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Electrical Appliance Recycling

electrical appliance recycling
    electrical appliance
  • Small appliance refers to a class of home appliances that are portable or semi-portable or which are used on tabletops, countertops, or other platforms. Such items are contrasted with major appliances, which are typically fixtures that cannot be easily moved.
  • Appliances are electrical/mechanical tools that accomplish some function.
  • (recyclable) reclaimable: capable of being used again
  • the act of processing used or abandoned materials for use in creating new products
  • Return (material) to a previous stage in a cyclic process
  • Convert (waste) into reusable material
  • Use again
  • (recycle) cause to repeat a cycle

Feyanan Eco Lodge (2)
Feyanan Eco Lodge (2)
Feynan Ecolodge’s ethos is based on harmony with its local environment: it is completely solar-powered, employees are comprised of local Bedouin, and the lodge generates revenue that helps protect endangered species and conservation efforts. Our efforts for conservation and Earth Hour each night at Feynan: •Feynan exclusively generates its own electricity through solar/photovoltaic panels and is not connected to the electricity grid. This electricity is used to power lights in the staff office, guest bathrooms and the kitchen. •All hot water at Feynan for the kitchen and guest use is heated by solar panels. •Only essential electrical appliances are used in the kitchen, and those employed are certified to use very low energy. •Candles made onsite by local Bedouin women are used to light the lodge at night. Guests are welcome to help the staff light the candles each night and watch as the lodge begins to glow. •Heating in the winter uses the waste byproduct of olive pressing called jift (olive pit charcoal). Three tons of wood are saved each year by burning jift. This preserves Jordan’s trees and utilizes a source of energy that is a natural by-product of Jordan’s olive harvest. •Feynan has eliminated disposable plastic water bottles from guest rooms, replacing them with clay jars, made by a local community next to Petra, that naturally keep water cool. By switching to clay jars, Feynan saves over 10,000 disposable plastic bottles annually. •Laundry is air dried. •Composting and recycling initiatives have been introduced with the aim to recycle most waste products at the lodge. Food waste is composted to reuse as fertilizer. Recycling bins have been added at convenient locations throughout the lodge for guests to assist in our recycling efforts. A community recycling initiative is underway that will encourage the local school and community to recycle. •Kitchen water use is under strict controls while aerators limit water flow from room faucets and showers. The use of indigenous plants around the lodge eliminates the need for watering.
Dr. Denture - Close up - Robot sculpture assemblage from found objects
Dr. Denture - Close up - Robot sculpture assemblage from found objects
Yes, those are real dentures... A new addition to the adoptabot orphanage, this is a robot sculpture assembled from found objects by Brian Marshall - Wilmington, DE. Items included in my sculptures vary from vintage household kitchen items to recycled industrial scrap. Some of my favorite items to use are old oil cans, aluminum measuring spoons, electrical meters, retro blenders, anodized cups, and pencil sharpeners.

electrical appliance recycling
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