became me at sometime and it feels as if they will never leave. Maybe as I pulled myself up and into the stairwells and corridors something fractured and embedded itself under my skin? Maybe the dust that floated in those rooms coalesced as it was inhaled; gathering somewhere beyond physiology to become something of me? Maybe none of this is true, but they are within me nonetheless. At other times life interrupts, radio static cracks and falters; dying analogue flaws amidst all this digital clarity. With each hiss and abrasion the sensation of jolting movement, of the past growing into form and I am a cooling sky high in the Caucasus Mountains: immediately around me would be the creaking frame of a wooden porch; the structure of that long gone moment. But it is not there that is lost inside me, it is not the truth of that place that I have carried home. No, it is that pallid sky that bowls across the mountain valley that I begin to breathe. It is Mount Kazbegi’s cragged black shard that cuts into that sky that I feel solidifying in my chest. It is the serene silhouette of the Mt Sameba church perched high in the folds of that very same mountain and that very same sky that calms me as it takes its place and form. It is the distance and mystery of places left behind that I have absorbed, it is the pitch and emotion, the anxiety and the apathy
should be the head of a war hawlk or maybe a golden eagle
should be the head of a war hawlk or maybe a golden eagle
Kahnawa'kehro:non tehonatstikahwhen ratiia'taronnion, Kahnawake-A Spoor of Portraits, Patrick Post. I guess I should have put some other pictures of this res. It is relatively prosperous with good frame houses in a forested region with rivers. Most of the pictures are of the people in various everyday contexts. I copied this because it reminded me of a shield or talisman device I saw at a pow wow. It was made up of a raptor head like this one mounted at the center of a circle with tightly packed feathers radiating from it so that the aquiline head looked out from the hub of a wheel as from the center of a shield.. It was mounted at the small of the dancer's back and was complimented by other feathered and beaded ornaments.I thought of this raptor shied as I read about and noted the Mayan and Aztec "mirror" devices used as "banners" in war, markers in the ball game and as ritual and ceremonial devices in other contexts not unlike the cultural identity crests in Japan. I see the "mirror" surface of the ritual device or banner as symbolic of the creative spirit, original noumen or universal will in which the totem war hawk is a reflection---here in 3 dimensions. I also thought of the time I visited Mesa Verde and saw how, high on the canyon wall near a cliff dwelling, a single feather left dangling on a slender band from a sandstone overhang was reflected in the surface a small, still spring, not more than a couple of spans across. The ranger said it had been put there by a spirit singer as part of a medicine ritual a few days before. I think I told about how when Carlos and others including Clara were staying at my house and I went to see the Kirkin' o' th' Tartan worship service [the blessing of the clans] on Sunday morning at the 1st Presbyterian Church on South Temple Street, I wanted to take Carlos but he was still asleep and I was afraid he would think it was stupid. ((They just installed a little flash mob so I guess I'll try to move somewhere else. I moved but found they had picked up all my books again. They didn't take my bag this time. I think I have gotten them all back but, of course, I can't be sure. They still have a big flash mob here but they aren't being noisy now or kicking up a din. The had a male Scot harangue me as I was trying to retrieve my papers (They had thrown them in a recycling bin in the shelving office.) I don't know if I have ever mentioned this, specifically, but very frequently under different circumstance they will have an individual attempt to provoke me to an angry or otherwise emotional response. I know I have told different stories about bus drivers who do treat me in discourteous, disrespectful, unkind, irrational ways. They do it by making irrational, unresponsive observations and allegations.This one, for instance, after I explained to him that I wanted to look through the waste paper basket to see if my papers had been put there (They had.) responded in an angry, sarcastic, ridiculing, challenging, threatening tone asking me if I were going get down and "go through the trash" to find them. Later, after I told him I had marked the books "in use" as I had been told to do, he said something in those same tones about how put the books "in my little stash". I couldn't really object to his suggestion that I shouldn't keep the books "in use" so long, but I was upset at his tone which seemed aimed at antagonizing and provoking me rather than at trying to solve a problem. I tried not to get angry or all trembly and cold and I think I succeeded to some extent.))) so I just went by myself and while I was there, among the elaborately and complexly attired bagpipers [kilt costumes] there was one that had an animal skin sporran on which the snarling head of the animal---I keep vacillating between bobcat and wolverine---thrust outward with black eyes glinting. The example I found on the web was a badger but it's chin was lying flat against the purse like a rug with its nose pointing down and it's eyes closed like an effigy of an Aztec sacrificial victim. ((A large, middle age male Scot with black hair and salt and pepper goatee just arrived with a frowning catbird smile and a sharp cough so maybe I'm finished for today.))was seen thrusting out from the flap of the purse from which the body of the animal hung like the horsehair ornamentation on decorative sporrans. (((I'm so cold I'm beginning to tremble. I keep looking to my right to see if they have taken my things again but I can't see and feel to humiliated to stand up to look.))) I didn't really examine this picture beyond what looks a little like an aquiline beak. Now that I have looked at it, I don't think it's a raptor. Maybe it's a pheasant or something. It looks like a live bird but if it is, I can't think of what those beads are. I guess it doesn't matter, though, since I am only talking about what It made me think of...the mirror banners. In a

wall mount make up mirrors
wall mount make up mirrors
Zadro 8X/1X Dimmable Lighted Oval Wall Mount Makeup Vanity Mirror Satin Nickel
8X/1X Magnification 180° swivel for easy viewing Satin Nickel Finish Zadro OVLW68 8x/1x Lighted Wall Mount Magnification Mirror. Take a brighter, clearer look at yourself. Two sided mirror makes it perfect for everyday use and up-close grooming. 8x magnification is essential for close-up grooming needs, such as tweezing and applying makeup. 1x magnification is perfect for everyday use. The dimmable light setting allows you to choose the exact amount of light emitted. Arm extends 14-in. Large 10-in H x 7.5-in W distortion free & fog free optical quality mirror. Mount Plate 4-in Extra Plug in base 40 Watt dimmable light For Replacement Bulb use part# : FB20R.