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Everything you Need to Know About Carriers and Unlocking

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You may have a lot of questions about your cellular network (3G or 4G) providers, or perhaps questions about unlocked iPhones or iPad - questions which this article can answer.

About Carriers
Carriers offer cellular connections (3G/4G/LTE) so you can get Internet when you are away from Wi-Fi, as well as phone and text messaging.
In the United States, the iPhone and iPad can be purchased on an AT&T, Verizon, Sprint or T-Mobile network

When you purchase a phone on one of these carriers, it is usually locked to that carrier, which means that you can not use it with a different carrier. Additionally, when you buy a phone from one of these carriers, it usually requires a 2-year contract, meaning that you must pay a monthly service fee for phone, texting and cellular data. If you choose to end this contract before the two-year period, you will need to pay an early termination fee. Note that even if the contract is terminated, you still can only use the phone with that carrier. However, once the contract is over, you can ask your carrier to unlock it.

3G, 4G and LTE
The iPhone 4S can support HSPA+, a type of cellular connection which AT&T and T-Mobile consider to be 4G speed. Starting with the iOS 5.1 update, the network indicator will show when you are on 4G. The new iPad (3rd generation) is the first device to feature LTE, 
the fastest kind of 4G available at this time. The iPhone 5 and later also have LTE capabilities, as do the iPad mini, iPad Pro, and later versions of the 9.7-inch iPad.

Unlocked Devices
If you plan on using different carriers, the only way to get a phone that works with any GSM carrier is to purchase a factory unlocked iPhone. 
This iPhone will work with any GSM carrier, including internationally, and does not require a 2-year contract. This model of iPhone is much more expensive, starting at $649 for 16GB. Note that, if using the phone internationally, Apple's standard warranty will only be valid in the country of purchase, with the exception of the European Union. You may be better off buying a phone in the country you intend to use it in the most.

Some carriers will sell you an iPhone starting at $199 for 16GB, but this is because it is locked to that carrier and they can easily make tons of money off of you from the 2-year contract (although contracts are much less common now). Unlocked iPhones can be used with any GSM carrier, which you can read about below, and still need a SIM card to be activated. The unlocked iPhone does not come with a SIM card, so you will need to get one from the carrier of your choice. Note that you cannot use an iPhone without activating it first, which requires a SIM card. The iPhone 4 and 4S use a Micro SIM, which is a lot smaller than a SIM. The iPhone 2G, 3G and 3GS use SIM, so a Micro SIM from a 4 or 4S cannot be placed in older models, and vice versa. The iPhone 5 and later use a Nano SIM, which cannot be placed in older models.

If you have a CDMA iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 that has been unlocked by the original carrier, or an iPhone 5S or later (which comes unlocked on some carriers, such as Verizon), it can be used with any GSM carrier, but the only CDMA carrier that it can be used with is the original one.

NOTE: Even though an unlocked iPhone has an activation policy that allows it to be used with any GSM carrier, make sure that the carrier is supported. If it uses incompatible network bands (frequencies), then it may be incompatible, or you may only be able to get 3G connectivity instead of LTE, as an example. For a detailed list of LTE-supporting carriers, refer to this page on Apple's website.

The below Apple link will help you find a supported carrier near you, as well as find out if your carrier allows unlocking.

Corresponding Apple Article: (will take you to Apple's website)

"No-Contract" phones, though they are the same price as unlocked, do not come unlocked. No-Contract means that the phone can only be used on a single carrier, but you are not tied to a contract or two-year agreement. However, AT&T should unlock a "no-contract" phone if you
complete their unlock process (and can do so here:, because their main requirement is that the contract is completed. NOTE: Many carriers require that the original owner submit the unlock request. If you purchased a used phone and are not a customer of the carrier that it's locked to, they may deny your request to unlock it, in which case you should get ahold of the original owner if possible.

If the phone was unlocked by any hack or modification to iOS ("jailbreaking"), updating or restoring the phone would re-lock it to the original 
carrier it was locked to. If you are purchasing an "unlocked" phone from a source other than Apple, be extremely cautious when buying and 
make sure the phone has not been hacked. The only way to be certain of this is to buy directly from Apple. If you have a hacked phone, you 
would be unable to get any type of support or repairs from Apple, which is another reason to be extremely certain that the phone is not hacked before you buy. Do not attempt to hack your own iPhone, as it will not work properly and can cause permanent damage to your iPhone. There
are no third party websites or shops that are authorized to unlock, so do not trust these shops with your serial or IMEI numbers. They will hack 
your phone or hack your carrier's servers and claim it is unlocked. Your phone may work on other carriers, but not always if the phone was hacked. Any attempt to restore or update the operating system on the phone will cause it to re-lock if illegally unlocked by a third party service. A 2014 law allows the use of third party unlocks, but only if the contract is completed. Even if your phone is off-contract, third party unlocking services can be untrustworthy, and most carriers will unlock a no-contract phone anyway.

If the phone was legitimately unlocked, meaning you got it out-of-the-box "factory" unlocked from Apple or your carrier unlocked it, it will not 
re-lock. You can update the software, upgrade to a newer iPhone, whatever you please, and it will not re-lock.

If you have a locked phone, it is possible for the carrier to unlock it for you after completing a contract or paying an early termination fee. Apple cannot unlock it for you. The only way to get it unlocked is through the carrier the phone is locked to. Some, not all, carriers outside of the U.S. 
will unlock phones after a certain amount of time, or different criteria. Carriers are not required to unlock after your contract. If you do not 
wish to start a new contract, you can still get Internet through Wi-Fi, messaging through iMessage (requires Wi-Fi, in this case, and iOS 5 or 
later), and phone calls through using FaceTime Audio, or an app like Pinger or Skype.

In the United States, there is not much benefit to having AT&T unlock your iPhone unless you plan on traveling to a different country. AT&T is
the only major supported GSM network in the United States aside from T-Mobile, and unlocked iPhones only work on GSM carriers.

If you don't know what carrier your iPhone is locked to, call 1-800-APL-CARE (1-800-275-2273) in the United States. Be sure to have the
serial and/or IMEI number ready (this information can be obtained from Settings > General > About).

About GSM and CDMA
GSM - Global System for Mobile communication
CDMA - Code Division Multiple Access

GSM carriers use SIM cards to access cellular networks. SIM cards are also required to initially activate the phone. If you buy an unlocked 
phone, it is designed to work with any GSM carrier. In the U.S., AT&T and T-Mobile are GSM carriers, and about 80% of carriers worldwide are GSM carriers.

CDMA carriers do not require a SIM card to use their network, as there is an internal card. In the U.S., Verizon and Sprint are CDMA carriers,
and about 20% of carriers worldwide are CDMA carriers.

The iPhone 2G (original iPhone), iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS are GSM only, and cannot be used on CDMA networks. With the introduction of 
the iPhone 4, GSM and CDMA versions were made available. The iPhone 4S and later are "world phones," meaning that there is one version for both GSM and CDMA. However, the CDMA radio is disabled on GSM phones. Only phones sold on a CDMA carrier have the CDMA portion enabled, and again, can only be used on that particular CDMA carrier.

CDMA phones can only be used with the CDMA carrier that they were obtained from. Verizon phones come unlocked (though they still require a two-year contract if purchased at the subsidized price), meaning that they can be used with any GSM carrier, but not any CDMA carrier other than Verizon. Sprint reportedly will unlock iPhones after a contract for international use only.

iPads and 3G/4G
If you choose the cellular model of iPad, it comes unlocked and without a contract. The only exception is if you bought it from a carrier, as in some cases, they may discount the price of the iPad if you sign up for a contract. You only need to pay for data, and there is no texting or phone plan. If there is no contract, you can just pay by the month and stop service any time. You can still text using Apple's iMessage service on iOS 5 and later, but this is not done through the carrier. Another nice thing about a 3G/4G model is that it comes with a built-in GPS, making location data much more accurate, as opposed to a Wi-Fi only iPad or an iPod touch which gather location data using Wi-Fi, although Wi-Fi is more accurate than 3G/4G. You can enroll in a data plan on any supported carrier, and cancel it whenever you want. All iPads come unlocked; there is no higher price to get an unlocked model, it's just $529 for 16GB, and $100 more for each GB (gigabyte) size up.

Note that if using iMessage on 3G/4G, although it does not count towards a texting plan, it will still count towards your data plan. If using Wi-Fi
it will not count against your plan.

The iPad (3rd generation and later) Verizon/Sprint (CDMA) model also has a GSM radio in it, so it can work with both.

Activation Issues
If you get a "Could not activate" message on your phone, this could be for a couple of reasons. One is that there is no SIM card in the phone.
If you are trying to use the iPhone without service, as if it were an iPod touch, it still needs a SIM card in it at the initial point of activation. The
SIM does not have to be active, but you do need one in the phone. It can be removed once the phone is set up.  If the phone is locked to a carrier, a SIM card from that carrier needs to be used.

Another reason is if a user tried to bypass a carrier lock and unlock it by hacking. Such modifications are illegal (provided the phone's contract is still in effect) and unreliable, and this message is the result of that attempt.

Note that this is different from "Activation Lock," a feature of Find my iPhone in iOS 7 and later that prevents a phone from being set up without entering the Apple ID and password used to set up Find my iPhone on the phone.

It could also be possible that Apple's activation servers are simply down, and you should try again later.



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Comments (55):

By Sheila on 1/16/15 • Reply
Hi. I have an iphone 6 plus that is on 02 UK network. I'm from lreland. The phone has not been activated. Should I use a UK SIM card are an Irish SIM card?? The phone will also need to be unlocked so can I unlock it before it's activated? Thanks a million. 

in response to Sheila
By AppleClubSupport on 1/16/15 • Reply
Hi Sheila,
You will need to see if O2 will unlock the phone before you can use it on an Irish carrier's network. Once unlocked, it can be activated with any carrier's SIM card.

in response to AppleClubSupport
By Sheila on 1/16/15 • Reply
Ok 02 UK are 02 lreland? Thanks a mill

in response to Sheila
By AppleClubSupport on 1/16/15 • Reply
I wasn't aware that the UK carrier and the Irish carrier you were referring to were both O2.
In that case, you can probably just obtain a new SIM card , but you need to contact O2 for a definite answer.

in response to AppleClubSupport
By Sheila on 1/16/15 • Reply
The phone is locked to 02 UK so I would be guessing that 02 UK would be my best bet, I did actually contact 02 lreland and they told me to contact 02 UK. I'm confused be couse I was chating to a member of 02 lreland today and she said an 02 lreland sim would work and then I was told that I would need a UK sim so I'm very confused about the hole thing. Thanks so much for your help. 

By Zaide on 1/17/15 • Reply
Hi i have an Iphone 4s and it's GSM factory Unlocked,is that possible that i can use an AT&T microsim card or T-mobile? Or do i have another option?

in response to Zaide
By AppleClubSupport on 1/17/15 • Reply
Either AT&T or T-Mobile would work.

in response to AppleClubSupport
By Zaide on 1/17/15 • Reply
Thanks for your responce,.. I want to know one more thing,. Is that possible than i can have prepaid or plan? I would like to have prepaid u know,. Is that possible that i can have prepaid?

in response to Zaide
By AppleClubSupport on 1/17/15 • Reply
You'll need to ask the carrier you intend to use it on.

in response to AppleClubSupport
By Zaide on 1/22/15 • Reply
Hi,it's me again. I'm just a little confused,I was looking for a microsim card on ebay and I've seen these different at&t microsim cards, like H2o wireless at&t,straight talk microsim card for at&t,NEt10 at&t,and red pocket microsim card use for at&t, can I use any of those microsim cards for my Iphone?
My phone is Iphone 4s
Carrier: unlocked
GSM unlocked:not compatible with CDMA carriers

in response to Zaide
By AppleClubSupport on 1/23/15 • Reply
Yes, you can use the SIM card for any GSM carrier, and then sign up for service with that carrier.

By LoriV on 1/24/15 • Reply
So I am in the reprocess of getting my iPhone 4 unlocked through AT&T so I can sell it as I have upgraded and no longer need my 4. People are asking if they can connect it to any carrier. I have no idea, any input would be helpful. 

By Robin228 on 2/12/15 • Reply
Very clear and easy to understand. Thanks.

By ayeshamasood on 3/06/15 • Reply
I was wondering if I can get an unlocked iPhone from the U.S. and bring it to another country and get it unlocked somehow by a techie or something. Or even I don't get it unlocked and just use it for the internet and stuff with wifi so will that be illegal? Can the contract holders know this? Please answer me. The unlocked iPhone is toooo expensive.

in response to ayeshamasood
By AppleClubSupport on 3/06/15 • Reply
It is illegal to have a third party hack to unlock your phone while it is on contract. Third party unlocks are untrustworthy anyway.

By ravi on 5/09/15 • Reply
hi friends 
im planing to take i phone 6 on contract basis in us at&t carrier 
can it be unlocked in india before contract period 
plz answer me friends 
[Edited by moderator for: email address]

in response to ravi
By AppleClubSupport on 5/09/15 • Reply
No. You would have to wait until the contract is up. It's just not worth it for you to buy a phone in the U.S. Everyone is best off buying a phone in the country they intend to use it in. Also, if you bought it in the U.S., it would have no warranty unless you brought it back to the U.S.

in response to AppleClubSupport
By Brat Munchkin on 5/21/15 • Reply
I'm from Manila but currently based in Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia. I got a 64GB iPhone6+ last January 2015 as a Christmas present. All complete in a box with the receipt( cost of the unit boldly screaming!) and it also stated on the receipt, FACTORY UNLOCKED and was bought from a retailer in California. However I tried to use the new iPhone with my Malaysian SIM card ( Maxis is my carrier & on GSM) failed to activate. I tried on Singtel SIM card-Singapore GSM also failed. I tried Telkomsel-Indonesia and also failed. Then I found out the phone was from/under AT&T. I reverted to my friend who gave me the phone and had asked if the phone was locked with AT&T plan, was told he had never signed any contract plan at all. I did checked again the whole box for any AT&T SIM card but none that I found. I registered the IMEI from the same AT&T link you had mention but had never received any email or code or Notification from AT&T to complete that "unlocking process". Phone shop that I have trusted for 3 years now offered help but I gotta buy the unlocking software myself and he made no assurance that all will be fine even with the unlocking software.
Can you please tell me what else do I really need to do so I can use my iphone 6+.. Thanks

in response to Brat Munchkin
By AppleClubSupport on 5/21/15 • Reply
I'd stop trusting that "phone shop" if they're suggesting hacking your phone, i.e. using "unlocking software." AT&T will only unlock the phone at the original owner's request, which could be why you didn't receive an email. Contact the friend who gave you the iPhone, and ask him to fill out that form on AT&T's website. Then they should unlock it.

in response to AppleClubSupport
By Brat Munchkin on 5/21/15 • Reply

I registered the phone myself thru AT&T website..and luck was on my side. AT&T replied with the codes. I started the unlocking process via iTunes BUT step 1 alone FAILED again. Message says THE SIM CARD IS NOT SUPPORTED WITH THE PHONE CARRIER etc etc etc. I've asked my friend & was told THE PHONE DO NOT HAVE ANY SIM CARD AT ALL BECOZ HE DID NOT SIGN UP ANY SUBSCRIPTION CONTRACT AT ALL. How is this possible? What do I need to do next?..#desperate #annoyed thanks..

in response to Brat Munchkin
By AppleClubSupport on 5/21/15 • Reply
To complete the process, you have to restore the phone in iTunes, and restore it as new, not from a backup. Did you do that? Once that's done, your SIM card should work, and then you can restore from a backup to get your data back.

in response to AppleClubSupport
By Brat Munchkin on 5/29/15 • Reply
we need the ORIGINAL SIM CARD to which it came along with the phone when it was bought. Apparently there was no SIM CARD at all right from the very start. I'll wait for my friend who will fly back to Kuala Lumpur next month and he can go and deal this thing himself. I got fed up tho!

By dlsiv on 7/03/15 • Reply
if the carrier isn't letting my phone to be unlocked can I do it any other way?

in response to dlsiv
By AppleClubSupport on 7/03/15 • Reply
Not legally.

By phee on 7/17/15 • Reply
Hi. I have an iPhone 5c locked to t-Mobile . Im in Ghana now and cant use T-Mobile as it isn't available here so I use WiFi. Now my problem is that my sister lost the sim a while back and I reset the iPhone to its factory defaults and now when I turn it on it asks me for a valid sim card (that being the T-Mobile sim) but since its unavailable , I cant use my iPhone. My question is if I am going to factory unlock it by a third party, will I need the sim to do this or it wont be necessary?

in response to phee
By AppleClubSupport on 7/18/15 • Reply
You would need a SIM card to activate the phone regardless of the unlock status. Also, please contact T-Mobile and have them unlock it rather than using an illegal/shady third party service.

in response to phee
By joebet on 7/30/15 • Reply
t mobile would unlock only if u hv a t mobile account which is in good standing

By vadimd39 on 7/27/15 • Reply
[Edited by moderator for: suggestion of an illegal activity]

By salzz on 8/29/15 • Reply
If I buy an iPhone 6 which is not under any contract in Canada and then take it to India and put a SIM in it, for example, vodafone, will the iPhone work?

in response to salzz
By AppleClubSupport on 9/02/15 • Reply
Hi salzz,
Yes, that would work, provided that the iPhone is unlocked, as opposed to just "no-contract."

By td on 1/12/16 • Reply
Hi im here in US and I bought iphone 5 from my friend and her carrier was AT&T and the contract was done, so now we unlocked the iphone as per requested from AT&T.. my question is this, can my parents use the iphone 5 in the Philippines using nano simcard GLOBE/ SMART?do they need it unlock it again over there before they can use the GLOBE or SMART simcard? Thanks

By NewPhoneGuy on 1/26/16 • Reply

I have recently unlocked my Iphone5 with a Canadian carrier, and set up a no-contract no-term service with another Canadian carrier. 

Now I want to switch companies again, with the IPhone previously being unlocked and used with a no-term contract, would I have to unlock it gain with my current provider before I make the switch again?

in response to NewPhoneGuy
By AppleClubSupport on 1/27/16 • Reply
Good question.
Nope, once it is unlocked, it's unlocked for good.

By palos on 2/03/16 • Reply
I bought an iPhone 5s that had been used with Verizon. I have activated the phone with TracFone's BYOP (Bring Your Own Phone) program that required that I purchase an Activation Kit, which included nano SIMs for both GSM and CDMA. I was instructed to insert the CDMA SIM before activation. 

Due to rather poor reception in my area, I am contemplating buying another iPhone 5s that had been used with AT&T and using the GSM nano SIM included in the Activation Kit. I am hoping the GSM phone might have better reception when at home. The other reason is that the GSM iPhone enables you to set certain features within the system preferences, e.g. call forwarding, caller ID and call waiting (see,; whereas, the CDMA iPhone requires that you dial certain numbers prefixed with a star, e.g. *67. Conferences calls are also treated differently. 

Is it possible to just use a GSM nano SIM in the CDMA iPhone to allow the features to be set within the system preferences?

in response to palos
By AppleClubSupport on 2/03/16 • Reply
Yes, a Verizon iPhone 5S should be already unlocked and ready to use a supported GSM Nano SIM.

By efox6 on 2/08/16 • Reply
I just bought an unlocked IPhone 5s. It did not come with a sim card so i ordered one that said "Boost Mobile, Verizon, and Sprint". I was wondering since my phone is unlocked, and i have that sim card, am i able to be activated with boost mobile? When i tried to activate the phone with the boostmobile company, they told me that the phone could not be activated with them because it was not from them, and sprint said the same. The phones description was CDMA/GSM so i figured after reading that article that it would work with boost mobile. Please help

in response to efox6
By AppleClubSupport on 2/08/16 • Reply
An unlocked iPhone can be used on any GSM carrier, but Sprint is not a GSM carrier, and I'm not sure about Boost Mobile, but I'm guessing that they are not either.

in response to AppleClubSupport
By Brian on 4/04/16 • Reply
Boost is a CDMA carrier like Sprint and Verizon Wireless. 

By Pandapow on 2/28/16 • Reply
Hi! I got an I phone 5s that's unlocked from my friend. I tried to connect it to virgin mobile but they wouldn't connect it because it's unlocked. Is there any cell phone service that will?

in response to Pandapow
By Brian on 4/04/16 • Reply
Depending on your iPhone 5s, knowing what company it was originally programmed for will determine if it is operable on other carriers. If it was from Verizon you are in luck and able to take it to AT&T, T-Mobile and all other carriers depending on there policy, for,example, Virgin Mobile currently only allows virgin prepaid phones on their network,

However, if you have an AT&T or T-Mobile IPhone 5s it will only operate on the LTE portion of Verizon without voice or 3G Network, and will not work with Sprint at all because they operate at a frequency not used by Verizon, T-Mobile or AT&T. 

Interestingly Sprint's IPhone 5S will work on all the carriers listed because it carriers all compatible frequencies used by the carriers. However, they may need to provide you the unlock code, which they will only do if you have had the device active for 50 days on their network and have fulfilled your contract all while your account is in good standing(exceptions for international travel while in contract). Also, if your phone was purchased after February 11th, 2015 from Sprint they will provide you a DSU - Domestic Sim Unlock Code, which means you can take your phone to additional cellular carriers in the United States as long as the phone is operable on the carriers network.

Any more questions feel free to reach out again.

By Mhir on 4/29/16 • Reply
Hi! I have the unlock iphone 4s verizon is the carrier.what kind of simcard do i use for it?

By JWW44 on 6/02/16 • Reply
Thank you for that very thorough article. It's the best treatment of this rather complicated subject that I've seen. However, I'm still left with a couple of questions. I live in the US and bought my i phone 5S from Verizon. My contract is over and I'm on a month to month billing. Do I understand correctly that the 5S phone is already unlocked? If I insert a SIM from AT&T or a different GSM MVNO, will that make the phone automatically enable it's GSM capability? What if I wanted the phone unlocked from Verizon but want to go with a CDMA MVNO?

in response to JWW44
By AppleClubSupport on 6/04/16 • Reply
Hi JWW44,
You are correct that it is unlocked. You can use any supported GSM carrier, but you cannot use a CDMA carrier other than Verizon on that phone. I hope that clears things up.

By rinrin on 7/01/16 • Reply
Hi! Thanks for this article. I'm still kinda confused and hope you can help me. I have a Samsung phone through Verizon, the phone is broken. I am thinking about buying an unlocked iPhone 5s through Will I be able to do that?

in response to rinrin
By AppleClubSupport on 7/01/16 • Reply
Hi rinrin,
You would need an iPhone that is designated for Verizon. The phones that are sold unlocked out-of-the-box are going to be GSM-only, which will not work on Verizon.

By BJ on 7/13/16 • Reply
Hello I just bought a used iPhone 6s in the US and the girl told me there was no bill or contract left on this phone and she did leave the SIM card in the phone, she said it was not unlocked she thinks. It's Verizon carrier. Can I have this unlocked through Verizon or would she need to do that? I want to use this phone in Indonesia with a local carrier and my understanding is i can as long as it is unlocked.
Ive read to plug it in with original SIM card to the computer N login to iTunes and it will walk me through the unlocking process. She did already set it to factory reset.
Any suggestions would be great, thanks so much.

By Beerski on 8/03/16 • Reply
Hi. Great resoure here. Thanks for posting.
I have simple question (I hope) ...I need to do some iOS application and website testing. I need to ensure I am testing on the actual iOS being used on iPhones and iPads. I have checked out the various phone emulator sites, but I think having my own iDevices the better route. I do need to keep costs down. Hence....

I am looking for a second-hand unlocked iPhone 5 for this.... and would like to simply use this on a my own Wifi network only. I don't want a data plan, or hotspot Wifi access or need to use it as phone. Can this be easily done with an unlocked GSM iPhone? Do I still need some sort of SIM card to do this? How can I set this up. Again, this would be for in-office use only.

By CandyCane on 8/07/16 • Reply
Hi there i just bought an iphone5 from someone who says that phone is locked to a carrier cricket in the US. and im in NZ any chance this could be unlocked? thnks

By Justina on 9/05/16 • Reply
I bought a iphone5 with a locked carrier for At&t and I have at&t with a contract already (I lost the phone my contract was with) so will the new phone work since I have at&t and the carrier for the new phone is at&t?

in response to Justina
By AppleClubSupport on 9/06/16 • Reply
Hi Justina,
Yes, it will work. All you need is a SIM card. You can get a new one from AT&T for $10 if you don't have an active one already.

By Ishan on 9/26/16 • Reply
I wish to purchase iphone 7 128 GB from the and i chose the carrier as T-Mobile . Will that iphone will work with Indian cariers like airtel ?
help me

By Piyush on 9/27/16 • Reply
I am Indian so can I buy iphone 7 from America to India . And what carrier should I buy.

By Edz on 11/12/16 • Reply

I bought an iPhone 6s on eBay which is locked to AT&T. The phone is clean, and apparently not under a contract. Can I ask AT&T to unlock the phone?

in response to Edz
By AppleClubSupport on 11/13/16 • Reply
Hi Edz,
That iPhone should be eligible for unlocking, however, you cannot make the request, the original owner has to do that.

By babsinFL on 12/28/16 • Reply
I purchased a used iphone 5S. I didn't care about the GSM but the CMDA. I didn't realize. I thought I purchased the wrong model. I know know the CMDA is forever branded and cannot be changed. In other words I have a good understanding of who "it all works." I can't tell you how many articles I read through before I found this one. Very good article. Excellent as a matter of fact.