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Taking a Screenshot: iOS and Mac

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This article will tell you how to take a screenshot, both on iOS and on a Mac.

Screenshots on iOS
To take a screenshot on an iOS device (iPod touch, iPad and iPhone), simply press then release the home button and the power/sleep button at the same time. These buttons do not need to be held down for long, just a simple press and release. If it is not working, you may be holding the buttons down for too long, or not exactly at the same time. The screen should flash white and there should be a camera shutter sound (if the volume is on) to indicate a successful screenshot. Open the Photos app and tap Camera Roll to view the screenshot.

Screenshots on Macintosh
To take a screenshot on a Mac, three keys need to be held down at the same time:

  • Command  + Shift + 4
    • A new bullseye-like cursor will appear, and you can drag to select the area of the screen for the screenshot
  • Command  + Shift + 3
    • This will take a screenshot of the entire screen
  • Command  + Shift + 6
    • This will take a screenshot of the Touch Bar on the MacBook Pro (Late 2016 and later)
    • Requires macOS 10.12.2 or later

To take a screenshot of a specific application's window, press Command  + Shift + 4. After these buttons are released, press the space bar, and the cursor should look like a camera. Now, just click on the desired window and the window will be captured.

All screenshots are saved to the desktop.

Grab Utility
If you prefer not to use the keyboard shortcuts, there is a Mac utility called Grab that accomplishes the same thing. To access it, open Finder. Then select the "Go" menu, then select Utilities.
From there, you can find "Grab," and double click to launch it. Once in Grab, go to the Capture menu, and select the type of screenshot you want (the window, the whole screen, etc).

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By Nafis on 1/29/16 • Reply
Great guide!
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By kriskraft on 7/27/16 • Reply
This was the first article I selected from my search and if answered all of my questions. Finally, a site for the basics with simple to understand answers. This is the kind of information you might ask an office mate if you had one. Thank you

By SoulSnow on 10/25/16 • Reply
At first it took me a moment or two to figure it out, but once I've figured out the whole process from the beginning of how the function works with it making a camera sound when it takes the picture to finding the screenshot on the desktop (I'm talking about the Mac version, to be more specific, because that is the one that I used to take the screenshot). I find this article to be quite helpful and hope that it will (most likely conveniently because that's what happened with me) help people (if they are able to, that is) use this function in the near or distant future. 🙂