Body Grounding

Can Electrons Act as Antioxidants? A Review and Commentary 


A previous study demonstrated that connecting the human body to the earth during sleep (earthing) normal- 

izes the daily cortisol rhythm and improves sleep. A variety of other benefits were reported, including reduc- 

tions in pain and inflammation. Subsequent studies have confirmed these earlier findings and documented vir- 

tually immediate physiologic and clinical effects of grounding or earthing the body. It is well established, though 

not widely known, that the surface of the earth possesses a limitless and continuously renewed supply of free 

or mobile electrons as a consequence of a global atmospheric electron circuit. Wearing shoes with insulating 

soles and/or sleeping in beds that are isolated from the electrical ground plane of the earth have disconnected 

most people from the earth’s electrical rhythms and free electrons. The most reasonable hypothesis to explain 

the beneficial effects of earthing is that a direct earth connection enables both diurnal electrical rhythms and 

free electrons to flow from the earth to the body. It is proposed that the earth’s diurnal electrical rhythms set 

the biological clocks for hormones that regulate sleep and activity. It is also suggested that free electrons from 

the earth neutralize the positively charged free radicals that are the hallmark of chronic inflammation. A rela- 

tionship between cortisol and inflammation was established in the pioneering work of H. Selye published in 

the 1950s. Current biomedical research has led to an inflammation hypothesisthat is establishing chronic in- 

flammation as the culprit behind almost every modern chronic illness. The research summarized here and in 

subsequent reports provides a basis for a number of earthing technologies that restore and maintain natural elec- 

trical contact between the human body and the earth throughout the day and night in situations where going 

barefoot on the earth is impractical. It is proposed that free or mobile electrons from the earth can resolve 

chronic inflammation by serving as natural antioxidants. 

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Maurice Ghaly, M.D., and Dale Teplitz, M.A.  The Biologic Effects of Grounding the Human Body During Sleep as Measured by Cortisol Levels and Subjective Reporting of Sleep, Pain, and Stress.Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, 2004 Vol. 10, No. 5: 767-776.
The effects of Earthing™ on the stress hormone, cortisol. (Reprinted with permission from Mary Ann Liebert Publications - the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine.)

Gaétan Chevalier, Kazuhito Mori, and James L. Oschman  The Effect of Earthing™ (Grounding) on Human Physiology. European  Biology and Bioelectromagnetics, 31/01/2006: 600-621.
The effects of Earthing™ on blood volume pulse and on the electrophysiological properties of the brain and musculature.

PDFMedical Thermography 
Dr. William Amalu  Medical Thermography Case Studies. 
This document contains 20 case studies completed by Dr. Amalu demonstrating the dramatic and rapid improvement of inflammation, pain, range of motion, and improved sleep. (Reprinted with permission.)

PDFSleep Study 
A. Clinton Ober  Grounding the Human Body to Neutralize Bio-Electrical Stress from Static Electricity and EMFs. The ESD and Electrostatics Magazine.
This study documents improvements in sleep and in a variety of symptoms.

PDFThe Role of Earth's Electrons in Bodywork and Energy Therapies 
James L. Oschman, Ph.D., Assume a Spherical Cow: The role of free or mobile electrons in bodywork, energetic and movement therapies. Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies, 2008, vol. 12, 40-57.
Discusses the role of the earth's electrons in bodywork and energetic therapies and proposes a hypothesis for the movement of electrons past the inflammatory barrier to reduce inflammation. (Reprinted with permission.)

PDFBody Voltage Study
Roger Applewhite, P.E.  The Effectiveness of a Conductive Patch and a Conductive Bed Pad in Reducing Induced Human Body Voltage via the Application of Earth Ground.
This study focuses on the reduction of body surface voltage by bringing the skin to the earth's electrical potential.

PDFInflammation and Pain Research
Clinton Ober and Roger W. Coghill  Does Grounding the Human Body to Earth Reduce Chronic Inflammation and Related Chronic Pain? Presented at the European Bioelectromagnetics Association annual meeting, on November 12, 2003, Budapest, Hungary.  A review of literature and case studies involving Earthing™

PDF Laboratory Test Report - Barefoot Connections™ Fabric 
The Advanced Material Development Laboratory test report confirming the durability of the sheeting fabric used in theBarefoot Connections™ products.

This report documents the conductivity and antimicrobial properties of the fabric before and after 100 wash cycles. 

PDFThe Global Electrical Circuit 
Gaetan Chavalier, PhD,  The Earth’s Electrical Surface Potential.
An explanation of the forces that drive the electrical activity on the earth's surface. 

PDFBest Cases In Biological Medicine
David I. Minkoff, M.D.  Biological Medicine Series: A new therapy called "Earthing™." (Reprinted with permission.)

PDFAn Interview with James L. Oschman, Ph.D.
Jim Oschman is a leading authority on how complementary and alternative therapies work from a scientific perspective.  This interview was conducted in October of 2006.

Barefoot Connections, Grounded for Life

Earth FX

Personal body grounding system

  A. Clinton Ober

Grounding system for collecting and
removing unnatural electrical charges from the body 

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Body Earthing Explained -

The shielding effect of the earth's natural electric field

It is common knowledge (and demonstrable with a voltmeter) that physical contact with the earth maintains the human body at the natural electrical potential (voltage) of the earth. When the body is electrically coupled with the earth, the DC electrons of the earth and/or its related electric field, then residing on the surface of the body, absorb the excitation effects of 50-60 Hz environmental electric fields. By transferring (offsetting) the attraction of an electric field from the body (which has a limited supply of electrons) to the earth (which has an infinite supply of electrons), excitation of the body's electrons is significantly reduced. When the body is shielded with the DC of the earth, the electrons of the body are then protected from being disturbed and held "hostage" as 50-60 Hz induced body voltage and away from their normal functions. Shielding, via grounding, allows the body to have all of its electrons available to carry on their normal functions in the body, which include the stabilization of excess free radicals. [The shielding of electronic cables and electronic equipment by grounding their housing to the earth is widely used as a method to prevent internal electromagnetic interference - EMI.]

System Diagram

An improved personal body grounding system includes a grounding pad having two or more ground leads conductively coupled to one or more grounded anchors having multiple ground contact points. A monitor tests the continuity to ground using the circuit created by the multiple ground contact points. The monitor includes multiple safety features in the event of a power surge. The system also includes an electrical meter to measure the personal body voltage of a user and a voltage gauge for measuring continuity to ground.

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Grounded to Earth

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  A. Clinton Ober et al


A method to speed recovery from acute injury and/or reduce and prevent chronic inflammation in an animal or mankind is disclosed. The method includes providing a grounded plane, conductively coupling said animal or a man to the grounded plane to conduct the earth's mobile negative surface charge of free electrons from the earth to said animal or human in order to provide the body with an abundant supply of free electrons to reduce residual immune system produced reactive oxygen specie free radicals and prevent the same from oxidizing healthy tissue and exhibiting chronic inflammation in said animal or man. Applying earth's free electrons to the human body for prevention of chronic inflammation and therapeutic reduction of inflammation is described. Further described are methods to apply and maintain earth's mobile free electron charge on an animal or human while residing in modern home or work environments or in a treatment facility.



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Publication number: US 2008/0068773 A1

The invention discloses methods and systems for conductively coupling the body and more specifically the bare feet of an animal or human body to the earth in situations where conductive contact with the earth is otherwise impossible, such as inside a home or other building or in a bed. Various embodiments of the invention allow earth's mobile surface charge of free electrons to flow from the earth to the body, (similar to that which occurs naturally when an animal or a man is standing barefoot on the earth), for the purpose of neutralizing excess or residual immune system-produced reactive oxygen species free radicals that cause physiological deficiencies and disturbances in the body such as acute or chronic inflammation.

gravity waves

Method and system for electrically connecting the human (and vertebrate ...

  Stephen Bennett Elliott

Stephen Elliott, President and Founder of Coherence L.L.C., The New Science of Breathing.


The present invention specifies the fundamental method and system for providing an electrical connection between the human and earth ground for purposes of promoting health, well being, and performance. It is based on the premise that vertebrate organisms require electrical connectivity to earth for health and well being, especially during times of trauma. It is asserted that vertebrate biopotential may be modulated by varying the resistance from the body to earth ground and that via this mechanism, bioenergy production and internal impedance may be modulated for purposes of healing, health maintenance, and “work” including exercise. Instructive methods for characterizing an individual's biopotential and for applying the present invention in urgent portable medical care situations are provided.

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Shoe containing electrically conductive integral elements

 Melvyn Cheskin


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