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Baby Shower Favors Candy Bar Wrappers

baby shower favors candy bar wrappers
    baby shower
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    candy bar
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baby shower favors candy bar wrappers - Personalized Baby
Personalized Baby Shower Candy Bar Favor Wrappers
Personalized Baby Shower Candy Bar Favor Wrappers
Looking for a creative way to say Thank You?Our personalized baby shower chocolate bar wrappers are beautifully detailed and come with a silver foil pouch to fit any regular size chocolate bar! Quick and easy to assemble – just slide candy bar into silver foil pouch. The candy bar will fit into the silver foil pouch with original wrapper still on!We will custom personalize any 4-line message for a personal touch to call your own! Wrappers are available in any quantity with a minimum order of one dozen. See below for price breaks based on quantity ordered. Note: Chocolate Not Included. Fits standard 2 1/4" x 5 1/2" chocolate bar. Some assembly required.

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Baby Shower Invitations Party Favors
Baby Shower Invitations Party Favors
Invitations , Party favors, Candy bar wrappers
Personalized anniversary candy bar wrapper

baby shower favors candy bar wrappers
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