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Coast Wholesale Appliances Nanaimo

coast wholesale appliances nanaimo
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  • Nanaimo (Canada 2006 Census population 78,692) is the second largest city on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. It has been dubbed the "Bathtub Racing Capital of the World" and "Harbour City".
  • Nanaimo is the same of several Canadian federal and British Columbia provincial electoral districts, both historical and current, in and around the Vancouver Island city of Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada.
  • a town in southwestern British Columbia on Vancouver Island to the west of Vancouver
  • Slide down a snowy hill on a sled
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Nanaimo, BC from Gabriola Ferry
Nanaimo, BC from Gabriola Ferry
019 British Columbia Nanaimo August 2, 2009 Nikon D40X Digital
Nanaimo Waterfront seen from Protection Island
Nanaimo Waterfront seen from Protection Island
Nanaimo Waterfront seen from Protection Island

coast wholesale appliances nanaimo
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