We will have an introductory to Buddhism meeting on Apr 20,2011 form 7-8pm in 1-135. Hope you can make it!

Mar 2, 2011:

The event series on nuclear disarmament went amazingly well. There were nearly 100 people who attended the opening ceremony. The dialogue session resembles the microcosm of world peace where respect, compassion and trust pervades everyone's spirit. The symposium was also a great success. All speakers were truly united in their spirit to abolish nuclear weapons from the face of the earth. Through the heart-to-heart dialogue they had with the audience, a hopeful and empowering atmosphere were created. Every person feels that his/her contribution to world peace is not a far fetch ideal, but in fact is deeply rooted in nothing but their personal transformation.

 This is the picture of staffs at the end of the opening ceremony. We all look so joyful! 

Thank you Emi, Sachiko and Devin for your wonderful heartfelt music. 

Courageous speakers for our symposium on nuclear disarmament 
(from L-R: 


Mint Wongviriyawong, Prof. Aron Bernstein, Dr. Jim Walsh, and Rizwan Ladha).

Dec 23, 2010:

Our staffs are actively preparing for the upcoming exhibit and symposia and will not be hosting our monthly introductory meeting. The exhibit on Nuclear Abolition will be displayed from Feb 27 - Mar 2, 2011 throughout the day. On Feb 28, we have an opening ceremony from 6-7.30pm. And on Mar 2, we will have the symposia with experts who are actively working in the field of nuclear arms control, such as Jim Walsh from MIT's Security Studies Program, and Aron Bernstein, Professor of Physics, Emeritus. 

Nov 16, 2010:

Tomorrow, we are going to have the last introductory meeting of the year at 7pm in 1-379. The topic of the discussion will be on tapping the infinite potential inherent within our own lives through a practical Buddhist practice. 

"When your determination changes, everything will begin to move in the direction you desire. The moment you resolve to be victorious, every nerve and fiber in your being will immediately orient itself toward your success. On the other hand, if you think, "This is never going to work out," then at that instant every cell in your being will be deflated and give up the fight. Then everything really will move in the direction of failure."  

Daisaku Ikeda

Sept 19, 2010:

This coming Friday, we will have the first Back-to-School introductory meeting to Buddhism. The focus of the meeting will be on using our Buddhist practice to change the poison in our lives into medicine.

"Life is a struggle, and ultimate victory is only decided in its final chapter. That is why it's important not to grow conceited in victory or become disheartened in defeat. Those who keep pressing onward toward a goal with tireless patience and persistence win in the end." Daisaku Ikeda

June 16, 2010:

This Friday, we will have an introductory meeting on the concept of Karma and how to transform any karma into our unique mission to realize world peace and happiness for all humanity!

"The human spirit is endowed with the ability to transform even the most difficult circumstances, creating value and ever richer meaning. When each person brings this limitless spiritual capacity to full flower, and when ordinary citizens unite in a commitment to positive change, a culture of peace--a century of life--will come into being." -- Daisaku Ikeda

May 10, 2010:

Having heard the news about the tornado in Oklahoma, we will be united in our prayers to support those who suffer from this disaster. Nichiren writes, "Great events never have minor omens. When great evil occurs, great good follows. Since great slander already exists in our land, the great correct Law will spread without fail. What could any of you have to lament? ... When Bodhisattva Superior Practices emerged from the earth, did he not emerge dancing?" The Writings of Nichiren Daishonin, Vol. 1, pg.1119.

This Friday (May 14), our club will host a toso to also send prayers to those who are affected by this tornado. Please join us in room 1-135, 7pm-8.30pm Friday (May 14).

Apr 13, 2010:

This Apr 16, we will be discussing the Peace Proposal submitted to the United Nations by the SGI president, Daisaku Ikeda. Come find out how SGI members think World Peace is possible! 

Mar 2, 2010:

I am very excited to announce that this March 12, we will have the very first discussion forum on Buddhist perspectives on Environmental issues! There have been many natural disasters this year including, earthquakes in Haiti and Chile, Tsunami in Japan, etc. Why are all these things happening right now? What can we do to alleviate the severity of this occurrences as an individual? Do we really have the power to change the world? Come find out!!! Share your thoughts!!

Jan 16, 2010:

Yesterday we got together to plan for our 1st year anniversary of the establishment of our club and determined that this year we will create many many friendships and bring joy and happiness through dialogue to our MIT community. We will resume  starting with the first intro meeting of the year on Jan 29!!! I can't wait to see you there! 

Oct 16, 2009:

We just planned for the upcoming November meeting!!! I truly applaud and congratulate everyone for gathering today to plan for our intro meeting despite everyone's busy schedule. "When we challenge ourselves in trying times, we can accumulate tremendous benefit." World Tribune Dec 18 2009 p.5. Thank you sooo very much!!!! Please look forward to our upcoming meeting in November~~~!!!!

Oct 9, 2009:

Thank you for a wonderful gathering!!! I enjoyed myself very very much. Please feel free to email me or the group when you are going to check out local district meetings. I had such great time with all of you!!!!!!!!

Sept 17, 2009:

During Activity Midway, we are able to advertise our club and campus events quite a lot! It was a great fun setting up and talking to people. Thank you for your wonderful support!!!! Staffs are meeting up to change the format of the meeting for the Oct meeting so that it would best accommodate most students' preferences. =) 

Sept 12, 2009:

The intro meeting was held in room 4-231. It is not the easiest room to spot so don't feel bad if you miss our meetings. In general we had a great meeting!! Thank you all for coming!!!!!

Aug 24, 2009:

Hello everyone!! On September 11, we are going to have an introductory meeting to Nichiren Buddhism. This meeting will be geared towards preparing the students for an upcoming semester and big challenges that lie ahead of them. The topic is Applied Buddhism 101. The goal of this meeting is to encourage and empower participants. There is nothing impossible. The only obstacle is our own mind. Hope to see you there! 9/11 from 5.30-7pm. Thank you for all your support!!!

Aug 10, 2009:

Website is now updated with presentation slides in movie format. The staffs are gathering to chant together for the successful meeting this coming Wednesday Aug 12, 2009 at 7pm @ Kawin's apartment. If you don't know where that is, please email ^_____^ Look forward to seeing you guys! 

July 21, 2009:

What a productive planning we had today! The staffs are so energetic in putting together the presentation for the month of August. We agreed upon talking about this powerful concept of using earthly desires towards enlightenment, transforming poison in one's life into medicine. If you are interested in learning more about this, please come join us to learn about the empowering philosophy of Nichiren Buddhism. We will be focusing on applying this concept to daily life. Light refreshment will be provided as usual. The event will happen on August 14 from 6pm to 7pm. It will be held in room 56-114. Please join!! The staffs are already preparing for this meeting!! How exciting!

July 18, 2009:

I added a page that anyone can leave a question about Buddhism and how we apply the life philosophy and the practice to overcoming difficulties. Go here.

July 17, 2009:

Hello everyone! We are in search of August month's topic. Please feel free to post on the comment box what you think will be of your interest. The club staffs are going to have a meeting to plan of what we can learn together and from each other during the month of August. Hope you guys can come. ^_____^ It will definitely be another joyful and empowering meeting!! 

July 1, 2009:

Only 9 more days before the second introductory meeting. Let's welcome back those who are interested in applying Buddhist philosophy to solving problems in daily life. We are planning to have serial presentation/discussion on living a profound life. The topic of this month will be transforming oneself through observing the ten Buddhist states of mind.

June 13, 2009:

Thank you for putting in all your effort together! It was a joyful and inspiring meeting after all. Thank you again for every single effort each one of us contributed.

May 22, 2009:

Thank you all for participating in the morning toso! Let us become a magnet of happiness drawing people who seek the Buddha's way to join us together in realizing world peace.

April 2009:  

Welcome to Applied Nichiren Buddhism @ MIT!

We are a recently established student club at MIT. We received full recognition by ASA on April 23, 2009. Our club is dedicated to learning how to apply the action-oriented life philosophy of Nichiren Buddhism to daily life problems through faith, practice and study, and encouraging its members to take responsibility and action both for oneself and others, while respecting every member’s unlimited potential, values and dignity. Practicing Nichiren Buddhism can bring about the positive transformation of an individual, which then extends outwards to build a peaceful society through continuing and sincere one-to-one dialogue and action to help local communities establish sustainable development. Being affiliated to Soka Gakkai Internation (SGI), our club seeks to contribute to peace, culture and education and to invite the MIT community to do the same.

Our club is open to anyone who is interested in learning about Buddhism and the application of its practical concepts to daily life. MIT students, faculty and staffs are welcomed. Please contact us at applied.buddcast at mit dot edu for more updated information on any upcoming meetings or check Event Calendar linked from this site.

The founding members are active participants of activities organized by SGI in the Boston area. SGI is a non-profit organization with 12 million members in over 192 countries and territories. SGI promotes peace, culture and education through a practical life philosophy established by Nichiren Daishonin, the founder of this Buddhism. The organization is actively participating in public education, focusing on peace and disarmament, human rights and sustainable development, while promoting heart-to-heart conversation and humanitarian support.

Meetings will be held regularly on MIT campus. Mainly, we discuss how to apply Nichiren Buddhism to overcome our struggles in daily life, while keeping faith, practice and study as the basis of our Buddhist practice. By providing examples, we are able to encourage others to take individual responsibility and awaken members to the limitless potential and values of their own lives.

Future events include

  • Introduction to the life-affirming philosophy of hope found in Nichiren Buddhism and the importance of practicing for oneself and others
  • Exhibitions on Nichiren Buddhism and SGI’s lay Buddhist movement for the promotion of peace, culture and education
  • Discussion meetings on how Nichiren Buddhism can be applied to overcome daily struggles and attain absolute happiness
  • Presentations by invited speakers working in fields that support the sustainable establishment of peace, culture and education in our society