Welcome to the Motor Learning Lab ("mll") at Auburn University. Our research explores mechanisms of human movement and motor skill learning. We are interested in how psychological and physiological factors affect the learning and performance of complex skills. We use experimental and meta-analytic techniques to understand a range of skills, from the acquisition of athletic skills to re-acquiring motor skills in rehabilitation.

The lab includes equipment for behavioral and physiological assessment, including video and audio recording equipment, wireless physiology tools (electromyography, electrodermal activity, photoplethysmography, and electrocardiography) (Biopac; Goleta, CA), wireless eye-tracking equipment (Applied Science Laboratories; Bedford, MA), and motion-controlled video game systems (Microsoft Kinect; Redmond, WA).

The lab also uses and supports a number of open-source applications including the R Project for Statistical Computing, Libre Office, GingerALE, and the GNU Image Manipulation Program.