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iOS 6 Maps: Reporting a Problem


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A few iOS 6 users have said they are experiencing issues with Maps after updating to iOS 6.0. This update replaces Google's Maps with Apple's own Maps and offers new features like turn-by-turn spoken directions and Flyover. For those who are experiencing incorrect data in Maps, the best way to help Apple fix this is to "Report a Problem." Later updates such as iOS 6.0.1 (as of now, not yet released or announced) should substantially improve Maps but for now, just report a problem.

How Do I Report a Problem?
To find how to report a problem, first tap in the lower right corner when you are in the Maps app, where it looks like the page's corner is folded.

In the menu you are given, above the Drop Pin and Print buttons, you will find a link for "Report a Problem" which you will need to tap on.

What Do I Include in my Report?
You will be able to specify the type of report, such as missing location, incorrectly labeled location, incorrect directions, and more. On the next screen you can provide additional comments. Finally, the "Send" button in the upper right should light up blue, meaning that your report is ready to be sent.

How Long does it Take for my Report to be Implemented?
It will take some time for your report to be accounted for and added to the Maps app. No specific amount of time can be provided as it will vary based on the number of reports ahead of yours, and other factors. If you do not see it fixed in a few weeks, it will not hurt to submit your report again.

Overall, many users are enjoying the Maps app, and if it is not satisfactory for you, the best solution is to work with Apple to make it better, and you can do so by reporting a problem.

 The Maps icon in iOS 6 slightly differs from the Google Maps icon in iOS 5 and prior versions

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