R package AHMbook

Thanks to the great efforts by our colleague Mike Meredith (http://mikemeredith.net/default.htm) there is now an R package AHMbook available directly from CRAN. It contains all data and functions used in the book. To get the AHMbook package, simply type the following in an open R session:


Some of the important points of the package are the following (which also involve some slight changes from code published in the book):

  • Full help pages for all functions.
  • New names: plot.Nmix.resi -> plot_Nmix_resi and image.scale -> image_scale, to prevent clashes with R's 'plot' and 'image' generic functions.
  • Changes to the "histograms" of counts, using transparent colours when two counts are plotted together.
  • The dragonfly data have been tidied up; do data(dragonfly) before use.
  • New functions for AHM Volume 2: simDynocc and simDCM.
  • The 'jay' dataset has migrated to 'unmarked' package.
  • Fixed: bugs involving 'logit'.
  • Fixed: data.fn() now corresponds to the code in section 4.3.
  • Fixed: simHDSg("point", ...), sim.spatialDS() and sim.spatialHDS() now work.
  • Fixed: plotting functions now restore the settings of the graphics window on exit.
  • Note: simComm("counts",...), simHDStr("point",...), and simHDSopen("point",...) give slightly different results even with the same seed; all the other simulations give the same values as before when set.seed() is used.
Jeffrey Royle,
Sep 20, 2016, 11:44 AM
Jeffrey Royle,
Dec 11, 2015, 7:43 PM