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Cebu Appliance Center

cebu appliance center
  • durable goods for home or office use
  • The act of applying; application; An implement, an instrument or apparatus designed (or at least used) as a means to a specific end (often specified); Specifically: A non-manual apparatus or device, powered electrically or by another small motor, used in homes to perform domestic functions (
  • An apparatus fitted by a surgeon or a dentist for corrective or therapeutic purpose
  • The action or process of bringing something into operation
  • A device or piece of equipment designed to perform a specific task, typically a domestic one
  • a device or control that is very useful for a particular job
  • center(a): equally distant from the extremes
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  • An island in southern central Philippines
  • Cebu (Cebuano:Sugbo) is a province in the Philippines, consisting of Cebu Island and 167 surrounding islands. It is located to the east of Negros, to the west of Leyte and Bohol islands.
  • Its chief city and port; pop. 610,000
  • an important seaport on the island of Cebu in the Philippines
  • one of the Visayan islands of the central Philippines; important for its fine harbor

cebu autocross
cebu autocross
practicing on how to take some panning shots during the Cebu Autocross held at Park Mall.. this is my favorite car during the event since it has lots of colors and contrast that makes it easy to AF-C during panning..compared to plain white or single colored cars the sensor gets confused on which to bite the focus lock and follow the subject during panning.
Cebu Flickroos (SpecialOlympics)
Cebu Flickroos (SpecialOlympics)
The Cebu Flickroos sharing their long ones (no pun intended). Thanks for the invitation Clark (left). By the way, he mentioned another event at SM Cebu next week 9:30am. rpeg (white) camera-shy as ever. (sorry for the missing feet)

cebu appliance center
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