This is a site for the bold. Whether you love history, or you think the subject should be scrapped from the required curriculum all together, it doesn't matter because after going through this site you will never look at the past in the same way. The purpose of this site is to invite you - the learner - to apply lessons from history to your own life and creativity. Without application, what good can history do for us? You will see 15 badges you can earn, each based on a different person, event, concept, or application to your own life.  

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Why earn badges? You might be a student in a formal class (8th grade US history class at your middle school or AP world history at your high school). Or perhaps you just want to learn and you have turned to the wealth of information on the Internet (good for you!). The problem with either of these scenarios is that whatever you learn online or outside of a formal institution will not be recognized by anyone else! BUT, don't worry, on this site you can earn badges and get credit for what you know. There are many reasons badges are amazing (here are ten). So get started and begin learning!

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What is the point? This is an important question. The honest truth? There may not be a good reason for you to memorize when and where Napoleon fought, or what Newton's three laws are. However, if you can learn how individuals in the past dealt with issues of their time or in personal situations, you can be greatly informed on how you can better today's current society and your own life. Concepts of history also inform debates and issues of our everyday society. The study of history is extremely important, and this site will help you to study things that matter, rather than facts or dates that you can easily look up on the Internet when curious. Feel free to let us know if you have further questions or concerns. 

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