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Initiated July 25, 2008

My name is KT. Before I begin- here is a link to my new website. Incidentally I started both the blog and the website simultaneously. I will learn as I go.  Press here and POOFIrish Pirate Queen

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"My Norman is such a good son!"

Let me see if I can find him.

"Oh, Norrrrrrmmmmmmman!!!!"

"Yes, Mother!"

I like it. He looks rather innocuous, doesn't he?

They don't make horror movies like they use to. And NO ONE makes thrillers like Hitchcock. It is all blood and guts or just sheer stupidity and lameness.

I did like "Halloween" though.

The reason I am so focused on the macabre is that I have been looking for vintage images of Halloween on the Internet. I had to wade through lots of sites trying to sell you something. I finally typed in "-store" and that REALLY helped!

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July 28, 2008


My friend Fred has a new puppy named Indy.

The apples don't fall far from the tree.

Adorable lil cocker spaniel, isn't he?


My friend Lisa brought a miniature poodle named Pokey by yesterday for a visit. Lisa's sister Stephanie borrowed the sweet canine from a friend.

Stephanie's doctor gave her a note saying she needed to have the good-natured Pokey with her for emotional support!

What a tremendous idea!

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This is a photo my my son Junior Kitty!

I owe my life to Kitty.

When I lost my a family member- Kitty took care of me.

When I got sick, Kitty would comfort me with wonderful massages. He has THE softest, most luxurious fur I have ever touched! 

He is a big, beautiful boy!

I cannot have pets where I now live so Kitty is living with my former Significant Whatever Mike. Actually I borrowed Kitty from Mike originally, fell in love with Kitts and never gave him back!

When Kitty came by for a visit, I took LOTS of photos but on every one his eyes came out shining. If you know how to eliminate "Pet Eye", please let me know. So I did a watercolor version of a photo and I think it came out pretty cool. I had to color in the eyes! You can practically see the softness of his wonderous fur.

At times a tad bit ornery, Junior Kitty does not take anyone's guff!

That's my boy! I love you, Kitts!

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Meet My Pal Sneezy

I met Sneezy about three years ago on the steps 
of the house where I use to live.

The very first day he came up and greeted me saying "Miao".

Sneezy was a stray but it was immediately obvious to me that he was a domestic cat- very friendly but cautious. At first he would barely let me touch him. 

Rumor has it someone pulled up in a car, opened the door and let poor Sneezy out! I cannot even imagine what a foul person would let such a wonderful cat go!

Every morning Sneeze would be there at the back door waiting for me to feed him. When I returned home in the afternoon, Sneezy would be there to greet me. Full of personality!

After some months he was crawling all over me. And finally he would let me pick him up.

Raccoons use to beat Sneezy up so badly that his little ear was partially ripped off! Sneezy is a lover not a fighter!

One Christmas I determined I wanted one thing that year and I even prayed. All I wanted was a home for Sneezy as I could not take him in although I snuck him in every chance I got.

Much to my amazement my prayers were answered.

Finally and fortunately, my friend Tania took Sneezy home with her. Now he is an indoor cat and an only child and he has the life of Riley!

 I do not get to see Sneezy very often but I am so happy for him as he deserves his pampered lifestyle and so much more!


A Renoir

Pierre-Auguste Renoir did a gorgeous painting of artist Édouard Manet's daughter
 Julie with her calico kitty!

Julie's kitty looked remarkably like my first cat the 
 lil sweetheart Ms. Kitty.

Whoever said that bearded ladies cannot be beautiful!!!
This is my sister Heidi!
A miniature German Schnauzer, 
Heidi always has had  a heart of gold.
I miss my Heidi- every single day!

Copyright 2008

Ms. Kitty

Click to see my Scrapbook page.
I had a mouse problem.
I got Ms. Kitty at the 
Anti-Cruelty Society.
I took one look at her snoozing...
They took her out,
handed her to me
and away she purred.
The very first night,
I was gabbing on the phone
and Ms. Kitty kept interrupting 
me, trying to get my attention.
When I straightened out the blanket
I discovered why.
She was earning her keep.
There lied a mouse.
"See, MOMMY!!!"
Heart of pure gold.
My baby.

 The phenomenal Sir Alfred Hitchcock -my favourite director.

Let me see if I can find Melanie Griffith's Mom- Tippi.

Click for a better look.

Which incidentally, while growing up, was the name of the next door neighbors', the Hronec's dog!

A chihuahua!

Talk about a camp Barbie doll! can't wait!

Next will be the Norman Bates doll. I still regret NOT buying Bates Motel towels at Universal Studios in California. My friend talked me out of it.

Here's my NANCY DREW page!

Nancy Drew page