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iTunes 11: Show Sidebar and Status Bar

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iTunes 11 brings an entirely new user interface to your iTunes experience. However, if you are more comfortable with the iTunes 10 or earlier user interface, this article will explain a few menus you should be aware of. If you are using iTunes 12, see the Sidebar section of this article: Adjusting to iTunes 12.

Display the Sidebar
With iTunes open, go to the View menu, and click Show Sidebar.

If you are running Windows and do not see the View menu, click this icon , which should appear in the upper left of the iTunes window. The sidebar will now always be present in iTunes unless you choose to hide it again. The sidebar shows your library, with menus for each different kind of media (music, movies, books, apps, podcasts, and so on). It also has a section for "STORE," under which you can visit the iTunes Store or view purchased items. One of the arguably most used sections of the sidebar is the "DEVICES" tab. When an iOS devices is plugged in or set up to sync over Wi-Fi, it will appear here. If you click the small arrow ( > ) to the left of the device's name, you can see menus similar to that of the "LIBRARY" section, which will allow you to view and add/remove what content is on your device, organized by the type of content.

Clicking on the name of your device would direct you to a "Summary" tab for your device, which is where you would go to update the software (if you can't update it over Wi-Fi, which requires iOS 5 or later and a Wi-Fi connection) or restore the device to factory settings or restore from a backup. Learn more about updating: Updating iOS

Accessing Radio
Another popular question is how to find Radio in iTunes 11's new interface. After you have enabled the sidebar, click the "Music" tab under LIBRARY, and one of the tabs in the center of the screen near the top should say Radio.

Display the Status Bar
To display the status bar at the bottom, you will once again need to go to the View menu, then click Show Status Bar.

The status bar is a small area at the bottom of the iTunes window that will give you information about your content, including how many songs, or movies, etc., you have, their total length, and the amount of storage they take up.

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