Nancy Drew Collecting and SeLLing

The world of the vintage Nancy Drew 


I design Nancy Drew notecards as a hobby. I thoroughly enjoy doing them and I get better at it all the time! Most of them I do on the computer.

Periodically I will list them on Ebay. In all honesty, they do not sell that well. They are VERY time consuming and I am lucky if I break even.

However, the people who have bought them really like them.

A few days ago, I listed my notecards on GreedBay. Hours later I received a very condescending letter from a Nancy Drew seller (whose idenity will be very easy to figure out to any ol' sleuth). She informed me that she was "helping me out", thta i was breaking copyright laws.

A few minutes later that ad was pulled by Ebay. I was livid!

I knew all about her auctions; I was quite familiar with them. And I was struck as if by lightning by the irony of it all and the entire ordeal only serves to underscore that the people Ebay employs are true idiots!

She sells the highly coveted cameo editions which are quite popular due to their lovely artwork done by Polly Bolian. Most of her books have no dj's as they are very hard to find; they were made rather flimsily. So what does she do? She prints her own up!


The end result is that her cameos go for double or even triple their worth. She is scamming people left and right with impunity. Also it is so very easy to bid on the item and miss that it has a counterfeit dj.

Why i did it just last week, purchased a book with a counterfeit dj, from a different seller and I paid MUCH more than I would have for the book alone. I missed that info in the ad and my reading skills are pretty good. ;o)

Needless to say, I found it exceedingly hypocritical for her to accuse me of violating copyright laws when she is doing it herself and it downright unethical in that the phony dj's she sells are WORTHLESS.

Her motive is greed. Mine is creativity and fun.

Bear in mind that all over Ebay, people are selling Nancy stuff that may be in violation of intellectual property laws. There are Nancy purses, Nancy notecards, Nancy lightswitches, Nancy mini-books, Nancy clocks, Nancy magnets, Nancy watches, Nancy jewelry.

Which begs the question: Why me? 

I still have no idea why she has singled me out. The only thing I can think of is die to envy and I inadvertantly beat her out of some auction, even then the names of the bidders are obscured.

I reported her to Ebay for selling phony dust jackets as did a good friend of mine: in typical incompetent fashion- Ebay did NOTHING. Her phony djs are still up there.

I added this to my listings of first editions.

Nancy Drew dust jackets termed as REPRODUCTIONS which scam people into paying high prices, particularly for the CAMEO book club editions.

True authentic cameo dust jackets are VERY, VERY RARE.

Not only is this ILLEGAL, it is unethical to seek to overinflate the price of your items by including an utterly worthless phony dust jacket.

Anyway, just be aware.

I insist on trying to be fair to people nice enough to send me their hard earned money. I do try.

That is why I NEVER sell anything I would not want.

I sent her listing numbers with copyright violation but of course she does nothing.

I sent her one tonight. Hey, it is far beneath me to report these people.

She never did explain other than to tell me that she wanted to help me.

Yeah right. And I am Mother Teresa.

She very arrogantly told me she works for intellectual property lawyers- so SHE KNOWS!!!

She kept threatening me with Ebay retaliation! Surprise!

I finally pinned her down and she cited the "fair practice doctrine."

Well, it just so happens that law is a passion I have so I looked it up. I can read law and try not to let it intimidate me.

So I did some research.

Winds up she is full of shit.

Fair practices covers stuff like teachers running off poems for her class or an academic citing sources in a scholarly paper. It covers parodies.

But it does NOT cover exact duplications for profit.

There is the aspect of how much harm is done to the copyright holder. That is what that scam seller and I have in common- a muliti-million dollar publisher just does not care about such pettiness.

Now they might threaten to sue, but once it got to Court most judges would throw out such a frivolous suit on its ear and probably the lawyers would get a lecture.

But the fair act tenet does cover artwork to some degree. You cannot however lift someone's work in its' entirety and claim "fair use". Ergo, my notecards would likely be upheld in a Court of law, except for one of them.

Her phony profit-driven counterfeit dust jackets would not be considered "fair use" but a Court would not want to waste its' time on such nonsense.

Below are my notecards.

If you would like to purchase some, just contact me. 

I basically sell them for cost.

See if you can pick out which one I should not have listed. The rest are fine.

Please note that I am NOT a lawyer but I have studied law and have taken about 8 courses. I "play" lawyer all the time and I am very good at it. I am interested in it so I read/study it a great deal.

I have NEVER lost a case although I accompany friends to Court all the time and i have fought and won EVERY traffic ticket I have ever received.

Ok, pick out the one that I should not have listed. As I said, the rest are fine.

There is one more but it does not want to upload!

Let me know which ones you like!!!

Maybe the cretin did me a favour- I just got a crash course in i

ntellectual property law!