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January 2013

Hey, all - because of a few factors, including the holiday, the pending bitter cold weather, a few schedule conflicts,  we're going to hold off on meeting this month.  We'll be meeting on February 18th instead.    

See you then!

October 2011

October meeting this Monday night - we'll discuss the Love/Hate relationship between Apple and the Developer community. 

On one side, Apple puts out a great product with great opportunity for a developer, but on the other side, will they keep your product off the market, or even steal their idea for the next release?

We'll see you at New Horizons at 7pm!

July 2011

Tonight's topic is 'Logging in with the Law' - We're going to discuss the changes and the challenges with the Legal System in the shadow of the new decade…See you there!

May update

Ok, April meeting was an epic fail on my part.  I was off by a week, and I completely apologize to anyone that showed up.  

I hate saying it, but tonight is a problem also - I ended up calling in sick to work this morning, and will NOT be able to make it out.  I do NOT feel good about doing this, but I just ain't leaving the house tonight.

I will make up for it in June - We'll discuss the latest releases from Apple and we'll talk about what OS X 10.7 Lion will be giving us and when we can expect to get our hands on it.  I'll even find a way to supply a few giveaways.  I promise!

March 2011 - CANCELLED

Sorry, but I am not able to run the meeting due to some transportation issues.  Need to get some work done, and we will be back in April!

Also, my network issues have been resolved, and I'll be sending updates more frequently.

Have a good month, see you on April 18th!


February 2011

Meeting Recap - 

We covered the new iLife '11, taking a closer look at iPhoto and iMovie.  We also discussed some of the directions that Apple is taking their system development.

January 2011 - NO Meeting

Due to the current weather conditions this week, something my wife is involved in has been rescheduled, & I will not be available for the SIG meeting on Monday. Since it's a holiday anyway, we'll hold off on this month's meeting & meet again in February on Monday the 21st.

I'm trying to get my hands on iLife '11 for February,  but i will have a backup plan in case that falls through.  Everyone stay safe driving in the current winter conditions! 

November 2010 Meeting

Dealing with Disaster - before and after 

One of these days, your Mac WILL not work.  Maybe you'll push the power button and nothing will happen, maybe you'll hear the 'click-click-click" of a hard drive crashing, or maybe it'll be that distinct smell of electronic components that have met their doom.  Either way, it is GOING to happen.   

The big question is what you have done to prepare for it and what you will do now?  This month, we'll discuss strategies to prepare for the worst, and the best things to do once disaster strikes. 

See you Monday night!

October 2010 Meeting

This month's meeting is this Monday, October 18th!  We'll be meeting at the New Horizons Computer Learning Center in Fairborn.  It's located at 1890 Commerce Center, and the phone number is 888-244-2035.

This month, Shawna Collins will give us an introduction to Office for Mac 2011.  She's had the chance to use it for the last few weeks and will give us all the rundown on what new features it has to offer.  See you then!

September 2010 Meeting

Tonight we're looking at our web presence - what tools we're using and what tools we would be using.

June 21st Meeting

Hey, all - 

This month, the presentation will be "Hi, I'm a Mac.  Let's talk..."

We'll discuss how to make your Mac communicate with other environments, including other Macs, PC's, and even some game systems...

Remember, the meeting will be at the Fire Administration Building at 44 West Hebble Ave. in Fairborn.  This is located in the City Building.

Parking in the back lot.  Enter by a side door from the parking lot.  See pictures below.

See you then!

May 17th Meeting

This month, we have rescheduled Greg from Macdepot to visit and discuss the latest Apple gadgets and software.  

Also, due to budget cuts, the meeting room at Fairborn Station #2 is no longer available, so the meeting has been relocated to the Fire Administration Building at 44 West Hebble Ave. in Fairborn.  This is located in the City Building.

Parking in the back lot.  Enter by a side door from the parking lot.  See pictures below.

April 19th Meeting

Meeting this month is at Station #2 in Fairborn.  The station is located at 2200 Commerce Center Blvd, Fairborn, OH 45324, just off the Dayton Yellow Springs exit of I-675.  See the map below.

We'll be discussing programs that go beyond Apple's standard utilities, tools to optimize and enhance your OS.  Examples include Cocktail, Onyx, and several others.  Hope we'll see you there!

2200 Commerce Center Blvd

March 15 Meeting

Beware the Ides of March, come join us instead!  We'll be visited by MacDepot this month, postponed from last month.  We will discuss new products and take a look at Apple's new version of Aperture.  

The meeting this month Is at the Fire Administration Building at 44 West Hebble Ave. in Fairborn.  This is located in the City Building.
Parking in the back lot.  Enter by a side door from the parking lot.  See pictures below.

Yes, we are here!

Website updates are forthcoming (I promise!), but because tonight's meeting has the possibility of being affected by the impending winter weather, please call the new voicemail number we've set up to check the status of the meeting. The phone number is YES-OSX-WORKS (937-679-9675).  Meeting status will be updated by 5pm.

You can also follow us on Twitter at @AppleDayton.

Drive safely!

July 20 meeting

Welcome to July, everyone.  It's time for Summer camp!  No, not the place I'm bringing my 6-year old so that my wife can keep her sanity during summer break, but the kind for us geeks!  

Since everyone's planning their family adventures for the summer, we're going to have our own Digital Imaging Camp this month.  We've already discussed iPhoto a few months back, and we usually get our camera recommendations in the fall, so this month we'll cover the hows and whys of your digital camera, we'll discuss best practices in digital photography, and even some options for getting the best prints for your dollar.  Bring your camera, your cables, and your questions!

See you at the meeting!!

Dan Forshaw
Apple Dayton SIG Leader

June 15 meeting

We all have one of those rooms nobody goes in.  A closet, a spare bedroom, maybe even a basement.  It always there, collecting things that we all KNOW are useful, things we want to keep, but we never get around to opening the door.  

In fact, we all have one of those areas on our Macs, too.  A folder that is always there.  We know it's important, but we never explore it.  Of course, I'm talking about the Utilities Folder.  It's always there in Applications, just waiting for you to check out the riches inside.

So this month, we're going to fix that.  We'll take a good look at the tools that Apple gives us to do more than simply be productive.  We'll explore all the extra Monitors, Assistants, and Utilities you've never thought to ask about.  

We'll also discuss the results of the WWDC announcements last week - new Macs, New OS preview, and new iPhones!  See you Monday!!

Dan Forshaw

May '09 meeting

Due to an unexpected schedule conflict, the May '09 meeting had a presentation on Data Protection & Storage Options from Brad Ditzell.  He gave a great presentation that was enjoyed by all.

Brad can be found at MacTown, located at 8975 Kingsridge Dr, behind the Dayton Mall.

Apple Sweet Tips

Utilities Folder:  System Profiler is a software utility that has been bundled with Mac OS since OS 7.6.
It compiles all of the installed hardware, devices, drivers, applications,etc.

Tip:  Copy all of this information as a pdf file and save on a flash drive or burn on a CD or DVD to have if your computer ever needs repair to help in diagnose problems.

Apple's Line-up

Here's a quick look at Apple's current Product line as of 12/08:


Apple Dayton SIG Calendar

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About the SIG...

Apple-Dayton is a Special Interest Group (SIG) of the Dayton Microcomputer Association (DMA®) that is dedicated to the use of Apple® computers and the Macintosh operating system.

Our meetings feature a variety of speakers, hardware and software demonstrations and problem-solving Q&A sessions in a relaxed, informal atmosphere. Content is aimed at both experienced users and novices, to inform them of the latest developments in Apple® computer, peripheral, and software technologies.

Meetings are held on the third Monday of the month at 7:00 pm at New Horizons Learning Center at 1890 Commerce Center in Fairborn.  They are located behind the Kroger at Dayton-Yellow Springs Rd and I-675.  Their phone number is 937-879-6080.

You don't need to be a member to attend, but if you choose to join, your membership will be welcomed. DMA® dues are $25.00 a year and entitle you to a year's subscription to the DMA® publication "The DataBus" and a membership card that allows you to receive discounts at some area retail locations.

You will also have access to a group of dedicated Mac users who are always willing to listen to your ideas and help solve your problems.

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