Key Features


Applied Psychology demonstrates the power of applied psychology to promote human welfare and optimal human functioning as well as the vast career opportunities that exist for those with a psychology education.


             - Part one provides an overview of the history and rise of applied psychology.


             - The second part provides examples of how psychological science has been, and can be used, to

                 prevent  and ameliorate human problems.


             - Part three presents examples of cutting-edge research in applied psychology, while exploring non-

               traditional career opportunities.


The contributors provide evidence for the range of career opportunities, discuss skill and educational requirements, and explore the quality of work life in a wide range of areas within psychology.


Advice on what it takes to prepare for a rewarding career in applied psychology is also provided.


Intended as a supplement for courses in:


             - Introductory or applied psychology

             - Contemporary issues

             - Professional development

             - Social and organizational psychology



This book will also be a valued addition to campus career centers.


Psychologists considering new career options will also appreciate this volume.