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Getting Started and Get-Started Apps

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This article will walk you through setup screens for your iOS device and also recommend some apps to get you started.

With iOS 5 or later, you can set up a device over Wi-Fi and there is no need to be plugged into a computer with iTunes. The next portion of the article will walk you through each setup screen.




Slide your finger across the slider to begin setup. Your device may say "iPhone" or "iPad" rather than iPod
  By enabling Location Services, apps will be able to use your location to help improve performance, and Location Services are also critical to the Find my iPhone service.   If you do not connect to Wi-Fi, you will not be able to set up your device over the air or restore from an iCloud backup. The device can still be set up through iTunes if no Wi-Fi is available on the iOS device.

Select "Set Up as New [iOS device]" if this is a brand new out-of-the-box device. There are a few cases where you may like to load settings and purchased media and apps from a backup.

        1. You have a new device, but would like to load settings and data from an existing device
        2. You already own a device, but due to a problem, you had to restore it to factory settings and would now like your data back
        3. Your device was malfunctioning and you got a replacement device

Within the backup option, you have two choices: iCloud backup or iTunes backup. iCloud is a feature in iOS 5 or later that introduces over-the-air backups. If you have your device plugged in and do a backup in iTunes, your device can be restored from this backup when you are plugged in to iTunes.

*Skip the following step if setting up as a new device   


  If you have chosen to restore from an iTunes backup, you will need to plug in and open iTunes, then simply follow the instructions in iTunes   If restoring from an iCloud backup, you will need to sign in with your Apple ID (the one you use to purchase from iTunes)

Whether you are setting up a new device or restoring from a backup, you will need to read and agree to the Terms and Conditions for using an iOS device.

The following steps will only appear when setting up as a new device.

Here you have the opportunity to either set up an Apple ID or sign in with an existing Apple ID. Your Apple ID is used to purchase items in apps like iTunes, App Store, iBooks or Newsstand, and also used to sign into iCloud, FaceTime, iMessage and Game Center.

It is definitely recommended to set up iCloud, unless you are using a shared Apple ID. Sharing an Apple ID is discouraged, unless, of course, you are sharing with an underaged person. One must be 13 years of age to create an Apple ID. Anyway, iCloud is extremely useful if you own multiple devices, but even if you don't, it should still be enabled. iCloud allows backing up over the air, and also you will be able to access Find my iPhone from icloud.comLearn more about iCloud in: iCloud Guide. The below article will teach you more about Apple IDs in iCloud.

Corresponding Apple Article: (will take you to Apple's website)

This will decide whether backups are done through iCloud or iTunes. This is a matter of personal preference, but iCloud is recommended so backups can be done over Wi-Fi even if you do not have computer access.

Find my iPhone (iPod touch, or iPad) is one of the most crucial features to enable. Should you lose your iOS device, Find my iPhone has an array of features to help you locate it. In addition, Find my iPhone is the ONLY way to locate a lost or stolen device without installing third party software. Note that Find my iPhone must be enabled prior to losing your device. If a device is lost, you can either open Find my iPhone on another device or on, all you will need to do is sign in with your Apple ID. Find my iPhone will display the GPS location of your device, which is why it is also important to have Location Services enabled. You also have the option to remotely lock or wipe your device to protect your device if it is stolen. You can also send a message to the device, so it can be returned if found. If you believe you have lost the device in your house, you can also have the device play a sound.

Note that if the device has been stolen, there are a few ways to render Find my iPhone useless, and most thieves know about these tactics. The thief can disable Location Services so the device cannot be located. If the thief intends to keep the device for themselves, they can also restore it and set it up as a new device. And then, of course, they can power off the device. A common misconception is that Apple or your carrier will track your phone for you using the device's serial number. The only way to improve your chances is Find my iPhone or third party software.

By selecting "Automatically Send" for diagnostics, this will allow Apple to gather anonymous data about your device to help improve iOS.

This is the most important step of all. The last step is to enjoy your device! After completing all of the above steps, you are finally ready to start using your device.

This is just a reminder that the screenshots above were taken on an iPod touch, but identical screens will appear on an iPhone or iPad, with the type of your device in place of "iPod touch."

So now, if all went well, you should have your device restored or newly set up. Now, here are some downloadable apps that may interest you. Note that apps, both free and paid, are downloaded from the App Store, which requires an Apple ID to be set up. If downloading an app that costs money, a valid credit card, PayPal account or iTunes gift card must be on file. These are downloadable apps, but you may also like to see our Guide to Built-In Apps


All of these apps are made by Apple, but do not come with the device. They can be downloaded from the App Store.     More on This App
The iBooks store is like an App Store... except for books! You can organize books in a bookshelf. In each book, you can highlight text, look up definitions for words, and set bookmarks. One of the other benefits to iBooks is that you can also view PDF documents in this app.     More on This App
  Apple Store
The Apple Store app is like a pocket Apple Store. You can make an appointment at the Genius Bar (which requires a visit to the Apple Store, this feature just allows you to make appointments), reserve products for in-store pickup, and browse info and buy Apple products and accessories. And with EasyPay, you can even pay for Apple accessories in the store right from your iPhone or iPod touch.

If you have made a Genius Bar reservation, you can even check in right from the app once you arrive at the store. By doing so, you will also be able to receive a notification when someone is ready to help you. FREE     More on This App
Find my iPhone
The Find my iPhone service and the Find my iPhone app are two different things. The service must be enabled to see your device in Find my iPhone. The purpose of the app is simply a way to view the location of your iPhone, iPod touch, and/or iPad by signing in with your Apple ID. But Find my iPhone will also... Find my Mac! Again, this is a service that must be enabled on the Mac. Minimum requirements are iCloud on the Mac (which requires Mac OS X Lion (10.7.2)). If set up correctly, your Mac's location will appear on the Find my iPhone app or on Find my iPhone, again, works with Macs, iPhones, iPod touches and iPads, and allows you to do the following: View the device's location, send a message, play a sound, remotely set a passcode, and remotely wipe the data. More on Find my iPhone can be found in the below article.

Corresponding Apple Article: (will take you to Apple's website)$4.99     More on This App
GarageBand is a pocket guitar... and piano, and drums. GarageBand also features "Smart" instruments to help you learn how to play. GarageBand takes full advantage of the device's touch screen, you can play your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch just like you would a guitar. GarageBand joins iMovie to make up Apple's iLife apps.$9.99 EACH
       Pages          Numbers          Keynote

     More on Pages

Pages, Numbers and Keynote, known as the iWork package, are the Apple equivalent to Microsoft Office: Word, PowerPoint and Excel. With iWork, you can create documents, presentations and spreadsheets on the go, but what makes iWork unique is its ability to use iCloud to sync with the Mac and view your documents in iCloud.$4.99     More on This App
iMovie for iOS is an amazing video creating and editing application. iMovie may be familiar to Mac users, and iMovie projects on iOS can be shared with iTunes so you can download them and pick up where you left off on the Mac! iMovie joins GarageBand to make up Apple's iLife apps. FREE     More on This App
Find my Friends
Find my Friends is a friend finder app that allows you to see where your friends are right now - using the same Location Services technology as Find my iPhone. If your co-worker says they are on the way to work, you can check their location to make sure they're telling the truth! Know where your family members are all of the time: at school, at the soccer game, picking up the dry cleaning, wherever they are! Find my Friends invites can be sent to anyone in your contacts using their email address. Location sharing can also be set up temporarily, which is perfect for the occasional long trip. This will allow you to see how far along your soon-to-be house guests are on their trip! Once completed, the temporary sharing can be turned off. Find my Friends requires iOS 5 and must be downloaded from the App Store.     More on This App
iTunes Movie Trailers
iTunes Movie Trailers is another great app that, as you may have figured out from the title, allows you to watch movie trailers in HD. It also features a year-long release calendar so you can make plans to see movies in theaters. You can also purchase tickets for movies at local theaters right in the app, and even save images to your Photos app.

The 10 apps you have just seen are Apple apps that are downloadable from the App Store, but do not come pre-loaded on devices. Below are two popular games, though not made by Apple, that will get you started on gaming on iOS.$0.99     More on This App
  Angry Birds
In this game, you have many types of colorful birds with different powers, and your goal is to aim just right and use the birds' powers effectively to knock out all of the green pigs on each level. With over 60 levels per set and seven sets, it will keep you occupied for quite a while, and you will see why this is the top rated game in the App Store, and figure out why it's so hard to put down. This is Angry Birds, but there are four entirely different apps full of fun called Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Space and Angry Birds Star Wars. There is another popular game by the same developer (Rovio) called Bad Piggies in which users can play as the pigs from Angry Birds, and build structures that allow them to reach goal points.$0.99     More on This App
 Cut the Rope
Cut the Rope is another highly-rated game on the App Store. The goal is to get the candy to the "cute" little moster called "Om-Nom." The ropes must be cut in a specific order in order to safely get the candy to Om-Nom. This gets insanely tricky as spikes and spiders block your path, and you must use bubbles and bouncy platforms to aid your candy in finding its way to Om-Nom. Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift and Cut the Rope: Experiments are also available to download.

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Also see our Guide to Built-In Apps, where we will walk you through the apps that come on your device, such as the App Store, Phone app (iPhone only) and FaceTime, and many more.

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