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Logic Pro X Released by Apple Today


Logic Pro X Released by Apple Today

 Posted July 16th, 2013

Today, July 16th, Apple introduced the 10th major release of its Logic software, Logic Pro X. Logic is an amazing application providing the instruments, effects and loops you need to create outstanding-sounding music. Logic Pro X is now on the Mac App Store for $199.99.

Logic Pro X on the Mac App Store

Logic Pro X has an all-new interface geared towards true pro users. It has several new interface features allowing you to move, rearrange and copy your tracks, plug-ins and more with less gestures. It also has an Autosave feature to ensure your work will not be lost.

You can fix tone, time and tempo using the Flex Time and Flex Pitch technologies. There are also technologies to make recording much easier, including seamless recording and punching in and out of multiple tracks, and recording automation for channels or plug-ins at the spur of the moment.

Another major new feature is Logic Remote, allow you to control Logic Pro X from your iPad.

Left to right: Logic Pro X being controlled from Logic Remote, an overview of the new Logic UI

More details on the new features are available on Logic's page in the Mac App Store. Logic Pro X requires a Mac with 4GB of RAM, a minimum screen resolution of 1280 x 768, OS X 10.8.4, a 64-bit processor, and 5GB of free disk space. There is up to 35GB of additional content that can be optionally downloaded from within the application.

What's New:
Update 10:30AM: It seems that Logic Pro X and Logic Remote are off to a strong start - Logic Remote has an overall 5 star rating. While Logic Pro X has only four stars, there are only five ratings at this time, four of which are five star reviews. It is too soon for the ratings to be an accurate measure of the program's popularity. Update 7/17/13 8:35AM: Logic Pro X is now back to five stars, with 51 ratings. That should be enough to represent the general consensus.

It may also be worth noting that there is a new version of Mainstage. Mainstage 3 is Logic Pro X's "partner" application, which Apple describes as an application that "[turns] the Mac into a live rig that makes it easy to bring sounds from the studio to the concert stage." Mainstage 3 also features a new user interface, and compatibility with new Logic instruments, plug-ins and other paraphernalia. It is also on the Mac App Store, for $29.99:

Update 7/17/13 8:30AM: We have seen a few popular questions arise that we would like to address:

Will my Projects from an Older Version of Logic Work in Logic Pro X?
Logic Pro X is backwards compatible all the way back to Logic 5.

Is Logic Pro Available on Disk?
Apple stopped making their software available on disk a couple of years ago, as the era of the optical drive is slowly coming to an end. So no, Apple will not be selling Logic Pro X on disk. If your concern is about installing on multiple Macs, or having a backup copy in case of computer failure, not to worry. The way the Mac App Store works, all you would need to do is sign in with the same Apple ID, and go to the Purchases tab in the Store. It will remember that you bought it.

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