One More Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest



I LOVE McMurphy

 On being a sane, thinking person in an insane, stoopid, totally illogical world! Surrounded by nutcases who are nuttier than the nuts!

I am in search of company!!!! Bring on the fed-up, ready to live like hermits, in to avoid the sheer utter lack of cognition and the ludicrous demands that are made upon us by all those loud-mouthed, pushy IDIOTS!

Is there any alternative besides letting them drive you NUTS?

Well, there is safety in numbers and are we ever out-numbered!

I was told to fire someone ONCE and I could not do it. My boss justifably told me to write up a teacher's aide for insubordination. 

The aide was a royal pain in the rear, took sides and started infighting among my very large class of third graders (who were oh so calm until she was placed in my classroom to "help" me) but she was swell at paperwork. She also had ten kids (unmarried!). I actually asked her "Have you ever heard of birth control?"

I wrote her up but I never submitted it. I could not have had her fired even though I REALLY did not like her. 

Also, and this is funny, she was a BILINGUAL aide and one day I found out she could not speak Spanish. 

One afternoon before dismissal, I asked her to announce something to the kids in Spanish (so they'd understand better) as I was busy and she stammered and she stuttered and sputtered! She could not get out one single sentence in Spanish although she understood well enough as she had been fooling the School District FOR YEARS! 

Hey, she was Hispanic!! Because I ain't, they always quizzed me on my Spanish and with sheer delight I would watch their astounded faces as this Irish mug speaks superb Spanish!!! (Ok, so I started umpteen years ago.. lol)

Well, my jaw dropped. I got similar reactions from the brighter, more "with-it" kids.

Well, I thought it was the funniest thing I had ever heard of and I told ALL of my teacher friends! Word got out but I do not think the boss ever found out!!!

"Wanna hear something funny? Hey: get this! My BILINGUAL aide can't speak Spanish!!! Not one single simple solitary sentence!!!"


My new main squeeze!


Maurie Bund