Loose Weight After Having A Baby

loose weight after having a baby
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loose weight after having a baby - Get Your
Get Your Body Back: Lose Weight, Gain Energy, and Get Fit After Having Your Baby
Get Your Body Back: Lose Weight, Gain Energy, and Get Fit After Having Your Baby
It's easier than you think!

If you're a new mom, you're probably still carrying around extra "baby weight." Since you're constantly having to juggle everything, the last thing you need is more work and more stress, which is what many diet plans feel like. You're also likely to face a number of new challenges: stress, lack of sleep, depression, and finding time for yourself. Well, you're not alone...and now you're not unarmed. Drawing from her own personal experiences, Anita Weil Bell designed this uncomplicated, easy-to-follow, three-month program with these challenges in mind.

Features of the plan:

· The HELP Menu: Healthy Eating Light Plan for moms...and you'll lose weight and feel good
· The Workable Workout: Special exercises and workouts that you can do with your baby, anytime and anywhere
· Mommy Care: Tips and warm suggestions for self-pampering and relieving stress

Simple shopping lists, nutritious meal plans, and delicious recipes are also included here, making it easy for you to Get Your Body Back-and keep it!

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301 its My party
301 its My party
So I had myself a little pity party today, not had one I a while ~ not as good as I remember PP to be ~ Was a time when a good ole cry would make me feel million times better ~ all im left with is a banging headache No comments on this photo please ~ This party is just for me, I don't need any encouragement today to wollow so no guests book signing for this allowed! Im so pissed with everything.... Should have known how it was going from the moment I woke up and yet again stubbed my toe … Within 20 mins of that Id broken a glass and upset S by chucking out something that was important to her away! My head feels like its gonna explode I cant stop thinking about C and eveything that she has to face , I got 64 days left of this, I keep thinking, I wonder if im still gonna be able to speak to her in 64 days times … It feels so wrong im thinking this way but I cant hep it, keep kicking my self to stop but all im gaining is a leg full of bruises! Im pissed with my self that im not able to take in anything of importance in at the moment, After my mix up with middle C's appointment letter, Over breakfast I figured id double check where it was makin sure we were going to the JP this morning and not the KC … But on arrival at JP I go to check in only to find we are in the completely wrong building! Completely wrong part of town .. On close inspection of the letter if did say, dont know what I was reading this morning .. Im pissed I forgot Little C had a party today, So that made me one of those really annoying mothers who didn't confirm her child would be attending, Well I did leave a message on voice mail about an our b4 the party .. but that can hardly count when she wouldn't have had time to pick it up. Im pissed I had no spare emergency pressie in doors .. and had to spend money on sweets because thats all the little shop had init. Im pissed im paying for a new computer that doesn't actually have or do either of the only two things I really wanted it to have and do. Ive had it in the house approx 2 weeks and I hate it already, Its been nothing but trouble … Im pissed I lost ALL my music, all my photo editing stuff for something im not happy with and all because I settled for something LESS that I wanted, except Ive not settled its bugging the shite out of me, that ive spent more ti e sitting in front of it trying to get it working... If it just had the wireless chip I wanted I could have just switched it on . End off. Im pissed with my leaky fridge door and hurting my hand on the coin trap of my washing machine that keeps getting blocked, because he kids forget to empty their pockets and I forget to check with child it is that isn't emptying them! Im pissed that drafting a text and forgetting to send it is gonna cost me?6. Im pissed that every morning I wake up telling my self today is the day im getting back on track and by 11am ive failed and im stuffing something high in calories into my mouth while searching the cupboards t see what I can eat next. Im pissed I have every ww gadget going and am still not able to stop stuffing the food .. I even brought the blooming pen that I so desperately needed, Like how I thought pen would help … lord knows! I desperately want to loose weight I just cant stop eating all the things that are bad .. I cant seem to quit that hand to mouth action! So faced with my baby girl turning 10 and not feeling organized .. my house is a complete mess, I cant open a door without something falling on my feet... Every draw and cupboard needs a good clear out.. my bank balance is looking real poorly, Ive no paid brownies,the schools want more money, i want to decorate my house, I still haven't got my hair cut .. Ive still not found a new hair dresser . My legs keep hurting, My feet are sore, my broken bathroom door handle went missing .. My green bin stinks .. I smashed my T bag jar … Oh and it seems Aunt Flo is on her way ... goody!
{BAM 16 of 52}
{BAM 16 of 52}
This is MY bam year!! Last year was a crazy but good year for me. In the beginning of last year I was a lost soul and had some personal issues that made me into a person I didn't like. Last year I finally got pregnant in February. I was excited to finally become a mother again... I carried my baby for 5 weeks and was sooo ready to be a mom again. I lost my baby and sorta lost my mind. That day after going to the emergency room something in me snapped... something that really made me finally grow up! Something made me want to crawl in a whole and never come out again and something made me want to embrace my faith and let God do His work. I chose God. So far my husband and I have taken a break from actually trying to have a baby but we've learned that it's in His hands and we shouldn't feel like we have to rush it. We both are still very young and have a lifetime together. Last year I had many resolutions and actually fufilled some of them... one was to loose weight and a lot of it! So far I've made it to my goal weight plus a little extra... I feel great! I'm not embarrased to look at my self in the mirror anymore which is a huge deal for me! I've always been really hard on myself and how I look on the outside... I don't want to be like that anymore! So that's one thing I want to work out with myself this year. To be more confident in myself! I want to be more athletic! I want to start getting into something like bike riding, roller blading, swimming... anything just something that I can do outdoors besides working out at home to pilates dvds lol I want to be more serious in my photography... I want to one day open my own photography studio here at my home. My husband has been slowly but surely converting one of our 3 car garages into a studio. It's still a huge work in progress, money is tight right now especially since I only work 1 day a week. I've saved up some money and am planning on getting my lights hopefully by next month. I know either way I will continue learning and my camera will never leave my side :) Sorry for the super long description! Hope you all have a wonderful rest of your week! Xxoo!

loose weight after having a baby
loose weight after having a baby
Body After Baby: A Simple, Healthy Plan to Lose Your Baby Weight Fast
Getting back into shape can help mothers of newborns feel good about themselves after pregnancy-and give them the energy they need to get through their busy days. In Body After Baby, Jackie Keller, a celebrity nutrition and health coach and the founder of NutriFit, offers a simple eating and workout program guaranteed to help every mom lose the extra weight after her baby is born. With meal plans and more than one hundred delicious recipes high in vitamin-rich "superfuel foods," Keller provides:

- easy and safe daily workouts to do in 10 minutes or less
- helpful weekly shopping lists and label-reading tips
- fun and simple movements that mother and baby can do together

Easy-to-use for even the busiest mothers, Body After Baby will not only help moms get back into those favorite jeans, but it will also reduce their stress and give them more time and energy to spend with their new baby.

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