2014 Cria

Our first 4 cria were all born safely in 2014.

On the 15th August both Allegra and Alisia were born - amazing in that Jessica was Georges daughter and gave birth to Allegra on the same day as her mother George gave birth to Alisia!

Allegra is a bit of a colour conundrum.  The fleece colour is dark rose grey and has been well placed in fleece shows but she cannot be shown as a rose grey in halter classes because she does not have a white face and bib, so she ends up in brown classes, but despite the white fibers in her coat she still got placed!!

Alisia is a fawn and she did well in first junior halter show.  She is a bit of a prima donna like her mother Georgina!!


The next to arrive was Alexia, Shallah's little brown girl.  Her fleece was not particularly dense in her first year but has improved in her second year.

Last to arrive was Charlottes baby - Alleta. a big bay black girl.  The most inquisitive of our alpacas, she always comes up to say hello and have a sniff.  She also loves to roll in any debris she can find and has earnt the nickname 'Haystack'