Industrial Organizational Psychology - Comprehensive Exam Study Guide

Anonymous help from a fellow scientist / practitioner...

OK folks, here's a quick 2009 update.  Between being laid off, starting a new (better) job, and STILL working on that blasted dissertation, the site cleanup here hasn't gone so well.  However, I've recently learned that Google is shutting down their free Google Page Creator service sometime soon (on which this site was built).  They've promised to automatically convert all existing sites to a new service, but in the meantime I'm messing around with a couple of options to try to salvage the info here in case the switchover doesn't go well. Hopefully the URL will magically roll over w/ Google's autoconversion and the site will be beautiful... but I'm not counting on it.  At any rate, Happy 2009, and happy studies!  ~Anon


This is the study guide I made myself to prepare for my comprehensive exams in a relatively challenging doctoral program in I/O Psychology, which I'll decline to name here. I've posted these materials because I frequently find myself wanting to refer back to it when I'm at work, so really, this site is primarily a selfish endeavor. I've also integrated sections of my comps answers that I use often. I passed on the first try, for what it's worth. Now I only have to write my dissertation. Hah.

The topics are adapted from the list of content areas suggested by The Society for Industrial & Organizational Psychology (SIOP) in their Guidelines for Education and Training at the Doctoral Level in Industrial-Organizational Psychology ... you'll see I skipped a couple; that was upon the recommendation of my own program, so check with yours to see if they might be so kind as to let you know on which areas you should focus. And duh - don't just rely on this to get you through - take some responsibility!

Research Methods

Statistical Methods and Data Analysis

Psychometrics and Test Development

Ethical Legal and Professional

Measurement of Individual Differences

Criterion Theory and Development

Job and Task Analysis

Employee Selection Placement and Classification

Performance Appraisal and Feedback

Training - Theory Program Design and Evaluation

Work Motivation


Attitude Theory

Small Group Theory and Process

Organizational Theory

Organizational Development


Links and Resources