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Home Screen: Missing App Store, FaceTime, iTunes or Other Icon


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If your iOS device's App Store, FaceTime or other built-in app's icon is missing from the home screen, there are a couple of things you can try. If you are having trouble with a third party app (one downloaded from the App Store), skip to this section.

If you have set restrictions on your device, this may cause an app to not appear on your home screen. You can check restrictions by going to Settings > General > Restrictions.

Before   After

Make sure that all of the below items are "Allowed" in the Restrictions menu in Settings. If any are in the "OFF" position, it is restricted and won't appear on your home screen. This applies for the following apps:
NOTE: YouTube will not appear in Restrictions in iOS 6 or later, as it is no longer a built-in app.

Reset Home Screen Layout
If the app in question is not restricted, the other option is to reset the layout of your home screen. Note that in doing so, all apps will be rearranged. Pre-installed apps will return to their original layout, and downloaded apps will be organized in alphabetical order. You can rearrange them afterwards.

Moving on, you can go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Home Screen Layout. The device will pop up a warning since it wants to make sure you don't reset on accident.

After doing this, your missing icon(s) should reappear, and you can begin reorganizing your apps.

If the app still doesn't appear, take your device in to Apple. Another possibility is that iOS has undergone unauthorized modifications, just one reason jailbreaking is a bad idea. Under these circumstances Apple will not help. More info and unjailbreak instructions are available here.

Missing FaceTime App
You may have tried the above suggestions and still do not see the FaceTime app. One possibility is that you have an iPhone. FaceTime is not an app on the iPhone unless you are running iOS 7 or later. Instead, it is accessed under the Contacts app, by selecting a contact. By scrolling to the bottom of the contact, you should see a FaceTime button. This applies to iOS 6 and earlier; in iOS 7, there is a FaceTime icon on the home screen for iPhone. 

Another possibility is that the device was purchased in a country where FaceTime is restricted, like many Middle Eastern countries. If purchased in one such country, there is no way to add FaceTime, even if you move to a country where it is not restricted. You would need a device that originated from a country where it is allowed. Also, if you reside in a country where it is banned, but purchase an iPhone that was imported, you will not be able to use it while in that country once you insert a local SIM card.

Also make sure you have a compatible device. Only the iPhone 4 and later, iPod touch (4th generation) and later, and iPad 2 and later have FaceTime (since they have front-facing cameras).

If you have an app that you downloaded from the App Store that does not appear on the home screen, but also cannot be reinstalled from the App Store (if it displays "Installed" or "Open"), there are a couple other techniques to try. One is to try to make more room on the home screen by grouping apps into folders. In iOS 6 and earlier, the home screen is limited to 11 pages, including the first page which usually contains the built-in apps. Any apps installed after the limit is reached will not appear on the home screen, but can still be accessed by Spotlight Search. We recommend grouping apps into folders in order to free up room for more icons on the home screen. For instructions on creating folders, see: Deleting, Rearranging and Grouping Apps.

If this is not the case, meaning you have not reached the limit of home screen icons but an app still does not appear, there is one other thing to try. Go to Settings > General > Usage (called "Storage & iCloud Usage" in iOS 9 and later). Wait for the information under the "Storage" section to load. See if the app(s) in question are listed there. If they are, tap on it, then tap "Delete App" on the next screen. You should now be able to reinstall the app from the App Store.


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Comments (103):

By Anonymous38 on 7/01/13 • Reply
Exactly what I needed to retrieve my FaceTime, Thanks.

By Anonymous58 on 10/23/13 • Reply
After spending all evening with every thread I could find trying to retrieve my App Store app, this article told me to reset home screen and VOILA!!!!!

Sent from my fabulous new iPad

By elizagib on 3/21/14 • Reply
Thanks! After upgrading my iPhone 4s's operating system, my app store icon and app icons disappeared. The reset the homepage brought them all back.

By Sboldt39 on 4/01/14 • Reply
Thanks for the correct advice, didn't realize it would remove the App Store icon if I put a restriction with a password needed for app downloads

By GrammyEgg on 4/29/14 • Reply
Yes! Reset Home Screen Layout brought back my Apps Store Icon. Thanks!

By ograised951 on 5/06/14 • Reply
Omg yessss!!! Was ready to blow a GASKET trying to figure this out!! Thank u, thank, THANK U!!!

By chiktionary on 5/27/14 • Reply
After months of frustration and trawling articles for a solution, this site provided exactly the solution I needed. Thanks heaps!

By David on 5/28/14 • Reply
Did not work!  My Google icon is still missing. [Edited by moderator]

in response to David
By AppleClubSupport on 5/29/14 • Reply

Hi David, 
This article focuses on what to do if a built-in app goes missing from the home screen, and does not cover third-party apps. But thank you for the feedback, we might add a section about that.

in response to AppleClubSupport
By johnsonjohnson on 2/13/15 • Reply

thank you for adding the section on 3rd party apps! helped me get skype back so i can talk to my family!!

By mumtazrizvi on 6/21/14 • Reply
I tried all the suggestions, advices as well but still unable to get back my FaceTime. I have Iphone 4. It was purchased in the United States and I am using it in Pakistan. The FaceTime was pre installed but a loss today suddenly it disappeared. What to do now...? Your any kind of help in this regard is badly needed. Please do something...!!!

With sincere regards

in response to mumtazrizvi
By mumtazrizvi on 6/21/14 • Reply

I am very much thankful to you for your kind and prompt reply.
Now I understand the actual point. It wasn't banned until morning I assumed. Thanks
Any way.

With best regards

in response to mumtazrizvi
By Atika on 6/28/14 • Reply

Wat u did coz I have lost too 😕

in response to mumtazrizvi
By Yousaf on 7/06/14 • Reply

My iPhone 4s is delete facetime I need download and install facetime for my phone in Pakistan 

in response to Yousaf
By AppleClubSupport on 7/06/14 • Reply

Hi Yousaf,
For some users in Pakistan, it seems that a recent carrier update removed FaceTime. See this link for an explanation and what to do:

By Tskmurthy1 on 7/29/14 • Reply
Pore set googal icon in my iPad

By MarkoAD on 7/29/14 • Reply
BRILLIANT! Thank you so much for this. This is incredibly useful information, and conveyed in a clear and informative manner! 

By Dewottdede101 on 8/18/14 • Reply
It didn't work for me 😕

By No name on 8/19/14 • Reply

By artsmart on 9/01/14 • Reply
wonderful! clear and effective

By Daniel on 10/12/14 • Reply
Thanks resetting the home screen layout brought the app store icon back.

By jagadeesan on 10/19/14 • Reply
Missing app FaceTime on my iPad air
How i get FaceTime on my iPad air

By Jenxo77 on 10/20/14 • Reply
thank you that resetting my apps worked 😊😊

By Lu on 11/05/14 • Reply
Thanks!!! 😊

By mikelozo on 11/10/14 • Reply

Thanks. You fixed my problem of missing app icons by my removing restrictions.

By Jean on 11/15/14 • Reply
Thank you very much
It worked in one click :-))

By Sean donnelly on 12/29/14 • Reply
I have an iphone 6 and i live in ireland
On meteor network but the facetime app is not on the phone
I have searched restrictions and searched the phone but not their, can anyone help me get the app please

in response to Sean donnelly
By AppleClubSupport on 12/29/14 • Reply
Hi Sean,
Did you also try going to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Home Screen Layout?

in response to AppleClubSupport
By Sean donnelly on 12/29/14 • Reply
Yes tried it there
Facetime is not even in my settings 

in response to Sean donnelly
By AppleClubSupport on 12/29/14 • Reply
Was FaceTime ever on your phone? Where did you buy the phone?

in response to AppleClubSupport
By Sean donnelly on 12/29/14 • Reply
Facetime was on the phone the day i got it but never wanted to use it and then wen i did want to use it , it just disappeared. Got it from a present this christmas was originally bought from an apple store 

in response to Sean donnelly
By AppleClubSupport on 12/29/14 • Reply
At this point I would recommend restoring your phone; see iOS: Backing Up and Restoring Data.

By LEE on 1/05/15 • Reply
This saved me so much grief. I love playing with gadgets. I unknowingly turned something important off. Now it is back on.
Thank you so much.

By fm339 on 1/22/15 • Reply
Thank you so much for posting this "Missing Apps" article. After weeks of searching for answers to the mysterious disappearance of one built-in app (and then another one went MIA yesterday) this article truly helped. I do not know how the restrictions were switched on especially for one of my favorite apps because I use it everyday. 

By tomo'd on 2/05/15 • Reply
Went on my Iphone and noticed ITune app was mising, somehow my ITune app got restricted, I don't remember ever being on that page but you cleared it up for me, I appreciate it.

By Dr Patel on 3/03/15 • Reply
i received this ipad4 Air Retina Display as a gift from Kenya where it is not restricted My brother in law gave it to me . He also has the same one and get Facetime So why I don't ?

By Bhotzki on 3/08/15 • Reply
I buy iphone 5S here at doha, qatar. then left it for my wife in philippines after my vacation. I guess Facetime was deleted same as other. she did all your comments and suggestions but still she cant find it.
Reseting home screen bring app on its original position only. Please advise.
Thanks and best regards.

in response to Bhotzki
By Uber Anonymous on 4/17/15 • Reply
I have the same problem. iPhone 6+ Bought in Qatar.
FaceTime APP appears on home screen with Qatari SIM in (in Qatar and in UK and elsewhere)
- When I put my "3 UK" SIM card in (in the UK! and elsewhere) - no FaceTime APP !!
Put the UK sim in the phone - no FaceTime again, take it out and out the 3 sim in - FaceTime APP DISSAPEARS AGAIN.
Any Ideas? Tried all of the above except restore (not in same country as my computer with iTunes on it - Help !

By Embrooklit02 on 4/02/15 • Reply
This didn't work for me when I go to restriction my app Store content is whites out like it's locked?

in response to Embrooklit02
By AppleClubSupport on 4/02/15 • Reply
If Restrictions are grayed out, then they are not enabled and are not responsible for your missing App Store icon. Try one of the other suggestions in this article, like resetting the home screen layout.

By Moonwalker6087 on 4/11/15 • Reply
Good day, I bougth an iphone 5s 32G in Qatar which has Facetime and imessage, but when I went to my country Philipines and put on a local sim, the face time icon disappeared. and when I returned back the Qatar Sim the facetime icon reappeared.

How to activate facetime using the local sim here in the Philippines?

Thank you

in response to Moonwalker6087
By Uber Anonymous on 4/17/15 • Reply
Exactly the same problem here.
Qatari sim shows FaceTime when in phone, "3 UK" SIM in the phone and the APP dissappears. In doesn't matter which country I am in - FT APP dissapears with the UK SIM card in it and reappears with the Qatari SIM in it.
- Pretty sure FaceTime isn't banned in the UK !
Is it a 3 UK carrier setting problem? 
How to fix this? Thanks in Advance.

in response to Moonwalker6087
By Maverick on 5/07/15 • Reply
me too. My husband bought iphone 5s in qatar and facetime is working there,but when he gave it to me and i put smart sim, facetime disappears, but everytime he inserted his qatar sim, facetime appear again.. What seems to be the problem?? Please help

in response to Maverick
By iPhone junkie on 1/15/16 • Reply
any idea how to fix this issue? I face the same "qatari" problem

By Bob the dinosaur on 4/12/15 • Reply
Woah me and my friend took ages to figure out how to get FaceTime on her iPad and then I saw this. Thanks so much amazing!

By Ajay on 4/15/15 • Reply
Sir my name is ajay i have a iphone 5 but there is no face time show on screen but face time show in a notification 

By BeverlyM on 4/16/15 • Reply
I tried all of the above but still haven't been able to retrieve FaceTime 
The device was purchased in Kuwait and initially came with FaceTime but I happened to delete it :/ 
Will formatting my phone solve the problem?

By maryookdeep1 on 4/25/15 • Reply
I do not have settings on my Iphone4,   I do not have an Ipone4S.
I was trying to reset my ringtone.  I had it several months back.

By Chambers on 5/14/15 • Reply
Thank you so Much I was going nuts trying to find my itunes app V helpful

By almuzyien on 5/22/15 • Reply
Great helpful

By wanna18 on 5/28/15 • Reply
The second recommendation-to reset home screen layout-worked perfectly.

By HAZE12341 on 5/31/15 • Reply
This ***** major ******** it has a password on it

By Cajun83 on 6/16/15 • Reply
my ipad air does not have a facetime icon however, i can see it in the notification field. This was a gift from my mother from Switzerland, and probably facetime is restricted or whatever. Is there a way to be able to use it? Or "unrestrict" it?

in response to Cajun83
By Claire on 9/16/15 • Reply
My iphone as well. The exact complaint you have. This is gift from my sister. She's from kuwait..

By toni on 6/26/15 • Reply
I tried all from above but App Store icon and other third-party app still missing.Any other solution?

By frogonoboe on 6/26/15 • Reply
Exactly what I needed. Thank you

By Granny on 7/03/15 • Reply
Thanks!!! It helped me so much

By Darlene on 7/06/15 • Reply
My google icon is missing from my home page on my iphone

in response to Darlene
By Rita Kardon on 9/11/16 • Reply
There is no Google icon on my new gift iPad Air that was a gift from my son with fingerprint recognition.

in response to Rita Kardon
By AppleClubSupport on 9/11/16 • Reply
There is not supposed to be a Google icon on a new iPad. Google has no affiliation with Apple, and their apps are not included with iOS. Just like any other third-party app, you will need to open the App Store and download the Google app.

By Michelle Tai on 7/16/15 • Reply
I do not understand how to go Settings > General > Restrictions
because the settings is also DISAPPEARED
how to go settings????!!!!!

in response to Michelle Tai
By AppleClubSupport on 7/16/15 • Reply
Try accessing the Settings app using Spotlight Search (just type in "settings").

in response to AppleClubSupport
By hup on 11/04/15 • Reply
Settings doesnt appear when i search for them, is there another way?

By coilasims on 7/20/15 • Reply
My contacts app is missing. I believe it must have happened after the last update. I have tried the reset Home Screen Layout and it did not solve the issue.
C Sims

By Rahul on 7/23/15 • Reply
Thanks a lot !

By Tealadymay on 7/30/15 • Reply
Thanks solved my problem instantly!

By mieke on 8/13/15 • Reply
this article help a lot thanks again

By Jessica on 8/30/15 • Reply
One day I wake up and my FaceTime and App Store are missing! I need to get them back for school reasons I did all these and it still isn't there

By finduk on 9/07/15 • Reply
I've read many many posts about this. All failed solving the issue. Thanks a lot for this, it was driving me crazy!

By Ella Warden on 9/24/15 • Reply
Great advice, easy to follow.

By JMB on 9/28/15 • Reply
iPhone 4s; Lost iTunes and App Store icons on either iOS 9.0 or 9.0.1 upgrade. This article finally help me gain them back. One of the iOS upgrades set my "Restrictions" to both apps to the "OFF" position. Thanks Apple iOS developers for wasting several hours of my time. More thanks to Apple Club for helping me.

By stempro on 10/02/15 • Reply
Very straightforward and easy to follow. Resetting the Home Screen did the trick for me.

By hollywoodundead❤️ on 10/11/15 • Reply
This helped me get my settings app back. Thanks!

By Vikram on 10/23/15 • Reply
Missing App Store from the home screen reappeared after resetting the Homescreen as suggested in this article--Thanks a lot

By Mrbobk on 10/29/15 • Reply
Very straightforward and easy to follow. Resetting the Home Screen did the trick for me.

By seaside on 11/08/15 • Reply
Worked perfectly after nearly pulling out my hair!! Thank you!!

By confused on 11/12/15 • Reply
Thank you, I found my lost app store.

By PC Guy on 11/21/15 • Reply
worked...thank you!

By Smileynerdgirl350 on 11/21/15 • Reply

By Mark on 11/25/15 • Reply
Well, that was easy and accurate!!!!!!

By Error on 12/12/15 • Reply
I have an iPhone four with iOS 7.1.2. I tried both things to get back the App Store, calculator, FaceTime, camera app, etc. and it did not work. What do I do now?
[Edited by moderator]

By Jjcastillo on 12/29/15 • Reply
Awesome , Get AppStore Back on my homescreen

By Robin on 1/05/16 • Reply
You rock! Tried the first item and it worked

By Jennyfer on 1/11/16 • Reply
O app iTunes Store tinha sumido do meu iPhone. Depois das instruções expostas neste artigo, consegui ter o app novamente. Foi de grande ajuda, obrigada!!!

By Kmeier56 on 1/22/16 • Reply
Exactly the instructions I needed to figure out my new iphone. Thanks!

By spshlk4 on 2/06/16 • Reply
Exactly what. i needed to fix a friend's messed up phone!

By Cupcake on 2/15/16 • Reply
...Well I Tried To Reset Home Screen...No...Didn't Work...And For Restrictions...It Was On Or Enter Restictions PW...And Turn Off...And I Have No RPW...;{ I Don't Know How To...😓😰

By MNW on 2/15/16 • Reply
Very helpful and informative, well done!

By ella francis on 2/26/16 • Reply
the "settings" icon from my ipad mini has also been deleted along with app store and other items what do i do ?

By emblyon on 2/28/16 • Reply
when i woke up yesterday, at least 2 of my apps had disappeared and there was no trace left in storage. one could be reinstalled, however the icloud data was missing so all of my contents were gone! the other doesn't even appear in the app store because it was an older ap that the publisher removed. so all that data is gone. 

ive tried the recovery options that were suggested but none worked 🙁

By Anonymous on 3/04/16 • Reply
Thanks a lot.. The below suggestion helped me get back my missing app. You are a Star!! 

"Go to Settings > General > Usage (called "Storage & iCloud Usage" in iOS 9 and later). Wait for the information under the "Storage" section to load. See if the app(s) in question are listed there. If they are, tap on it, then tap "Delete App" on the next screen. You should now be able to reinstall the app from the App Store."

By angad on 3/19/16 • Reply
ihave iphone 4 its is from dubai should its facetime icon appears or not. but it is show in notification center

By Paula on 4/14/16 • Reply
Incredible! I was able to fix the issue in a few minutes and yet I have been trying find an answer to this issue in Google for over a month.

By sm on 5/02/16 • Reply
Awesome! I reset my home screen even though I was scared it would do more than the article said it did...but it worked! And nothing even really changed because I didn't do much rearranging in the first place. All that happened was I got my Uber app back so I didn't have to keep opening it from the App Store! Thank you!!!!

By Lady Dunans on 5/02/16 • Reply
Brilliant......totally informed on how to get my apps on the home screen

By Zaigham on 5/13/16 • Reply
FaceTime is not appearing under setting however it's available under notifications.
I tried everything you suggested but unable to retrieve FaceTime icon, I am using iPhone 6s in Sweden.
Please help. Thanks

By Fidyman on 6/03/16 • Reply
I am a new apple user then finding this kind of blogs save time and MY LIFE!!!

By lyl on 6/13/16 • Reply
Brilliant. I had lost my Apple App Store and not having it meant I couldn't download any apps. I tried numerous ways of downloading it and nothing worked until I stumbles across this article and it worked by going into settings, general and restrictions. Heavens knows how it occurred in the first place. Good news is it worked - yeah

By Gopichand on 7/05/16 • Reply
hi i was using the iphone 6 i was unable to get the facetime in my mobile i was unable to see the app in the settings also plz anyone can slove my issue of the facetime

By charetti on 9/03/16 • Reply
Your advice to "Reset Home Screen" brought my Photos app back. Thank You!!!!!

By Anesu Emmanuels on 9/13/16 • Reply
you have helped me ooh yeah

By Kellygirl on 9/17/16 • Reply
Thank you so much for this article! What a lifesaver. I put on restrictions when my niece was using my phone and forgot all about it. YOU ROCK!

By ram on 9/19/16 • Reply
thanks a ton mate.. was really helpful..😎✌🏻️