Karl Hans Welz

Karl Hans Welz

Karl Hans Welz

Pharmakeia - Sorcerer - Huckster

He is upset about you making your own stuff

Trademark "Cry Baby" spend all your 

money on fighting others!

Thieves of orgone technology

Karl Hans Welz, born in Telfs/Tirol, a small town near Innsbruck, Austria, is an Austrian occultist, Armanist, practitioner of the Armanen runes and the inventor of the Chi Generator, Orgonite and Orgone Radionics.

A man who is an occultist can not be trusted, and is a willing servant of the Accuser: Satan.

Claims to have invented something 
by giving it a different name? in 1991. 

The idea of polymeric matrix material
has been around for 50+ years. as evidenced 
by Patents and Scientific Journals.

Karl will not tell us what kind of research
or who led him to his discovery about 'Orgonite'

- Google Book
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