Builders appliance center. 12 volt dc appliances.

Builders Appliance Center

builders appliance center
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Greener Living Expo on February 28, 2009
Greener Living Expo on February 28, 2009
Thanks to you, we were able to talk to hundreds of community members about Habitat's work. We'll post the final dollar amount raised soon. Corporate Sponsor: Bratcher Heating and Air Conditioning Greenest Sponsors * O'Brien Auto Park * PSR Home Improvement Greener Sponsors * Carpet Advantage Co. * CU-MTD * The Blind Man * City of Urbana - U-Cycle Program * Tepper Electric Supply Co. * Champaign County Forest Preserve District * Triad Shredding * SoyWorld-USA, Inc. * Cutting Edge Landscaping Green Sponsors * Shelby Motors, Inc. * B. Lime * Hampton's Kitchen and Appliances * Tanger Outlet Center * Cabin Cove/Conklin Products * Angel Wind Energy, Inc * Kuchefski Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. * Pristine Aire * Techline * Homestead Builders * John Deere Landscapes/Arends Bros. * Hurlberts Siding & Windows * EMC Outdoor Furnishings * Springfield Electric Supply Co. * Cramer Siding & Window Co. * Columbia Street Roastery * New Prairie Construction Co. * Keller Williams Realty/Brickhouses Road Subdivision * Sherwin Williams/MAB Paints * Flooring Surfaces * Matzner Chiropractic * Eastern Illini Electric Cooperative * Progressive Asset Management * Chris' Water Gardens Non-Profit Sponsors * Champaign-Urbana Schools Foundation * Keep Vermilion County Beautiful (K.A.B.) * Champaign County Soil & Water Conservation District Location: News-Gazette Distribution Center
Silo Point Sales Gallery
Silo Point Sales Gallery
Lyons & Sucher designed the hospitality area to include cabinetry, appliances and granite countertops as they would appear in the kitchens of the condo units. This is a great sales tool - allowing customers to see the quality materials and craftsmanship.

builders appliance center
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