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This site does not explain how aether works. Any medium capable of transmitting
longitudinal waves could do the job. In order to keep things simple, one should postulate that aether is perfectly homogeneous, and that it can preserve energy without any loss. Then it would transmit sinusoidal waves whose speed c is constant. It is the speed of light, but also that of matter waves and all forces transmitted by aether waves.

The aether, as a lossless medium, should also allow the existence of electrons as spherical standing wave systems, which can vibrate eternally. Such systems constantly radiate spherical waves and need energy replenishment. This is why aether must also have been completely filled with energetic waves since its very beginning in order to perform the electrons' amplification.

You are not entitled to think that aether does not exist.

You must admit that you are unable to fully explain any physical phenomena.

You cannot explain the true nature of particles such as electrons, protons or neutrons. You cannot explain the so-called photon. You cannot explain how magnetic and electrostatic fields really work. Up to now, Descartes' explanation about light remains the only one which is acceptable. Light behaves as a wave and needs an aether. Light does not behave like particles as far as its quantum properties are attributed to electrons.

You cannot explain how gravity works, either. So, unless you furnish an acceptable explanation, you must admit that you are dealing with the unknown, and that forces such as gravity or light could work using waves. If you think that gravity is "bending space", then you must explain how and why gravity is capable of such a wonder. Actually, you cannot, because Einstein's explanation for gravity was simply absurd.

However the list below leads to the web site:

01  Home page  Matter is made of waves.

02  The electron

03  Plane standing waves

04  Spherical standing waves

05  The Doppler effect

06  The aether

07  The Michelson interferometer

08  The Lorentz transformations

09  The Time Scanner

10  Relativity

11  Relativity page 2

12  The electron phase shift

13  The wave mechanics

14  Electrostatic fields

15  Nuclear forces

16  Active and reactive mass

17  Kinetic energy

18  Fields of force

19  The fields of force dynamics

20  Magnetic fields

21  Gravity

22  Light

23  Quarks

24  Protons

25  Atoms

26  Chemistry

27  The wave theory

28  The wave theory postulates

29  Darwin's theory of evolution revisited

30  Errors to correct

31  Proofs and experiences

32  The Huygens Principle

33  Conclusion


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" The material Universe is made purely out of Aether "
by Gabriel LaFreniere.

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Aether - Encyclopedia Nomadica

Stationary Luminiferous (Classical) Aether
Conversely, the notion of a static Aether, a mechanical, jelly-like Aether, finds its classical origins in Newton. In 19th century physics, the positing of a luminiferous aether was used to reconcile Maxwell's electromagnetic theory and Newtonian mechanics. This inaugurated the brief age of the Classical Aether embraced by Young, Maxwell, Kelvin, Lodge, Lorentz, etc.

Aetherometry, the Science of the Metrics of the Aether

Editors' Introduction

The Journal of Aetherometric Research (J Aetherom Res, or JAR) is intended as an electronic vehicle for the publication of aetherometric investigations in pure or applied sciences, or in the philosophy of science.

Resonances, waves and fields: Reflection of waves as a process to make standing waves
There are all sorts of resonances around us, in the world, in our culture, and in our technology. A tidal resonance causes the 55 foot tides in the Bay of Fundy. Mechanical and acoustical resonances and their control are at the center of practically every musical instrument that ever existed. Even our voices and speech are based on controlling the resonances in our throat and mouth. Technology is also a heavy user of resonance. All clocks, radios, televisions, and gps navigating systems use electronic resonators at their very core. Doctors use magnetic resonance imaging or MRI to sense the resonances in atomic nuclei to map the insides of their patients. In spite of the great diversity of resonators, they all share many common properties. In this blog, we will delve into their various aspects. It is hoped that this will serve both the students and professionals who would like to understand more about resonators. I hope all will enjoy the animations.

Ether / Aether Home Page - The Detection of Ether Book
Had the physics community followed Tesla instead of Einstein, physics (and the world we live in) would be quite different today. However, since people who are driven by money and power, hate truth (in this case it started with businessmen, then the media, then the physics establishment caved into the pressure), it was inevitable that Tesla would end up being deleted from the physics books (except for a measurement of magnetism being named after him, which was given by electrical engineers, not physicists).

Bourabai Research Institution

Science and Conscience

Nick Noskov, the prominent physicist, honest and charming person, "godfather" of many aether exploring physicists, a man, who threw the light upon true way in physics, who ignited people by his passion and who confirmed the faith in victory of truth and fairness, has left us on 69-th year of his life.
Nick Nockov made the great contribution not only in rebirth of true, ethereal physics, but also in recovering forgotten and slanderred names of great physicists like Paul Gerber, in recovering true authorship of discoveries like Gaussian mechanism of retarded potential.
The light memory about Nick Noskov, his good acts and inspiring words will remain in our memories for ever.

Where does all electromagnetic (EM) field energy and all EM potential energy come from in the first place?

Answer: From the vacuum all around us.

A Nobel prize was awarded in 1957 for substantiating the extraction process.

— Tom Bearden
referring to the work 
of Lee and Yang

Gravitation - Einstein
mauriceN.jpg (4543 octets)

Maurice Allais was brought to reexamine the detail of the results of the experiments which had been carried out in the past on the same subject in the U.S.A. by Michelson and Morley in 1887, by Morley and Miller in 1902, 1904 and 1905, and by Miller in 1925, 1926 and 1930. He then could observe that these results contain the same anomalies which were not noticed at the time by the experimenters or were neglected.



Like in material substances, if the equilibrium condition is disturbed, waves can propagate in the aether. The most commonly observed aether waves are called electromagnetic waves, to which belongs light. In these waves the gyrons move as a group in a non-random spiral pattern which is called a photon. The intensity of light depends on the number of photons moving together. If the spiral trajectories of the participating photons move in unison, then the light is termed coherent. Coherent light is generated in lasers, while incoherent light comes from the sun and common illumination.

Quantum wave structure of matter

The Wave Structure of Particles
This web site is a platform for learning, discussion, and further discovery of the fundamental structure of physical matter and the cosmos. The central theme is the recently recognized wave structure of particles and the exciting consequences of their matter waves that exist throughout the universe. It provides a new vision of the 'Standard Model' of physics and its shortcomings.

Light Is The Ghost Of Mass
This decade has seen an upsurge in the interest to resurrect a workable aether in order to provide a practical medium for the analysis of newly discovered phenomena such as over-unity hydrogen energy production, the manipulation of gravitation and over-unity electric motors [1-5]. An aether concept based on a permeable medium whereby matter and light waves were separate from each other was squashed as "superfluous" at the turn of the century [6]. Therefore, the new aether must provide an answer to the obstacles encountered, such as manifested by water filled telescopes, stellar aberration and the Michelson and Morley null result.
Etherism over Atomism: Henry H. Lindner 

The author will demonstrate that today’s four-force/four-exchange- particle atomism is not a 
considered theory of physical reality at all, but only a default model based upon subjectivistic 
measurement concepts. He demonstrates that only an ethereal theory of space and a wave model 
of light are consistent with all the known evidence.

I do not say that matter is somehow immersed in a sea of ether. My contention is that nothing exists but ether. The phenomenon called matter is an action of ether.

If this notion seems regressive, it is. But at least we are in good company. Take note of this statement: "...we arrive at what may be one of the grandest generalizations of modern science -- of which we are tempted to say that it ought to be true even if it is not -- namely, that all the phenomena of the physical universe are only different manifestations of the various modes of motion of one all-pervading substance -- the ether."   A.A. Michelson, "Light Waves and Their Uses" University of Chicago Press, 1903

Ether Sciences:
Preliminary note: this page is the result of many researches through internet as well as of email exchanges with professionals and/or individual searchers. It is designed to help people to explore this very interesting field on good bases. Though written as a single text, it is the result of many different comments. If you have something to add, please email Ether Sciences, and I'll update this page.

Introduction into Applied Aether Energy Science

With the advent of harnessing aetheric energy with the applied Adams Technologies, it poses a difficult task to know the best possible starting point with which to describe this almost as yet virtually unknown technology in the mainstream of electrical sciences.

The decision I have taken is to commence at the grass roots, so to speak.

It all started during 1969 when I first determined to use permanent magnets to construct an electric motor generator that would defy Lenz's law and, in so doing, invent an electrical machine that would run at unity and, so too, in turn, defy certain other orthodox laws.

On The Phenomena of Wattless (Currentless) Power

Extensive variations of current are possible and are, to say the least, of considerable proportions - upwards and beyond some 70%>. As stated previously, in my recent papers, I am confident that the current can be still further reduced.

The figures indicated at the end of this chapter show clearly that there is an anomaly which appears to defy a conclusive explanation of where the missing current (according to Ohms Law) has departed to! In reality, due to the subliminal velocity of the aetheric energy gaseous flow over the surface of the windings, the current becomes "lost" and, therefore, left behind.

In 1976 I discovered the machine delivers massive heat power to an external load upwards of 600%> above input power, this power then does not register in the machine or in the line load and must therefore be calorimetrically measured. This power is known as "wattless/currentless power".

To understand this phenomenon, one must be conversant with "Tesla Aether Energy Science". Current-less power was described by Tesla in 1889 in his radiant energy transformers, but he never got around to putting it to practical use. It is to be noted, at this point, that I am the original discoverer of the phenomena of currentless power in the "Adams" motor generator.

I quote herein by Gerry Vassilatoss in his 'Secrets of Cold War Technology' published by Borderlands Sciences Research Foundation, P.O. Box 220, Bayside C.A. 95524 U.S.A. 1996, (page 38 paragraph 2):

"The Fractionation of Electric Currents ~ Voltage pulses traversed the secondary surface like a gas pulse under increasing constriction. Until reaching the free end of coil, these gaseous pulses flowed over the copper surface rather than through it. Tesla referred to this specific manifestation as 'the skin effect'. In this the discharge greatly resembled the manner of gasses in motion over surfaces."

It is impossible to comprehend this 'Tesla Technology' without considerable knowledge of the Aether. One must seek out and study the proofs, of which there are now many, that have been established by experimenters worldwide. It is a technology capable of being explained through gas dynamic analogues. The fact that even partial elimination of electrons from Aether currents takes place, indeed spells out that this is a new kind of electricity which could find no resolution in present electrical science. This new energy technology is going to change the world we live in on an immense scale.

To understand Tesla Aetheric Forces Technology, one must eliminate the notion that electrons are the working gremlins of electrostatic energies, for in this technology they are no longer the working gremlins. We are considering here an entirely different kind of electricity, endowed with totally different characteristics which, therefore, requires a new and different approach to the method of measuring the performance of any devices created as a result of the development of this technology, as the disparity between the two is immense.

An Adams D.C. Impulse Electric Motor can be designed in such a way that the succession of charge and discharge impulses develop energy of such magnitude that it may be possible to have control of the flow of conventional electricity electrons through the complex metallic lattice of the very long length of wire used in the stator system, due to its super luminal velocity, of which the gaseous pulse flows over the coil surface. This then would provide us with an electric motor that requires very little current at nominal voltage whilst yet delivering considerable power.

There are certain parameters required to be implemented which do not apply to conventional D.C. electric motors - those of repulsive impulsing operating potential, stator winding resistances, winding wire size and quantity and machine construction materials, etc. The established gaseous electrostatic electricity moves over the surface of the winding's wire at a super luminal velocity. This creates an enormous surge leaving the slower moving electrons behind and, hence, a consequent reduction in current flow is possible, according to machine parameter variables applied.

Ohm's Law

Since it is proven that the Adams Technologies, as applied to the Adams Electric Motor Generator inventions, violate OHMS LAW, the use of conventional instrumentation and of OHMS LAW itself, for evaluation of performance, results in gross errors.  The heart of the problem here, lies in the fact that standard electricity, as we know it, is a totally different kind of energy to that which is directly gated from the aether, the nature of this energy being such that it does not respond to conventional electrical instrumentation, nor does it obey OHMS LAW.  This orthodox instrumentation is found to be grossly in error, just as is the application of OHMS LAW itself for power measurement, simply because the basic design of the said instrumentation used INVOLVES OHMS LAW!

This then heralds in the need of an ocean of new electrical scientific teachings, in order to accommodate these new technologies into electrical engineering texts for colleges and universities.

Firstly, a NEW MENTATION must take place, where teachers and students alike will need to de-programme their present knowledge of conventional electricity to that of electricity harnessed from the aether. It is time NOW for our future young student scientists and electrical and electronic engineers to study this vast new clean and inexhaustible source of energy along with its massive implications and applications.

The Adams Triplex Aetheric Energy Motor Generator

This device is a super power, thermo, impulse, salient pole, open magnetic circuit, repulsion, self-starting, reluctance electric motor generator. The "Adams Triplex Aetheric Energy Motor Generator" is so named in view of its unorthodox and unusual ability to manifest considerable aetheric energy from three different areas of the machine.

The stator system, with its ability to reach high temperatures very rapidly, is designed to harness this heat from the cores of the stators via water circulation. The second source of energy is derived from loading the machine as a generator.

The heat in the stator system is present whether the machine is run in a no-load or loaded condition. When loaded, however, the heat in the stator system increases rapidly and "continues" to do so during the period of operation.

A further and third source of aetheric heat energy is manifested at the mosfet. This heat is also harnessed by the heating of water. This mosfet is set inside the copper storage vessel (or calorimeter) for measurement purposes.

The total heat from all three sources can reach upwards of eight (8) times the input/heat power.

A unique method of successfully transferring the heat from the stator system is water circulation within the stator cores and, as the stators are water cooled, it provides protection for the windings from burning out ; this is of paramount importance because as the machine is running "at unity" the heat manifesting at the stators "continues" to rise with time. The water so heated is circulated with the aid of an electronic pump which transports it to a holding tank/calorimeter for measurement purposes.

In addition to the unique structure of the stator system, is that of the rotor. The rotor was invented and perfected during 1996. Its materials, in addition to the magnets and the dimensions and geometrical placements of the said materials, are vital to the massive manifestation of heat that results from its structure and that of the stator system and its technological parameters. The rotor, however, playing the major role, remains the coolest part of the machine.

This machine is revolutionary and the first of its kind in the world and provides economical clean safe power. In an actual domestic application installation the machine would, of course, have a common holding hot water cylinder which would receive all three sources of the aetheric heat energies manifest within the machine componentry.

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