Halloween- Great Fun to be Spooked

  Halloween is, without a doubt, my favourite holiday!

At Mary Clare Starman's Pajama Party when I was in fifth grade this is THE scarey movie we saw in her den. Vincent Price was a marvel. Terrific sense of humor, highly intelligent and a gourmand. Tingler for breakfast?

 The tingler was this big black THING resembling a lobster? maybe and I think it would invade your body and wreak havoc! 

I would LOVE to see that zany, terrifying, hilarious movie again! Where do I find it?


I know- I'll try Ebay. I bet you can buy the Tingler itself on Ebay. HA!

Oh, I ought to do a page on ridiculous Ebay auctions! 

Hell, I could do an entire website! How about an encyclopedia!

How about a House of Horrors? House of Ebay? A Ebay Waxed Museum?

Hey it is 2:48 in the morning, what's YOUR excuse?? ;o)


One of the scariest movies I have ever seen was "Halloween" with its' frightening piano music. Evidentally it was the highest grossing independent film ever made!

Good ol' Michael Myers!