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iTunes for Windows: Missing .dll File

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Some Windows users running iTunes encounter a message stating that the file "MSVCR80.dll" is missing after updating iTunes, specifically version 11.1.4. This article will walk through the steps needed to get rid of this error, and other errors related to .dll files.

NOTE: The current iTunes available for download from Apple's website should no longer have the MSVCR80.dll issue.

Remove Apple Components
First, open Control Panel. Navigate to "Programs," then "Programs and Features" (called "Add or Remove Programs" on Windows XP). Remove the following Apple software in this exact order:
  • iTunes
  • Apple Software Update
  • Apple Mobile Device Support (AMDS)
  • Bonjour
  • Apple Application Support

Note that no media should be lost by deleting the iTunes application.

NOTE: Some users report difficulties uninstalling the Apple Mobile Device Support. In this case, see here.

Reinstall iTunes
After you have removed the above software, restart your computer. Then you can reinstall iTunes from
NOTE: Be sure to run the installer from a user account with administrator privileges. If you are not in an administrator account, right click on the iTunes installer and click "Run as Administrator."

This should get iTunes back up and running. No data will be lost during this process.

If you Have not Updated yet
Update iTunes using Apple Software Update. It is only the download from the iTunes for Windows download webpage in certain browsers that seems to have this issue. As mentioned above, iTunes 11.1.5 for Windows no longer has this issue, nor should any later version; you should have no problems downloading from the website either, if you have not already downloaded iTunes 11.1.4.

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Comments (72):

By Marshall on 1/26/14 • Reply
Worked great! Thanks for posting!!

By deborahfromrockville on 1/26/14 • Reply
This solution works!

By LVSzych on 1/27/14 • Reply
Thank you Apple Club for your article - - which helped me fix the MSVCR80.DLL error I encountered after updating iTunes. 

By JacksonKellyEMG81-60 on 1/27/14 • Reply
It worked fine thank you!

By Jesse on 1/27/14 • Reply
Thanks! Very helpful - not even the Apple site was as quick as you!

By pqedmundo on 1/27/14 • Reply
Worked like a charm. So very thankful. 

By Nix77 on 1/28/14 • Reply
This also worked for me, unfortunately the bug in this update appears to have also affected MS Outlook 2010 on Windows 7. Until this update Outlook opened in 15 seconds or less, now it takes over a minute.

By Buzman on 1/28/14 • Reply
This only worked when instead of downloading and clicking "Run" I clicked "save" then found the download and was able to right click and "run as administrator".  Other times it would not install correctly.

Also, uninstalling Apple Mobile Device Support from Control Panel was a real struggle.

...Sent from my iPad

in response to Buzman
By LesSpicy on 1/31/14 • Reply
How did you resolve the struggle to uninstall AMDS?

By rayduprez on 1/29/14 • Reply
Thank you so much !! I was able to reinstall & looks like no music or other media is missing : ) 

By Airborne Daddy on 1/29/14 • Reply
Worked like a dream!!!!! Thanks for the info.......

By arcadia1967 on 1/29/14 • Reply
thank you !

By KWW on 1/30/14 • Reply
Worked like a charm.Thanks!!!

By jerzgirlnfl on 1/30/14 • Reply
Thanks, it worked!! So relieved....much appreciated.

By Rickbo27 on 1/30/14 • Reply
It took me 3 attempts but I -tunes is now working, thanks for the advice.

By robyn314 on 1/30/14 • Reply
Worked perfectly, even though AMDS wouldn't uninstall. Thanks!

By BusyBear on 1/31/14 • Reply
Excellent ... Thank you Thank you Thank you :)

By Pattipoos on 1/31/14 • Reply
Brilliant - Step 3 AMDS omitted, and worked fine.

By mali.nic on 1/31/14 • Reply
Follow this instruction and your problem w/ MSVCR80 will be resolved – it worked for me!!!

By happy on 2/01/14 • Reply
Itunes works again, thanks!

By Agape7 on 2/01/14 • Reply
Great! The procedure worked for me. Phew!


By Lc92684 on 2/01/14 • Reply
It worked like a charm!!! Thank you!!!

By Lori on 2/01/14 • Reply
Thank you so much!!!!!!! This worked GREAT!!!!!!! 

By stang-vista on 2/01/14 • Reply
Brilliant! This worked. Although I couldn't uninstall AMDS it still worked. I was concerned that I would lose some of my downloads when I re-installed 'iTunes' but nothing was lost!! Thanks so much for your advice.

By keseidel on 2/01/14 • Reply
Fixed my problem. Much appreciated! Been going in circles until I realized it was the update that caused the problem! !

By Tak on 2/01/14 • Reply
Excellent procedure to fix the problem.

By jhb1501 on 2/02/14 • Reply
Excellent procedure, so reassuring to know someone knows what they are doing, keep up the good work.

By pcdwarf on 2/02/14 • Reply
solved my problem, thank's !

By JackMant on 2/02/14 • Reply
Absolute hero! I tried following the apple support page to no avail and then you saved my bacon with this! Thought I'd lost 7500+ Songs!!

Thanks very much.

By 6DS71 on 2/02/14 • Reply
Praise God! For it worked! Thank you Jesus. Thank you. God bless you.

By buib7 on 2/02/14 • Reply
Thank you so much. I have wasted ages on this. With your guidance, I am now up & running again. Brilliant!!

By ben on 2/02/14 • Reply
Thanks, great it worked!

By Nikki on 2/02/14 • Reply
Fantastic....sorted no problem.  Thought it was my laptop playing up. Thank you!

Sent from my iPad

By holdme55 on 2/02/14 • Reply
Thanks for this VERY VERY helpful fix to my iTunes install issues, it worked GREAT ! I'm glad I finally found a site with the correct


By Kimberly on 2/02/14 • Reply
Awesome instructions, it worked perfectly, thank you so much!

By Dani Goldsberry on 2/02/14 • Reply
This worked perfectly. I was getting really frustrated, typed in the MSVCR80.dll, this popped up and BAM.. fixed everything!

By B Somers on 2/02/14 • Reply
Wouldn't it be better if Apple were to fix the defective installation program?

By Michelle on 2/02/14 • Reply
Thank You Apple Club!

I did research on this problem. I didn't realize what caused the problems I was having. I am not tech savvy. So, After the panic, I remembered iTunes updated.

I did have difficulty uninstalling the Apple Mobile Device Support (AMDS). I rebooted and tried to install iTunes. It didn't work because of the AMDS still on.

Next I started from the beginning: I uninstalled the 5 components of Apple as directed. This time AMDS did uninstall. I installed the ITunes. My music and other downloads are there. I have not used Outlook to determine if this was effected as mentioned in another post.

By Slawek on 2/03/14 • Reply
Thanks a lot. Really helpful.

By Ardith on 2/03/14 • Reply
Your directions were clear and understandable even to a non-IT person. Many thanks for solving my problem!

By phil on 2/03/14 • Reply
worked like a charm thanks

By gobang on 2/03/14 • Reply
Worked beautifully for me after many tries with other methods.
Thank you.

By Brian S. on 2/03/14 • Reply
100% success so far.

Thank you.

By Anonymous68 on 2/03/14 • Reply
I didn't know how else to reach you folks.  Your response here:

was the only thing that worked, after several hours trying.

Thank you.  Seriously.  Thank you.

By GW69 on 2/04/14 • Reply
Tried as suggested many many times but still didn't work.......
During re-install it now says Service 'Apple Mobile Device' failed to start. verify that you have sufficient privilages to start system services with options ABORT RETRY IGNORE.
I chose ignore and it continued to load then after stating it was successfully installed bloody MSVCR80.DLL came up again grrrrrrrr

Tried the Apple option too so completely out of options, can any help?

By chepemoco1 on 2/04/14 • Reply
Thank, thank thank you. It worked!!!! if you could see me, I am jumping around my room.

Sent from my iPad

By James on 2/04/14 • Reply
The solution was well presented and worked perfectly. Thank you for posting the solution to the iTunes / missing MSVCR80.dll problem.

By gareth on 2/05/14 • Reply
this article has totally resolved all issues regarding missing msvcr80, along with itunes failing to install (error 126). this guide is much better than the apple kb answer, which advises to remove dll files and re-install itunes, which doesn't resolve the issue. by following this guide, you "should" be able to resolve the issues, without any loss to media content.

By Smods on 2/05/14 • Reply
Worked great. Thanks

By nuals1 on 2/05/14 • Reply
thank you SO much! Excellent instructions - worked like a dream!

By emiliocastelar2 on 2/05/14 • Reply
worked great thank you..!!!!

By mikerennieSB on 2/06/14 • Reply
Many thanks. I followed the instructions step by step and it worked first time

By David Burton on 2/06/14 • Reply
Thanks for this. I was really frustrated after trying to re-install iTunes 3 times.
I couldn't delete Apple Software Updater so just deleted the rest and then re-installed iTunes using a different browser from originally and it all worked fine.

By coby on 2/06/14 • Reply
thank you thank you thank you.
nothing else worked; this worked perfectly

By Raph on 2/06/14 • Reply
Excellent procedure. 
Everything is back to normal again. No problems with uninstalling amds. No data is missing.
Thank you very much! 

Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPad

By joebenn93 on 2/06/14 • Reply
thanks so much for this post, it worked like a charm

By champmd on 2/07/14 • Reply
This solution does nothing whatever to solve the problem.

By almansoori on 2/07/14 • Reply
many thanks to u :)

By dawner202 on 2/07/14 • Reply
Thank you so much!

By JimfraeScotland on 2/08/14 • Reply
Brilliant the fix worked first time and I had previously been in the wilderness, having tried other recommendations involving registry repairs, which either didn't work,or were too technical for this pensioner to understand.Many Thanks. Jim.

By MaggiEJ on 2/09/14 • Reply
Worked...didn't know it was iTunes that caused this problem. TY

Sent from my iPad

By LadyPIC on 2/09/14 • Reply
This was the most clearly stated, simple to follow instructions for this fix that I found on the Internet. I am reasonable tech savvy, but no geek, so I was pretty hesitant to uninstall so many items. Follow the instructions to the letter - deleting in the exact order identified and "presto"! All is working perfectly now! THANKS!!!!

By Arencken on 2/10/14 • Reply
I have followed these steps 3 times over and bought a software cleaning programme but with no luck, every time as I click finish once downloading and installing itunes the error 7 pops up


By horsefan48 on 2/11/14 • Reply
Great article, really helpful and easy to read

By David on 2/12/14 • Reply
Thank you so much, it worked perfectly. Instructions so easy to follow. Very grateful. 

By Spain on 2/12/14 • Reply
Gracias ¡¡ todo vuelve a funcionar perfectamente ¡¡
gracias de nuevo por su trabajo ¡¡

By m0tleycrue on 2/12/14 • Reply
Absolutely brilliant! Very well done and many thanks for these informative instructions.

By geobod on 2/13/14 • Reply
Could not uninstall AMDS but re-install of iTunes worked fine. Back in business. Thanks Apple Club !

By Janie on 2/13/14 • Reply
This worked like a charm and no data was lost.  Yippee!!!!   Thanks so much.

By t-chance on 2/21/14 • Reply
Wanted to say thank you this article fixed my problem, had some trouble, unable to remove mobile support so I just move on to the next step. Followed your intructions and I not lose any content at all.

By yogi55 on 3/18/14 • Reply
Fast & easy fix for the problem. Thanks for the post!

By gphrdc on 10/14/15 • Reply
This does not work on Windows XP