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Turning VoiceOver On or Off


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Inadvertently turning VoiceOver on is quite a common issue on iOS devices, and this article will walk you through how to turn it off. Or, perhaps you want to turn VoiceOver on but don't know how. VoiceOver is on if you hear a voice speaking items that you tap, and a black box or border appears around the selected item.
How to Navigate While in VoiceOver Mode
As stated in the above screenshot, the controls work as follows:
  • Tapping on any item on the screen will select it, and a black box will appear around the selected object
  • To activate the selected item, double tap on the already-selected field
  • To scroll/navigate, move three fingers up or down the screen
Disable/Enable VoiceOver: Method 1
The simplest way to toggle VoiceOver is by clicking the home button three times. This may not work if your "Triple Click Home" settings have been changed or defaulted. Verify that this has been enabled under Settings > General > Accessibility > Triple-Click Home > Toggle VoiceOver.
Disable/Enable VoiceOver: Method 2
VoiceOver can also be toggled using Settings. If VoiceOver has been enabled, the instructions in the screenshot above will help you navigate. If it has not been currently enabled, a regular one-finger tap and scroll will work fine. So let's go ahead and open the Settings app. Then tap the General menu, then "Accessibility." The top option is VoiceOver, which can be turned off or on.

Disable/Enable VoiceOver: Method 3
VoiceOver and other Accessibility features can also be turned on or off in iTunes on the computer that you normally sync with. Locate your device's name under "DEVICES" in the left-hand pane of iTunes. Click on the device name. This should open a "Summary" tab. Scroll down until you see the Options header, and click "Configure Universal Access."

After that, find the options for "Seeing:" and set to Neither.

Cannot Get Past the Passcode Screen
In order to get into Settings on your device from the lock screen, you will need to enter your passcode if you set one. With VoiceOver on, this can be tricky. First, tap on the "slide to unlock" bar, then double tap it. You will then be asked to enter your passcode. Tap on a letter (or number) to select it, and then double tap on the letter to enter it. If this is not possible, turn VoiceOver off in iTunes as described in Method 3.



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By Anonymous28 on 3/02/13Reply
thank you so much! you saved my life! i could not turn it off

By Anonymous45 on 8/19/13Reply

By Anonymous50 on 9/08/13Reply
I appreciate that fully sighted people may want to know how to deactivate what to them is an unnecessary voice.
A feature such as Voice over is of use to those blind and partially sighted users.
The article should be in words readable with a screen reader to be of use.
Kind regards.
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By Chad Everett on 2/22/14 • Reply
Thank you. That was super creepy

By leonamac2 on 3/02/14 • Reply
Thanks! That saved me...I messed up husbands phone, he wasn't happy!!

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By anonym on 3/07/14 • Reply
Man you made my day!!!
I tried to turn off for over a month......Great.

By just4todey2 on 3/19/14 • Reply
Have dental appointment in morning and phone locked up on me. I rushed to verizon wireless store and they could not fix. Told me phone was broke. Ordered refurbished one. Got home and found your article on my IPad. All is well, phone is still damaged but now I can use it tomorrow!!!!!! Thank you, so much.

Sent from my iPad

By anonym on 7/15/14 • Reply
You made my day!!!! I had been trying to turn VO off for days and it was driving me crazy! Don't have a clue as to how I got in that mess but, am so happy to find your article that helped me to keep my sanity and not throw the iPhone out the window!!!!!

By Porrim on 9/29/14 • Reply
Thank you so, My phoned display stopped working so I'm now operating as a blind user...
This was very helpful!!

By yasminA on 11/22/14 • Reply
I have to comment and let you know that YOU ARE A LIFE SAVER!!!! THE ITUNES STEP WORKED! WOW!! 

By Lynn on 12/02/14 • Reply
Thank you so much. I was very frustrated and these instructions got me back in to my phone and I was able to turn voice over off!  

By Porrnakj on 1/04/15 • Reply
Great; relieved me of so much frustration.

By johnjohn on 1/05/15 • Reply
Additional option, our iPhone 6+ (a test device) accessibility button for VoiceOver got stuck and wouldn't toggle off... after numerous attempts.

Next attempted to tell Siri to turn it off... didn't work originally and Siri just wanted to play Weezer in iTunes.

But then we found that Siri was not officially turned on in settings and upon that switch... we were able to tell Siri to turn off VoiceOver.

Option #4

Hope this is an additional bit of help to you all... it was a struggle this morning here in the office.

in response to johnjohn
By AppleClubSupport on 1/05/15 • Reply
That's another good solution, for users running iOS 7 or later (when the ability to control certain settings via Siri was introduced).

in response to johnjohn
By Pram on 8/02/15 • Reply
Dear John, your #4 solution is perfect, thank you very much!!!

By joeflah on 2/13/15 • Reply
Some how Voice Over on my iPad got turned on and assigned to toggle on triple click of Home button. I've always had Invert Colors assigned to triple click.Was stuck on Passcode screen. I could click the numbers but all that did was cause the device to "speak" them" along with the letters of the fourth digit. Thank you for this article it helped immensely and instantly Thank you!

By Xandro on 3/10/15 • Reply
Thank you so much - why the **** have APPLE created the problem?
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By Savior on 3/23/15 • Reply
Thanks for your help!!!

By A-NO-KNEE-MUSS on 3/27/15 • Reply
The iTunes Solution is BRILLIANT BRILLIANT!!! If anything, I would say don't even waste time with the other first two solutions. Go for this one. It works excellently!

in response to A-NO-KNEE-MUSS
By PKIndia on 3/29/15 • Reply
Thank you so much! I am back from the brink of insanity!

By Downtown Brown on 4/18/15 • Reply
This article was great!  I was able to get use of my IPad in seconds after it was explained in a clear way how IPad acts differently in Voice Over. Thanks so much 👍

By bate on 5/14/15 • Reply
You did save my life.  Thank you very much.

By JamieS on 5/25/15 • Reply
I am soooooo glad I found this article. What a pain in the *** VoiceOver is!!!!I never would've figured out how to get past the passscode screen!!! Thank you so much!

By Mervyn on 5/27/15 • Reply
Phew thanks that helped

By Crow on 6/22/15 • Reply
Excellent advice! Could not get iPad to function after hitting the "voice" function, your assistance was very helpful. Thanks

By Ram kanso on 6/26/15 • Reply
How I can switch off the voiceover on ipad locked screen??

in response to Ram kanso
By AppleClubSupport on 6/30/15 • Reply
There's a section about that at the end of this article.

By chaikikombe on 7/24/15 • Reply
I was going nuts trying to turn voice over off on my Ipad. Then I couldn't even get signed back on with the password numbers. Your article was great with several ways to get this turned off. Now I can enjoy the rest of my day. Thank you so much.

By Joseffi on 7/27/15 • Reply
Omg thank you so much u made my day :-)

By Josephine on 8/07/15 • Reply
This was SO helpful.
My gratitude is immense!

By VisuallyImpairedM on 8/14/15 • Reply
Just use Siri. She can shut off VO.

By JohnnySong on 8/23/15 • Reply
The ITunes solution worked for me. The Iphone 6 plus was totally locked. I could not even power it off. Displayed was a pop-up that displayed 'Importance', 'cancel' or 'select'. I could not close that popup. Voice over would speak cancel or select, but nothing would work until I connected the IPhone to my PC and used Itunes to turn off Voice Over. Thank you.

By lifesaver4voiceover on 8/30/15 • Reply
If you have a password on your iPhone and voice over is activated: touch the password number until a square appears around the desired number and then touch number 2 times. Repeat for each number in password, but make sure the square appears around the number first. Once your iphone is unlocked depress your home button until siri responds and say "disable voice over". Works like a charm! Best of luck to you!

By Don'thaveone on 9/07/15 • Reply
The F........ING B.E.S.T. Better that Apple; thank u so much

By Althesandie on 9/24/15 • Reply
This fixed my wifes phone immediately. Many thanks for the time and effort put in by yourself.

By GEORGIA KATZ on 10/14/15 • Reply

By abbyapple12 on 12/05/15 • Reply
I am team apple all the way, but when something like this happens it makes me mad!! This helped a lot though! The key is patience.

By Krista on 12/28/15 • Reply
Your article helped a bunch and I absolutely loved it thank u so much if I could give u more than five stars I would. 😊🐕💼👕

By TJFPHX on 1/08/16 • Reply
Oh My ****!! THANK-YOU so very much, never even knew about triple home screen to toggle, yet alone it activating my on & off voice over!! I was so frustrated as I kept going to settings & the option was OFF! Your explanation resolved my issue!!!

By Hilde on 1/12/16 • Reply
I have been racking my brain for three days now trying to figure out how the voiceover overtook my ipad!!! Then I found this and read through it a few times and tried method 2 and by a miracle it WORKED!!!! Yeah, thank you, thank you!!!

By Ventures56 on 2/03/16 • Reply
Great article! First time this happened to me I lost a few dollars to someone who claimed to be a technician ! This time around I had to find my way around it without having to spend any money! Thanks for all your contributions ! My iPhone is back to life!!!!

By boomer on 2/25/16 • Reply
excellent and easy advice.

By DrG on 4/02/16 • Reply
Extremely perplexed... Assumed major defect but fortunately Googled until I zeroed in on topic.... You saved my bacon.... THX

By noone on 4/20/16 • Reply
Very Good!

By Enryq on 8/10/16 • Reply
My Apple Watch is on voice over mode how can I turn it off? Plz help 😥

in response to Enryq
By AppleClubSupport on 8/11/16 • Reply
You do this from the iPhone your Apple Watch is paired with: Go to Watch > General > Accessibility > VoiceOver OFF. In other words, follow Method 2 listed in this article, but do it from the Watch app instead of the Settings app.