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Cute Homemade Baby Shower Favors

cute homemade baby shower favors
    baby shower
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mini diaper cake centerpieces
mini diaper cake centerpieces
100 organic and natural newborn diapers (so cute with that little cutout for the belly button) my mom suggested we elevate the paper cake stands and so we glued a plastic cup under it and it worked out perfectly.. these should really have been named "talkingpieces" as that is exactly what they caused at each table.. haha..
Cupcake Mini
Cupcake Mini
The next time you are having a party why not use one of these adorable mini cupcakes in the guest bathroom. These soaps smell just like fresh baked cupcakes! They are also perfect to add to goodie bags at birthday parties and favors at bridal or baby showers!

cute homemade baby shower favors
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