Chemistry Resources
  1. Lab Report Rubric  (attachment below)
  2. Periodic Table(webelements)
  3. Periodic Table(ChemEd DL)
  4. Solubility Table 
  5. Areas and Volumes
  6. Help for Logger Pro
  7. "Linearizing" Graphs
  8. Significance of the Y-Intercept
  9. Meaning of slope
  10. Relationships, proportional thinking, and ratios
  11. Virtual Chem Lab
  12. PHeT Simulations (tons of Java simulations)
  13. ChemTutor (for different ways of explaining)
  14. Chem Team (for lots of detail)
  15. NIST Chemistry WebBook
  16. Arizona State Science Standards
  17. Video-Creating Student Account on Molecular Workbench
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Chemistry Units
Density-- States of Matter--Phase Changes--
Physical Properties of Water Writing Assignment--
Specific Heat Capacity
Gas Laws
Theory Intro-- Periodic Table
Emission Spectra & Flame Tests
PhET--Build an Atom  Win the game (2nd tab) at level 4. Print or email me the evidence.
PhET--Isotopes and Atomic Mass  Mix the isotopes as close as you can get to nature.  Send me a screen shot of your results for Mg, Si, S, and Cl.
Periodic Trends
Lewis Dot Structures
Chemical Bonding--Ionic (all) &  Covalent (1-25)
Naming and Formulas--Reaction Predictions--Evidence of Reactions
Acids, Bases, pH Indicators, & Titration
Environmental Chemistry
Water Quality