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Apple ID: Resetting Forgotten Security Questions

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If you have forgotten the answers to your security questions, follow the steps in this article to reset them.

First, go to Underneath where it says "Already have an Apple ID?," click Manage your Account. You will then need to sign in. If you forgot your Apple ID or password, click on the appropriate "Forgot..." link below either of these fields.

After you sign in, click on "Passwords and Security" on the left.

You will be asked to answer the security questions, but you should also notice a link below the second "Answer" field offering to send reset instructions to your rescue email address that you provided.

Check the Inbox of your rescue email address. The email should appear within a minute or two. If it does not, be sure to check Spam. If it is not there either, you can repeat the above process to resend. Once you get the email, the top portion of the email should look like this:

Following the link will take you to a page where you must sign in again. After doing so, you will have the option to choose three new security questions and answers, which you may want to write down .

After you fill in the required information and continue, you should be taken to a confirmation screen stating "Your password and security information has been saved," and then you are done.

Forgot Answers Link does not Appear
The "Forgot your answers?" link will not appear if you do not have a rescue email address set up. In that case you will need to contact iTunes Support, as described below, or get a support PIN. If you still know the answers to your security questions, it is highly recommended you add a rescue email address. To do so, log in at and click on Password and Security. Answer the questions and then click on "Add Rescue Email Address:"

If you have forgotten the answers and did not set up a rescue email address, you will need to contact iTunes Support. You can do so at:

You can also call Apple Support. To contact the Account Security department directly, click here, then click Apple ID account security, and finally click "Talk to Apple Support Now."

Temporary Support PIN
On the screen where you are prompted for your security questions, you may see the below option towards the lower left of the screen:

This will give you a PIN number which you tell the support representative when you call Apple Support. This will help speed up the process. They will still request additional information to confirm you are the account owner. Then, they can reset your questions from their end.

NOTE: If you do not want to worry about remembering your security questions, we recommend Enabling Two-Step Verification for your Apple ID.

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Comments (15):

By Anonymous21 on 1/03/13Reply
this does not work the "forgot the answer?" option is not there :(

in response to Anonymous21
By AppleClubSupport on 1/03/13Reply
Did you refer to the "Forgot Answers Link does not Appear" section at the end?

in response to AppleClubSupport
By 234567 on 1/20/15 • Reply
i have the same problem the link that says 'forgot answers' is not visable on any of my devices and cannot get answers from Apple support

in response to 234567
By barbaraconstantinou on 1/29/15 • Reply
forgot answers for security question is not an option for me when i try to reset my security question

what do i do???

in response to thien
By thien on 2/08/16 • Reply
same here it does not show up the change security question

in response to AppleClubSupport
By Maing on 5/06/16 • Reply
Same here to me. And I didn't set up rescue email. Try to get a call from support but there is no support services for my country. I'm from Myanmar (Burma). 

By Anonymous25 on 1/22/13 • Reply
How do I reset my security questions if I am locked out of iTunes and the App Store

By Anonymous46 on 8/22/13Reply
Thank you for the info but I can not get this to work. Think I must call support.

Sent from my iPad

By Fawaz on 2/11/15 • Reply
which email id ??

By Lyss23 on 8/24/15 • Reply
I forgot my password to my rescue email. Does anyone know how to change the rescue email??

By Me on 11/08/15 • Reply
They won't send me the email though

By Hsksjahav on 2/02/16 • Reply
I fight the security comfermation questions any idea how to find them

By Erfan ayubi on 2/07/16 • Reply
please help me
i can't change my security questions .i forgot answer security questions

By Timinftl on 8/27/16 • Reply
After almost 20 years of using apple products I
Finally had to ask support for help with a problem.
Absolutely the finest tech help ever ! ! !

By Sulaiman on 9/28/16 • Reply
Hi, I forgot my answers to the security questions, I was given an option to receive some digit code on my Iphone, I clicked over it but never received them. I am not unable to change the security questions and can not change any other information as well. I also can not make my first purchase :( Meanwhile, I bought my phone in Dubai and use it now in Afghanistan. Help me please