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    * A link to this website has been added at the bottom of  main website of applied mechanics department. Click on "Research Scholar Hub" under Research  section at the bottom.   
    * Many features of this website are restricted to members of appliedmechanicsphd@googlegroups.com. If you are a doctoral student of App. Mech,  click here to apply for membership.
    * If you do not have a gmail id and want to become a member, drop a mail to gauravwatts.bits@gmail.com. A google group invite will be sent which will allow you to use your current email.
    *  Once you are a member of google group, click at "sign in" written at bottom of the current page to sign in through your google account.
    *  Fill in your details using link below "Doctoral Students - Current ".  Your details would appear in doctoral students list as soon as you submit them.
    *  View of student list has been restricted to google group members to protect data and to maintain privacy of individuals.
    *  All members of google group can add any event to applied mechanics google calendar shown below. Click "Google Calendar" at bottom of calendar and proceed. You will be asked to add google calendar. Add this calendar to your account . After adding this calendar , you can  add any event by double clicking on calendar.  Edit the event  to  select "Applied Mechanics Group Calendar" from drop down menu.  Subsequently  event would appear in this calendar. You can also invite people to the event by adding email ids of specific people. If you want to inform everyone,  add "appliedmechanicsphd@googlegroups.com" in the invite people bar.
    * Members of google group have access to publications page. Anyone can add his/her publications in list of publications by research scholars.
    *  Members of google group can also start discussion on google group by using the embedded box of google group below in this page.
    * Bookmark this website because name of the website is too long to remember.
    *  If you have any query , drop a mail to gauravwatts.bits@gmail.com.
    Posted Jul 7, 2014, 12:39 PM by Gaurav Watts
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Greivance Redressal System

TitlePlaceDate of ComplaintPriorityStatusReferred toRemarks
Printer Cartridge Replacement Computation lab November 14, 2016 High Submitted Dr. Hegde, Mr. Rawat  
Printer Cartridge Replacement Computation lab August 26, 2016 High Completed Dr. Hegde, Mr. Rawat Replaced on 1/09/2016 
Printer Cartridge Replacement Computation lab June 23, 2016 High Completed Dr. S. Hegde, Mr. Rawat Cartridge installed 
Printer Cartridge Replacement Computation lab April 25, 2016 High Completed Dr. Hegde, Mr. Rawat Cartridge was replaced on 28/04/2016 
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