Alpaca – Fibre of the Gods


Alpaca fibre      is as fine as cashmere, so fine the skin cannot feel individual fibres, so no prickle

Alpaca fibre      has no lanolin like sheep’s wool so no allergic reactions

Alpaca fibre      has very few flat scales on each fibre making it smooth, sheep’s wool has many scales.  So alpaca products are not itchy like                             many sheep products.

        Alpaca fibre      is as strong as silk, so very hard wearing

        Alpaca fibre      is very warm so garments can be much lighter

Alpaca fibre      comes in 22 natural shades from black, through the many shades of brown to almost white and includes various shades of grey

Alpaca fibre      is very luxurious and is used by the top Italian designers for suiting material


All our fibre is from our alpaca’s kept here in the UK on our small farm.  We can name the alpaca that provided the fibre for each product!!  The fibre is either hand spun or processed in British mills specialising in processing alpaca fibre into yarn.  Our garments are hand made by us, some using our own designs, and take from ten to hundreds of hours to create. 


If you don’t see something you like on the products page but would like an alpaca garment please contact us to discuss designs, patterns and colours and we will do our best to create something you will love.