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The REAL Nancy Drew!

Thoroughly Modern Millie!

The more I read about her, the cooler I think she was!

Please note that many of my friends know a lot more about collecting Nancys than perhaps I ever will but bear with me! ;o)

About the Author

There is/was no Carolyn Keene. 

Mildred Augustine Wirt Benson wrote the majority of the classic Nancy Drew books, Dana Girls as well as many, many other children’s series books. It was Millie who fleshed out Nancy Drew’s delightful, adventurous character.

Mildred had refused the publisher in writing Twisted Candle, Mysterious Letter and Larkspur Lane as they asked for a CUT in her already paltry salary. 

I want to say she received about $150 ( ? ) PER BOOK and had to sign a release which relinquished ALL RIGHTS to her work as well as swore her to secrecy insofar as who the real author was!

Probably the most popular children’s book series EVER and MiLLie was not even acknowledged for DECADES!



Millie wrote under a variety of pen names.

As Frank Bell for the Flash Evans series.

As Mildred Benson

As Mildred Benson- "Dangerous Deadline" 1957

"Quarry Ghost" (in the US) 1959 was published as

"Kristie at College" (UK) 1960- Mildred's last children's book, to the best of my knowledge.

As Joan Clark for the Penny Nichols series.(Pennies and nickels- oh my!)

As Julia K. Duncan for the Doris Force Mystery Stories.

As Alice Emerson for the Ruth Fielding series which are interesting books often about making movies- talkies!?!

Frances Judd for the Kay Tracey series.

As Carolyn Keene for the Nancy Drew series as well as the Dana Girls.

As Don Palmer for the Boy Scout Explorer Series.

As Helen Louise Thorndyke for Honey Bunch books.

As Dorothy West for the Dot and Dash series.

As Ann Wirt for the Madge Sterling Series.

And as Mildred Wirt which included the Brownie Scouts series, Dan Carter Cub Scout, Girl Scout series, and Mildred A. Wirt Stories!


 On Ebay's feedback system...

Were you aware that giving a seller anything less than 20 stars is putting money into the pocket of Ebay?

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It is all about greed and deception.

On Free Speech and the First Amendment...

I studied a number of courses in the area of Constitutional Law in college, so you'd think I would know better. But were you aware that Free Speech is NOT necessarily guaranteed by the First Amendment? The way I understand it is that it is protected insofar as a government agency or entity is involved. Or let's say that a private charity is receiving federal funds- then your right to free speech is there. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

However, insofar as the private sector, where you work for instance, you do NOT have a right to Free Speech. Your right is not absolute.

Also, for obvious practical reasons, the US Supreme Court has indicated one cannot yell "Fire!" in a crowded theatre.

The reason I bring this up is that when Ebay was instituting new changes to their feedback system etc., I urged members to strike. They were attempting to pit buyers against seller when many of us are BOTH! The "infighting" they were encouraging was a smokescreen for higher fees and increased profit for Ebay. Well, they kept pulling my listings! So much for free speech!

Ebay Violates Antitrust Laws

Most everyone knows that ebay's new policy to only accept Paypal which they own is unethical, unfair, greedy. And it violates antitrust laws.

Ebay tried the same thing in Australia but the spunky Aussies would NOT PUT UP WITH IT!!!

Ebay and Antitrust Click Here, Folks!

Now in 2007 there was action taken against Ebay for violation of the Sherman Act but I cannot find anything recent other than the aforementioned article.

I do not know how much more cut and dried it can be!!!

If you find any info, please email me. You guys, all two of you, know where to find me!!!

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Here is a link to the Mildred Wirt Benson Collection which the prolific author donated to her alma mater- the University of Iowa. Very neat!

Millie's Personal Collection 

Also there is a link to Millie's Scrapbook

Spanning six years, much of the contents are from her college days and the Memory Book includes her wedding plans. 

I spent hours reading it as I found it to be fascinating!


The following is a list of classic Nancy Drew Books and the year of publication for each one.