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Apple ID is Disabled

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This article will explain what you can try if you get a message stating that your Apple ID is disabled. You may also be interested in these related articles:
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Note that there is a difference between "Apple ID Disabled" and "Apple ID Disabled for Security Reasons." If the context includes "for security reasons," resetting the password usually helps. If it just says "Apple ID Disabled," then you can still try resetting the password, but you may want to skip to the "Contacting iTunes Support" section below.

Changing your Password
To change your password, start out by going to

First you will need to enter your Apple ID (this should be in the form of an email address). Your Apple ID is the one you use to download apps or content from iTunes. 
Then click the blue Next button.

Next, choose to reset your password by either email authentication, or by answering the security questions that you set. If you choose email authentication, note that the email will not go to the main email address associated with your ID. It will go to the back-up "rescue" email address.

Once your password has been changed, try to resume whatever it was that you were doing when you received this message, i.e. downloading an app from the App Store.

Contacting iTunes Support
If you have changed the password and are still getting an Apple ID disabled message, it is probably time to contact iTunes Support. They should be able to give you some insight as to why it is disabled, as well as re-enable for you. You can contact iTunes Support at:

You will be able to email iTunes Support, which is totally free. Note that other areas of support only offer telephone support, which may cost money if you purchased your product over 90 days (~3 months ago), and did not buy AppleCare. However, emailing iTunes Support is entirely free.

Replies from a support rep usually take 24-48 hours, but we have had reports of some taking less time, and some more. Once they reply, if they determine that your ID can be re-enabled, they may ask you for some information to verify that you are the account holder. 

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By Anonymous18 on 12/14/12 • Reply
Thank you 5 stars!

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By Anonymous23 on 1/16/13 • Reply
Can't find the rest button..

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By granny14 on 11/26/13 • Reply
Since changing password didn't help, I had to skip to apple support, then call Apple Security who were able to fix the problem at last!  Thank you !

By pokemon on 4/09/15 • Reply
5 stars

By Julie on 6/11/15 • Reply
I've reset my Apple ID. Still saying disabled. Please help not to computer savy. Don't have any idea why this came about, in the first place?

By Julian on 8/07/15 • Reply
How do I enable my Apple ID. It does not say "disabled for security reasons" just " your Apple ID is disabled."
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