The lecture ‚Applied Monetary Policy‘ gives students an insight into the theoretical and practical world of monetary policy. The lecture is split into three modules: The first module provides an overview and a definition of the fundamentals of monetary policy. The second module highlights the goals and concepts of a central bank and what tools it has at its disposal to achieve these goals.
The modules are complemented by practical examples/case studies. In the second module the students will also participate in simulations, where they slip into the role of a central bank and of commercial banks respectively. The simulations provide the students with a more profound insight into the world of interest rate steering and into banks’ liquidity management. The third module of the lecture will focus on the measures that the various central banks have undertaken during the financial market turmoil which started in August 2007.
The lecture is held in the Auditorium (Peter Merian-Weg 6), Fridays from 10.15 to 12.00 a.m. by Sébastien Kraenzlin and Martin Schlegel.
Students can subscribe to the news alert to be informed on changes regarding the lecture (notes, dates, etc.). Students can also contact the lecturers via following e-mail address applied.monetary.policy at gmail.com   


Lecture dates and topics (HS 2015)

 18 September
 Preisstabilität als Ziel der Geldpolitik (1)
 25 September
 Preisstabilität als Ziel der Geldpolitik (2)
  2 October
 Transmissionskanäle der Geldpolitik
  9 October
 Geldpolitische Strategien
 16 October
 Geldpolitisches Konzept der SNB
 23 October
 Geldpolitische Indikatoren
 30 October
   6 November
 Implementierung der Geldpolitik
 13 November
 Implementierung der Geldpolitik bei der SNB
 20 November
 Simulation Liquiditätsmanagement
PC Labor
 27 November
 Dies Academicus - Vorlesung fällt aus
   4 December
 Massnahmen der SNB in der Krise
 11 December
WWZ-Auditorium 10.15-12.00