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Good Makeup Brands

good makeup brands
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good makeup brands - Brown Base
Brown Base Makeup
Brown Base Makeup
Give your face a nice brown base this Halloween with our Grease Paint Makeup. This brown base makeup would be perfect for any scary werewolf highlights, soldier camouflage, sultry Cindy Crawford mole, rotting mummy wrap shading, beard stubble, puppy dog base paint or dirty caveman effect. The brown base makeup includes a 0.6 oz. container of brown base make-up that can be used for a wide variety of makeup jobs this Halloween. The brown base makeup is easy to use and water washable for easy removal. Just wash it off with soap and water and it comes right off! This Grease Makeup will not crack or peel with extended use like water based makeup.

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Makeup Collection 19 June 09
Makeup Collection 19 June 09
Comparitively small makeup collection. My makeup habits: ♥ I don't wear makeup to school. I don't see the point of dolling up just for 3 hours of lessons. ♥ I don't use foundation - just bb cream, concealer (when needed) and mac mineralize powder ♥ I don't use lipglosses, I prefer lipsticks for their non-stickiness and lasting power. I occasionally use liptints like those from etude house but I use mainly lipsticks. ♥ I only use pencil liners because I don't know how to use liquid and gel liners. My eyeliners are all drugstore brands. ♥ I don't own any mascara. Mascara is a hassel to apply and contrary to what other people say, I find that it does not make a significant difference to my look. ♥ I don't wear false eyelashes too coz I don't know how to use them. haha. ♥ I don't carry a makeup pouch out because I don't like touching up my makeup in public restrooms. I only bring out a lipstick to apply after meals. ♥ Overall, my makeup routine is basic, simple and fuss-free. I've only started using makeup recently and am not good at it so I try to keep things simple. lol
secret #2: i am a makeup snob.
secret #2: i am a makeup snob.
...i can't help it. i am completely and totally addicted to MAC. i don't consider myself materialistic by any means... i don't wear gucci or prada or uhm... bebe. or whatever else other high class name brands there are. i just like makeup. it's fun to play with colors and experiment and try new things! but really, the only makeup i even buy now is MAC. that's it! no loreal, no covergirl, nothing else! just MAC!!!! and buying makeup makes me mega happy. at work today, i was so pissed, but when i actually bought my makeup, i was all pumped up and excited again. so whatever. that's a good thing. if it makes you happy, good! right?! and for my other MAC addicts... this is my haul! from top left to bottom right: mineralize skinfinish in light medium, sea & sky, the 181 brush (it's oh so cute!!!), gentle, dainty, and nuance blushes.

good makeup brands
good makeup brands
Avatar Child's Costume, Neytiri  Costume
Your little Avatar will look quite native in this Neytiri jumpsuit with tribal markings and apron. Available in children's Small (size 4 to 6), Medium (size 8 to 10), and Large (size 12). Rubie's Costume Company has been making costumes for more than 60 years. We partner with the best movie studios and television productions to bring you the most popular and the widest breadth of characters. Look for Rubie's costumes for kids of all ages, as well as wigs, masks, accessories, everyday dress-up, pet-costumes, seasonal decor and theatrical make-up.

Features include:

•Neytiri costume features a full length polyester body suit
•Blue bodysuit is printed with tribal markings
•Tail and apron attached
•Officially licensed Avatar costume
•Rubies brings fun to dress-up with costumes and accessories kids play with all year long