About The Author


Charles Joseph Stippick

I became the foster parent of my (now adopted) son Stephen in December of 2003. I was unaware of the full extent of my son’s special needs until a few weeks into the role of Foster Dad. During this time, I began to realize that my son suffered from numerous social and medical disorders that were undiagnosed. This compelled me to seek outside support.

I found that it was impossible to acquire the much needed services as an individual. At the time, doctors who specialized in treating conditions induced by child abuse were few and far between, and those that were within reach, had long waiting lists.

As a result, I began to search for tools that would be helpful for my son, but found very few resources. I eventually found The Camden County Partnership for Children (CCPFC). I acknowledge that the therapy services provided by CCPFC were instrumental to my son’s recovery. In addition to the therapy my son received, I worked with him extensively, talking through his rage, telling him stories about pretend characters designed to have similar experiences. This along with genuine caring, and continually reaffirming that I would not give up on him, my son's behavior drastically improved. I continually looked for story books and support material that addressed the issues associated with children whom had multiple placements and suffered from abuse, but found few offerings. As a result, I created this Publishing Company as a means to provide a source for non-traditional children's books and information supporting Families. 

I urge you as a parent to be proactive. If need be, seek out State and local agencies that specialize in family services and child abuse treatment. In the days that follow, I will be providing resource links to pertinent agencies that support families in need.

Help is out there, just ask, I did.