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Wonderland Baby Store

wonderland baby store
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wonderland baby store - Alice Deluxe
Alice Deluxe Child Costume, Child S(4-6)
Alice Deluxe Child Costume, Child S(4-6)
Whether your little girl is chasing a waistcoat wearing white rabbit carrying pocket watch or is chasing after boys, she will look just like her favorite Disney character from the classic animated movie Alice in Wonderland dressed in this classic Halloween child costume. This classic Alice in Wonderland Deluxe Child Costume includes an adorable blue dress with an attached white pinafore that features Alice cartoon character print and a character cameo accent off to the side on the waist, ruffle trim, and an attached petticoat. A blue bow headband is also included to complete this adorable Alice child costume. Great for fun pretend play dress-up, Halloween, and tea parties, your little girl will create a Wonderland adventure of her own dressed in this Disney's Alice in Wonderland girl's costume. This is an officially licensed Alice in WonderlandTM product by ┬ęDisney. White tights and shoes are not included.

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Portal #2: Welcome to Wonderland
Portal #2: Welcome to Wonderland
Portal #2: Welcome to Wonderland... Portal: Base: 20 inch X 5 1/2 inch Height: 17 1/2 inch Pictured on a Table but can also be hung on a Wall. (wire) Q: What is a Portal? A: A Portal is a Door. Q: Door to where? A: Open the door and find out. Second in a series of fantastical Doors (ie. Portals) that when opened give you a glimpse at another time... another place... another space... You don't know what's on the other side til you open the Door. You want to know, don't you. Go ahead... Open the Portal Portal #2: Welcome to Wonderland I tried very hard to include as many characters as I could: The Walrus and Carpenter, Birds, Lizard, Dinah, Talking Flowers, White Rabbit, Alice, Griffin, Mock Turtle, Lobster, King, Knave and Red Queen, Pig Baby, Alice, The Cheshire Cat, White Queen, Lion and the Unicorn, Forest Knights, The Tweedles, The Blue Caterpillar, Dormouse, March Hare and of course... The Mad Hatter. I missed a few (Cook, Duchess, Card Soldiers...) it was already a pretty crowded place here in Wonderland. It's like an iSpy... *Who can you find? *What Scenes are represented? *Are you SURE you've seen it all? Look again! lol As with all my larger projects most of it is made from Throw-Away sh-tuff: Garbage, 2nd Hand Store Finds, FreeCycle, Donations etc... All Paper Elements are mounted on Cereal Box Board Door is Re-purposed, as are the Antique Door Fixtures. Backing is Press-board from broken shelves and the Wood for the frame was Scrap.
Elfdoll Alice Cherry Blossom + extra winking head
Elfdoll Alice Cherry Blossom + extra winking head
Please read carefully! In excellent mint condition. No marks. Taken out of the box for taking pictures but been always put back in its box and kept away from sunlight, dust, and any damaging elements. Never displayed. All original accessories included. Original elfdoll packaging also included. warning: this is a very big picture so please be patient while it finishes uploading! Included: 1 Original elfoll outer box, 2 original bags for storing the outfit and the card, 1 original Alice inner box with 2 sponges,1 Alice Cherry Blossom card, 1 pocket pillow, 1 Alice in Wonderland outfit set (complete), 1 headband, 1 Alice head with 1 set of eyes & 1 body, 1 Alice winking head, 2 head plastic protectors with elfdoll paper wrap. Paypal only!

wonderland baby store
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