About Us

We are Adam and Julia Berry and live on a small farm in Worcestershire, surrounded by green pastures, woodland and two natural pools.  The farm originated as part of a larger estate with hop yards and apple orchards.  Adam's family planted, managed and harvested new cider apple orchards on part of the land.

We were aware of alpacas and so we started our research.  After a few agricultural and livestock shows, farm open days, and the advice of a local breeder we were smitten.  It wasn't long before our first 4 pregnant females were being delivered, and there the story started...   

Adam had a flock of sheep for many years but sold up just before foot and mouth.  We are both keen horse riders and have owned, bred and competed our own horses, but as the years pass by, our aches and pains take longer to diminish, and we have to accept that our equestrian activities will gradually reduce as we get older.  So the discussions started about what else we could have on the land that would keep the grass down and provide us with a small income without the work and bureaucracy of traditional farm animals.