Our Alpacas

We started our herd with 4 pregnant females in 2014.

Georgina (Dark Brown)


George is the matriarch of our herd and will tell you off if you get in her way or do something to her babies that she is not happy with, even when they have been weaned!!  George had a little fawn girl in 2014 - Alisia and a white boy in 2016 - Chente

Charlotte (Fawn)


Charlotte is a big strapping girl and is a little feisty.  You can't try and dominate Charlotte but a light hand just to steady her will usually let you get the job done.  But she is often the first to feed from your hand (as long as you don't try and touch her)!  Charlotte had a big bay black girl in 2014 - Alleta and a white boy in 2016 - Cezario.

Within 2 months of arriving, all the girls successfully delivered four baby girls - yes we had 4 out of 4 girls!!  So now we had a herd of 8 girls.  You can see the cria on the 2014 Cria page.

Everything had gone so well that we purchased two more pregnant females at the beginning of 2015.

Nancy ( White)

Nancy is a big girl who is always first to the food trough or to eat out of your hand.  She also has the most amazing fringed ears!!  Unfortunately Nancy aborted her little boy in 2015 but had a lovely white boy - Christo in 2016.

Shallah (Brown)


Shallah is a quiet girl who is not too worried about anything.  Shallah had a brown girl in 2014 - Alexia who is the spitting image of her mother and a light brown boy in 2016 - Chino.

Jessica (White)


Jessica is Georgina's daughter and was one of the most cuddly of our initial herd, but became a bit more distant after she had her first baby.  Jessica had a 'rose grey' girl in 2014 - Allegra.  In 2016 Jessica had a strapping 10kg white boy - Cortez.

Gigi (White)


Gigi is one of our most vocal alpacas - especially at feed time, telling everyone to keep away from her section of the trough!  Gigi had a little girl in 2015 - Benita.  Unfortunately Benita only survived 6 days.  It appears Gigi is not able to nurture her cria and we lost her little girl, Benita in 2016.

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