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Kick Toy Baby

kick toy baby
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kick toy baby - Fisher-Price Baby
Fisher-Price Baby Play Zone Kick & Whirl Carnival
Fisher-Price Baby Play Zone Kick & Whirl Carnival
It's a carnival of encouragement, with a musical ferris wheel that rewards baby for kicking, reaching, sitting, grasping and playing. Overhead gym easily converts to a sit-up play center as baby grows. Both are packed full of fun, with a ball drop activity station, dancing lights, five minutes of lively music, spinners, ball ramps and more. Five colorful balls are included. Like all Baby Playzone toys, the Kick and Whirl Carnival encourages and rewards baby's physical accomplishments with exciting activities that make baby want to try...and try again! Requires 3 "C" alkaline batteries (included).

Babies will get a real physical and mental workout with this play gym. It's pretty much like all of the other models out there, but its stand-out is its versatility and diversity of features for infants at all stages. A kicking gym for infants is made of attractive objects than spin, light up, and make sounds with each tiny foot-fall. A Ferris wheel loaded with colorful balls spins overhead to create additional interest. Babies who can sit up can spin the Ferris wheel themselves, and watch it release the five balls down a tunneled ramp and out the side of the gym. This in turn sets off music and lights as the balls zip past noisy, spinning obstacles. It's not just fun and games, though: the activities are designed to develop motor skills, cognitive learning, and stimulation of the senses. Diane Beall

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Lonesome Toys: Blue Must Be the Color of the Blues
Lonesome Toys: Blue Must Be the Color of the Blues
This little stuffed Blue was dropped from a trash can when the garbage collector was emptying it into his truck. It belonged to a boy who slept with it every night for years. When he got to a certain age he wanted to play with trucks and toy guns and told his mother he didn't want Blue anymore. She tossed it out with all his other "baby" toys and Blue ended up on the street where teenagers kicked it around like a soccer ball for fun.
Poor Quail baby
Poor Quail baby
This little guy hatched yesterday, but I had to take him inside. He ended up upside down in the aviary and still trying to run to his mother with legs kicking in the air, but she wasn't paying him any mind. I brought him in until he warms up. They are so little,he looks like one of those little easter toys :) he keeps peeping away now, so he is doing better :)

kick toy baby
kick toy baby
Fisher-Price Go Baby Go! Bat and Wobble Penguin
The Bat and Wobble Penguin is a fun blow-up toy that encourages baby's development. As baby bats at this adorable friend, he wobbles around and balls roll inside. Baby is rewarded with one of two fun tunes or four silly sound effects. He's on a weighted base so he'll never tip over, and he won't go far so baby will be encouraged to play again and again! Perfectly sized for sitting or standing babies. With an on/off switch. Requires two "C" batteries, not included. Measures 9.5"L x 9.5"W x 18"H.

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