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iPad: Calculator, Clock, Stocks, Weather

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If you want Calculator, Clock, Stocks, Weather or Voice Memos on the iPad, there are a few possible solutions. Maybe you own an iPhone or iPod touch, and enjoy using Stocks and other apps that are not built-in on the iPad.

Updating to iOS 6
By updating to iOS 6 or later, the iPad receives a built-in Clock app. The app has a very nice user interface:

The Clock app will also show you the temperature and sky conditions for the cities you choose. For more details on weather, although there is no built-in Weather app, just ask Siri (needs iOS 6 and the iPad (3rd generation or later) or the iPad mini).

The same can be done for Stocks and Calculator.

Other Solutions
If you have an iPad 2, Siri will not be compatible, but you can still use the Clock app for time and limited weather information. The New iPad can take full advantage of Clock and Siri. If you have one of these devices, there is little reason to not update. Perhaps you have the original iPad, which has a maximum possible version of iOS 5.1.1. The solution, in this case, would be to download a similar app from the App Store. Here are some that we recommend:

Stock Market HD - $0.99
This app provides the closest user interface to the Stocks app on iPhone. Add stocks, see charts, stats and news articles, too. It has a built-in browser for viewing news articles. It also has a free version if you desire. Download now

Calculator for iPad Free - FREE
This app offers a free calculator for your iPad. It has a few different themes. There is at least one different app that offers a calculator that looks closer to the one on iPhone, but this one is free and performs the same functions. Download now

As far as clock (if you have an iPad that cannot update to iOS 6), weather, and voice recording apps go, there are really not that many that really stand out, so no matter what you choose, it should work out for you. We recommend reading reviews on the App Store, and only downloading apps with four stars or more.

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